wallachbeth capital spearheads bioaffinitys financial milestone with investment accord 12


WallachBeth Capital Spearheads bioAffinity's Financial Milestone with Investment Accord


Lauren Miller

March 8, 2024 - 18:15 pm


WallachBeth Capital Champions bioAffinity Technologies’ Investment Drive with Securities Purchase Accord

JERSEY CITY, N.J., March 8, 2024 (PRNewswire) -- In what marks a strategic advancement for bioAffinity Technologies, Inc., WallachBeth Capital LLC has successfully orchestrated the closing of a pivotal securities purchase agreement. The consummated deal entails institutional investors acquiring a commendable sum of 1,600,000 shares of common stock. This acquisition occurred through a registered direct offering, supplemented by orchestrating the sale of common warrants that empower investors to purchase an additional 1,600,000 shares. The synergistic offerings are aggregated at an attractive price point of $1.5625 per common share.

The aforementioned common warrants, birthed from the concurrent private placement, boast an actionable exercise price of $1.64 per share. They spring into exercisable status pending the crucial acquisition of shareholder approval. Upon the crowning moment of receiving shareholder consensus, these warrants will maintain their validity for a window of five years succeeding the date of such authorization.

Exclusive Offering Management by WallachBeth Capital

The esteemed capital markets firm, WallachBeth Capital, has singularly championed the role of the sole placement agent in these financial proceedings. This key position underscores their expertise and trust within the institutional sector as they pilot this sophisticated financial maneuver.

Conformance with Regulatory Protocols

In compliance with the rigorous standards of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the issuance of common stock has been meticulously executed in line with a pre-existing effective shelf registration statement on Form S-3 (File No. 333-275608). Previously filed and granted effectuality on November 27, 2023, the registration upholds the legal framework established by the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. In tandem, the accompanying common warrants saw their issuance in a coordinated concurrent private placement venture. Investors and interested parties are extended an invitation to review the publicly filed prospectus supplement, a descriptive account of the proposed registered direct offering, touched with the seal of the SEC and accessible via their digital repository located at SEC Website.

For those seeking an immediate digital copy of the prospectus supplement, WallachBeth Capital accords convenience through multiple channels. Electronic copies are procurable by reaching out via the official communication conduit provided, be it through email at [email protected], making a direct call to +1 (646) 237‑8585, or by engaging in traditional correspondence addressed to WallachBeth Capital LLC, attention Capital Markets, housed within the domain of 185 Hudson St., Suite 1410, Jersey City, NJ 07311, USA.

Securities Compliance and Private Placement

Cognizant of the legal frameworks that anchor the securities domain, the private placement of the common warrants was formulated leveraging the exemptive provisions of Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act juxtaposed with Regulation D therein. Consequently, any prospective offer or sales pitch within the boundaries of the United States remains contingent upon the fulfillment of either an active registration statement or the procurement of an exemption derived from the registration imperatives of the Securities Act and the securities legislations of applicable states.

In the realm of this offering, the dictum holds: no solicitations pitched or acceptances entertained for the purchase of these instruments shall breach the precepts of legality in any state or dominion where such activities, devoid of a fitting registration or qualification, would violate securities laws.

WallachBeth Capital's Commitment to Healthcare Investment

WallachBeth Capital positions itself as a conduit of sophisticated capital markets services, adept in investment banking, incessantly forging connections across the healthcare community. Their roster of services is expansive, encompassing advisory on initial public offerings, handling of follow-on issues, engagement in Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) offerings, and the facilitation of private transaction deals.

A Glimpse into the Future: Forward-Looking Statements

Glancing towards the horizon, the press release embodies forward-looking statements that paint a picture of the potential uses of the capital influx stemming from the Company's securities offering. It also skims over the landscape of the Company's capacity to secure shareholder sanction for the exercise of the warrant. These visions of the future, encoded in expressions brimming with belief, expectation, estimation, and intention, are speculative by their very nature.

Those perusing these forward-looking statements are advised to exercise caution. The statements are but snapshots based on the reality as it currently stands, coupled with forecasts of what might yet come to pass. The forces of change and the unpredictability inherent in events yet to unfold present multiple variables that lay outside the control and influence of the Company.

