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Zinzino Advances in Health Sector with Strategic Xellis Acquisition


Benjamin Hughes

May 12, 2024 - 11:12 am


Zinzino Embarks on a Strategic Expansion Through Xellis Acquisition

In a significant move that bolsters its position in the global health and wellness sector, Scandinavian powerhouse Zinzino has announced the acquisition of the distributor database, customer register, inventory, and intellectual property from the Luxembourg-based direct sales company, Xellis. The acquisition heralds a new era for Zinzino, poised to make a profound impact on personal health and well-being by leveraging innovative biotechnology and a robust product portfolio that is brought to market through direct sales.

Zinzino and Xellis: A Synergistic Union

Founded in Luxembourg, Xellis is a company known for its direct sales model and offers a tantalizing array of natural and innovative products that span wellness, nutrition, and cosmetics. Integral to the Xellis brand is the production of spirulina, a nutrient-rich microalgae, which forms the core ingredient in many of their offerings.

This acquisition holds great promise owing to a shared vision that marries a technology-first philosophy with a focus on test-based nutrition practices that address health at the cellular level. Zinzino is no stranger to strategic growth through acquisitions, as evidenced by its previous takeovers of VMA Life in 2020, Enhanzz in 2022, and the beginning of 2024 marked by strategic cooperation with ACN. These careful investments reinforce Zinzino's tenacious and sustainable growth strategy, enhance distribution capabilities, pave the way for market expansion, and usher in novel consumer applications for their products.

Tailoring Health and Wellness: A Future Vision

According to Dag Bergheim Pettersen, CEO of Zinzino, and Jean-Michel Larré, CEO and founder of Xellis, the future pulsates with personalized advising and customized solutions. Their combined wealth of industry experience shapes a landscape where the modern shopping experience is propelled by direct sales, underscoring a personal touch that is both intimate and cutting edge.

The Financials of the Deal

The acquisition is not only a strategic alignment but also a financially potent move. Last year alone, the operation under consideration amassed a turnover of approximately 8 million EUR. With the acquisition, Zinzino expects to engineer strong growth by harmonizing the joint networks and creating valuable synergies. Coupled with favorable gross margins, the operation is anticipated to evolve its profitability significantly by leveraging Zinzino's existing tech platform and organizational structure.

With regards to the financial nitty-gritty, Zinzino is set to pay an initial fixed purchase price of 2 million EUR, split evenly between cash and newly issued Zinzino shares. Additional conditional purchase prices are pegged to the sales performance of the acquired distributor organization across 2024–2029, which could see totals ranging between 4.0 million EUR and a ceiling of 8.0 million EUR, all subject to new Zinzino shares issuance. The cache component of the purchase is internally funded with available cash reserves.

Contact and Publication Information

For those seeking additional details on this transaction, Dag Bergheim Pettersen, the CEO of Zinzino, can be contacted directly. Prospective stakeholders and interested parties can reach out to Pettersen at Zinzino's official website,, or directly at +47 (0) 932 25 700. Concurrently, queries related to financial aspects can be fielded by Fredrik Nielsen, Zinzino's CFO, who is available at +46 707 900 174 or via email at [email protected]

Media Resources

Zinzino prides itself on transparency and has made images pertaining to the acquisition available for publication at no charge. Journalists and media representatives can download these assets by reaching out to [email protected]

Regulatory Compliance

In alignment with its commitment to follow stringent EU market abuse regulations, Zinzino AB has responsibly disseminated this information, ensuring compliance and timely public access. The information was put forth by the appointed contact person and made publicly available at 13.00 on the 12th May 2024.

Additional Resources and Information

This transformative move by Zinzino comes in conjunction with a wealth of informational material that interested parties can access. For enveloping insights and in-depth details about the acquisition, one can leverage the resources at Cision's news portal, available via the link:

Furthermore, for those wishing to delve deeper into the implications of the acquisition and its strategic bearing in Southern Europe and beyond, additional readings and press releases can be obtained at Zinzino's news section on Cision.

Downloadable Content & Press Material

Stakeholders, researchers, and the general public can also access press releases and detailed PDF documents that elucidate various facets of the Xellis acquisition. These files are available for download, ensuring that data and insights can be reviewed in-depth for analysis and reporting. The pertinent document related to the press release can be obtained from the following link:

Zinzino's Forward Leap in Direct Sales and Personal Health

The Scandinavian entity Zinzino's bold advancement through its latest acquisition of Xellis marks a significant juncture in their trajectory. It encapsulates not only a geographical expansion but also a foray into an arena where direct sales and personalized health solutions are front and center. This presents Zinzino with a fortuitous opportunity: a chance to deepen its influence in the wellness industry and a venue through which it can manifest its tech-forward and customer-centric ethos.

