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Watermill Group Powers Musser Lumber's Sustainable Growth


Michael Chen

May 15, 2024 - 14:26 pm


Watermill Group Embarks on a Strategic Partnership with Musser Lumber

BOSTON, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a significant development for the private investment landscape, the Watermill Group, a renowned strategy-focused private investment firm, publicized the completion of its strategic investment in Musser Lumber, including its key subsidiary Musser Biomass and Wood Products. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in the evolution of the mid-Atlantic's top-tier dried hardwood fiber producer and its array of associated converted items.

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Musser's New Growth Trajectory with Watermill Group

Ed Musser, President, and CEO of Musser Biomass and Wood Products, expressed his company's excitement over forging a partnership with the Watermill Group. He believes that the Watermill Group's deep industry know-how and strategic perspective will hugely contribute to their mission of innovating and widening the applications for dried wood fiber. Musser's dedication to growth is well-aligned with Watermill's strategic approach, promising a new era of prosperity for the company.

Strategically situated in Rural Retreat, Virginia, Musser has its foundations deeply planted in the fertile mid-Atlantic hardwood forest. The company has journeyed from its beginnings as a humble sawmill business to its current status as an avant-garde recycled biomass entity. Musser's product slate boasts some of the market's most environmentally friendly and superior quality dry wood fiber. Their adoption of innovative, low-temperature drying technology is a testament to Musser's commitment to sustainability - furnishing a pure, undiluted fiber utilized in composite wood products, grilling pellets, residential heating pellets, briquettes, animal bedding, and a span of dynamic growth markets. Furthermore, Musser is tirelessly probing into new prospective sectors for clean, dry biomass fiber.

Robert Ackerman, Senior Partner of Watermill Group, remarked on Musser as a compelling investment avenue dedicated to sustainable operations within expanding markets. With their credible historical presence in the lumber industry and recent progressive strides in biomass wood fiber, Musser Lumber Company is at the forefront of innovation. These strides have opened new channels to success. The Watermill Group is profoundly optimistic about the potential this alliance holds for the future.

The financial support for this deal originated from diverse quarters, notably Energy Impact Partners' Credit Group, which funded the debt aspect of the transaction. Pinnacle Financial Partners bolstered the operational side by providing a line of credit. Additionally, Watermill benefitted from Richter Consulting's financial acumen through advisory services, while Jasso Lopez rendered legal advice and Blais Halpert provided tax counsel. Meanwhile, Musser Lumber Company received legal guidance from Gentry Locke and strategic advice from Brown Gibbons Lang & Company.

The Legacy and Future of Watermill Group and Musser

The Watermill Group represents a strategic-driven private investment firm with a mission to assist companies in reaching their zenith potential through comprehensive transformative strategic initiatives. Maintaining a family-owned and managed structure for over four decades, Watermill has an impressive track record of acquiring, operating, and ameliorating companies. They stand apart in their ability to merge strategic insight with management expertise, which binds together to radically redefine the companies' futures and spur growth.

As for Musser, their experience in the lumber industry surpasses five decades. Mike Musser's inaugural steps in the business date back to 1965 with a sawmill operation in Atkins, VA. Moving forward, 1987 marked the sale of this initial mill. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship prevailed, as a new wholesale venture emerged in 1993, helmed by Mike and his sons, Ed and Mick. The family business has witnessed remarkable growth since then, managing a top-notch kiln drying facility and lumber production lines for more than 25 years. These operations have been dedicated to supplying high-grade Appalachian hardwood lumber across the United States and beyond. The family's passion for lumber and wood propelled the creation of Musser Biomass & Wood Products in 2020. The company's rapid ascent does not cease to impress as it spearheads the dry usable material market, sourced from green hardwood chips and sawdust.

The concerted efforts of Musser and the Watermill Group point toward a future that not only underscores the importance of sustainable business practices but also embraces the potential of innovation in the renewable materials sector.

For more information about the Watermill Group, visit Watermill Group. Details on Musser Biomass and Wood Products can be found through this link: Musser Biomass and Wood Products.

Readying for a Renewable Future

Musser’s alignment with sustainable practices and the Watermill Group’s investment herald a significant tide in the renewable resources sector. The environmentally conscious method of producing fibers that Musser has mastered, holds the key to a greener and cleaner future. By focusing on superior, eco-friendly products, Musser is positioned as a robust player in the burgeoning sustainable materials market, poised for exponential growth with a plethora of innovative, high-quality products.

Strengthening Market Presence with Strategic Expertise

The partnership with Watermill accentuates a strategic pathway that can amplify Musser’s market presence. Watermill's experience in nurturing growth and executing transformative strategies will provide a robust framework for Musser's expansion endeavors. This synergistic alliance might not only bring about advancements in products but could foster progress in operational processes as well, bolstering efficiency, and carving out new consumer segments.

Nurturing Sustainable Prosperity

The vision of both entities involves more than just profit; it revolves around a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, reflecting a business model where economic growth and ecological balance go hand in hand. As the global landscape shifts toward a more sustainable outlook, companies like Musser Biomass and Wood Products, facilitated by strategic partners like the Watermill Group, represent the vanguard of a new era in resource management and material usage.

Pioneering New Pathways in Biomass

Musser’s innovative approach to transforming green hardwood chips into usable dry material illustrates a significant leap in biomass utilization. With extended research and development, there emerges a potential for these materials to transcend traditional applications, and venture into realms such as bioenergy, carbon sequestration, and even green construction materials.

A Sustainable Investment in Growth Markets

Watermill Group’s investment in such a forward-thinking company highlights the growing trend among investors to support businesses that offer sustainable solutions. Given Musser's substantial role in emerging growth markets, this investment is a testament to Watermill Group's confidence in the potential and profitability of green industries.


By bridging financial robustness with strategic ingenuity, the partnership between Musser Biomass and Wood Products and the Watermill Group is poised to usher an epoch of growth, innovation, and sustainable solutions. This coalition embodies a striking instance of how ecological responsibility, blended with entrepreneurial vigor, can redefine industries and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

This press release was provided by the Watermill Group, illustrating its determination to power through creative and sustainable industry transformations. As new chapters unfold for Musser under the aegis of Watermill's strategic expertise, the industry eyes this partnership as a beacon of potential success stories in the sustainable enterprise domain.

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