The tapestry of factors that could derail or reshape the Company's trajectory is intricate and extensive. These elements are exemplified by the risks and uncertainties charted under the "Risk Factors" section within the Company's Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q and other periodic filings with the SEC. It is within these documented insights that one can discern the potential for variance from the projected path.

A fixed commitment from the Company to revisit and revise any forward-looking statements found in this release does not exist. The dynamic landscape of securities laws implies that any such responsibility is taken only when mandated by the applicable statutory requirements.


Concluding this announcement, it is upheld that the realm of capital markets and securities is marked by adherence to regulatory norms and the proactive anticipation of future potentials. bioAffinity Technologies, through the instrumental assistance of WallachBeth Capital, has taken a significant stride forward in solidifying its financial platform, thereby fortifying its future endeavors.

WallachBeth Capital LLC remains a luminary figure upon the financial firmament, operating with a steadfast focus on nurturing and advancing investment opportunities within the vital healthcare sector.

The contact details presented herein serve not solely as avenues for seeking information but as testament to WallachBeth Capital LLC's approachability and resolve to facilitate transparent communications. In the midst of regulatory complexity and forward-looking projections, transparency and accessibility become the cornerstones of trust and confidence in the financial markets.

Referral Source

This release, serving as a vessel for the conveyance of information regarding WallachBeth Capital LLC's latest financial orchestration, is duly attributed to the source: WallachBeth Capital LLC.

The information contained in this article has been constructed with legal compliance in mind, ensuring adherence to SEC regulations and investment standards. It offers an in-depth look into the financial nuances and strategic movements within the market. However, the content not only adheres strictly to the factual recount but also adds context, providing a more profound comprehension of WallachBeth's specialized services, the significance of regulatory compliance in private placements, and the inherent nature of forward-looking statements.

Disclaimer: This news article reflects the current state of affairs and the envisioned future as perceived through the lens of the expertise offered by WallachBeth Capital LLC and bioAffinity Technologies. It aims to provide readers with not only the data but also the significance behind these financial events, satisfying the curiosity and investment considerations of well-informed individuals and entities alike.

Queries and Further Information

Individuals with curiosities or in pursuit of further intel regarding the content of the prospectus supplement or the mechanics of the offering can direct their enquiries via the aforementioned avenues provided by WallachBeth Capital.

For additional details and material related to the procedures and securities discussed in this news release, interested parties can refer to the comprehensive documentation available and consistently updated on the SEC’s official website.

As the tapestry of the modern financial landscape continues to evolve, keeping abreast with the most recent information, developments, and interpretations provided by seasoned professionals becomes an invaluable practice. And in this context, the role of "forward-looking statements" becomes a cornerstone for investors' projections and strategic planning, as they indicate corporate direction and intent.

Thus, this article aims to serve as more than just a news release; it's a synthesized dossier that enables a holistic understanding of WallachBeth Capital LLC's pivotal role in fostering growth within the healthcare industry by leveraging financial tradecraft and harnessing the power of informed predictions to benefit all stakeholders involved.

Closing Thoughts

Through the dissemination of this information, stakeholders and the wider public are empowered with knowledge regarding the dynamic interplay of capital markets activities. WallachBeth Capital LLC and bioAffinity Technologies collectively strive to pave the way for innovation and progress within the healthcare landscape.

Equipped with this understanding, one may fully appreciate the continuum of expertise, caution, and foresight that defines the financial services industry, particularly as it intersects with life-saving technologies and health betterment.

Let this comprehensive account stand as a navigational beacon for current maneuvers and future aspirations within the sphere of investment and market finance, illuminated by the guiding light that is WallachBeth Capital LLC.

In lining WallachBeth's commitment to a brighter future in healthcare investments, we witness the unfolding of a visionary blueprint, one that seeks to lay the groundwork for novel discoveries and therapeutic advances.

Indisputably, this alignment of strategic partnerships, fiscal responsibility, and regulatory acumen stands as a testament to WallachBeth's esteemed position in the market as a herald of growth and a beacon of light for the industry's future.

(Source: WallachBeth Capital LLC)