Harnessing the assets of Xellis is postulated to have a multiplier effect on Zinzino's operational efficiency and financial wellbeing. Spirulina, the cornerstone of Xellis's product line, aligns with the present-day consumer's proclivity towards natural and substantive health choices. Furthermore, Zinzino's conscious push towards personalization mirrors the modern market's penchant for bespoke wellness plans tailored to the individual, something which is leapfrogging into the future of healthcare retail.

Anchoring the Future of Wellbeing with Spirulina

As a focal point of Xellis's repertoire, spirulina has garnered attention from health aficionados globally. Its reputation as a superfood is routed in its dense concentration of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This aligns with Zinzino's strategic intent to offer health solutions that are both progressive and grounded in nature. By incorporating this microalgae into its product range, Zinzino shores up its commitment to delivering nutritionally potent solutions directly to consumers' doorsteps, with the added allure of validation by scientific research and cellular nutrition principles.

The Swedish Giant's Continued Path of Acquisitions

Zinzino's acquisition trail has been marked by an acute emphasis on sustainable growth and a clear directive to extend its global footprint. Earlier takeovers of VMA Life and Enhanzz, as well as the association with ACN, showcase an ongoing expansionist approach that mixes innovation with strategic consolidation. By steadily orbiting towards brands and operations that offer a symbiotic relationship, each acquisition is a testament to Zinzino's calculated strategy aimed at market dominance while retaining an unwavering focus on personal health enhancement.

An Ecosystem of Products and Personalisation

The ethos of personalisation woven into the partnership between Zinzino and Xellis projects a future where wellness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. It heralds the advent of ecosystems where products, services, and experience are all tailored to the individual, bolstered by advancing technology and nuanced understanding of health metrics. As direct sales assume an increasingly central role in this ecosystem, the Zinzino-Xellis amalgam is positioned to be a standard-bearer of innovation and consumer engagement.

The Impact on Health Industry Trends

Trends in the health industry chiefly point towards the merging of technology, proprietary data, and consumer empowerment, and Zinzino's move can be seen as both a reaction to and an instigator of these trends. The acquisition marks a convergence of commercial prowess with trendsetting in health and nutrition. As Zinzino integrates Xellis’s database and product lines into its own portfolio, a reshaping of health and wellness consumption patterns can be anticipated, potentially elevating Zinzino to new heights as a pace-setting entity within the industry.

Shaping a Tech-Driven Wellness Experience

The modern consumer is increasingly tech-savvy, and Zinzino's emphasis on a tech-first approach is more than a mere nod to this reality. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to craft personalized wellness experiences, the company ensures that its products not only align with the consumers' health aspirations but are also accessible and conveniently integrated into their daily lives. By combining data-driven insights with user-friendly interfaces, Zinzino is crafting a business model that speaks directly to the heart of contemporary user expectations.

Financial Forecast and Future Predictions

While the true financial impact of the deal will unfold over the coming years, early forecast bodes well for Zinzino's financial landscape. Eyebrows raise not only in anticipation of enhanced revenues and market penetration but also an amplified brand presence in previously untapped territories. Experts within the finance and health sectors are keenly observing the growth trajectory that this deal spells for Zinzino, signaling confidence that the synergy between Zinzino and Xellis will translate into a profitable and transformative journey.


In amalgamating the strengths of both Zinzino and Xellis, a new frontier in health and wellness has been sketched out. As the acquisition unfolds, Zinzino sets the stage for a global well-being movement driven by personalization, tech innovation, and direct sales. Standing on the cusp of this era, Zinzino's strategic ventures, like that with Xellis, promise to redefine the health industry, offering a glimpse into a future where wellness is both a personal journey and a collective pursuit.

With the pivotal procurement of Xellis's assets, Zinzino not only strengthens its own commercial fabric but also emerges as a purveyor of health and wellness solutions that resonate on a global scale. As each company brings its revered capabilities to the collaborative table, the union is an anticipative nod to the burgeoning demands of an ever-evolving market. Here's to new synergies, an enhanced holistic product line, and ahead-of-the-curve strategies that etch the Zinzino name on the wellness world map.