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Tricia Keith Shatters Glass Ceiling as First Female CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan


Benjamin Hughes

May 15, 2024 - 21:50 pm


Tricia Keith Breaks the Glass Ceiling as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's First Female CEO-Elect

DETROIT, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an historic announcement, Tricia A. Keith has been named the next president and CEO-Elect of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM), as declared by its Board of Directors. Come January 1, 2025, Keith will take the helm of the 85-year-old company, succeeding Daniel J. Loepp, and becoming BCBSM’s first female chief executive. Not only is this a noteworthy milestone for the company, but it also marks Keith as the third president and CEO to lead the enterprise in four decades. Currently, Keith holds the position of executive vice president, chief operating officer, and president of Emerging Markets for BCBSM, having been a senior executive since 2006.

Tricia Keith

The Board's exhaustive six-month search culminated with Keith as the unequivocal choice, praised unanimously for her profound understanding and expertise, steadfast executive leadership, and unwavering dedication to BCBSM’s mission. Gregory A. Sudderth, chairman of the BCBSM Board, articulated the Board's pride in appointing Keith, a Michigan native, as the next president and CEO. Her storied executive background and allegiance to both the BCBSM’s mission and her home state make her ideally suited to guide the company onward.

Daniel J. Loepp

Daniel J. Loepp, who will retire on January 1, 2025, will look back on his tenure as the longest-serving chief executive in the company's rich history. His legacy is marked by transformative leadership, having repositioned the company from a substantial health insurance plan focused solely on Michigan, to a varied multi-company enterprise of national significance.

Daniel J. Loepp and Gregory A. Sudderth

Sudderth highlighted that BCBSM has been fortunate to have benefited from the exceptional leadership of two remarkable individuals over the last four decades. Firstly, Dick Whitmer’s contributions reinstated the company's economic fortitude and trust during turbulent times. Following him, Loepp’s visionary leadership adapted the company to the contemporary era. Now, he asserts, Tricia Keith is poised to infuse the organization with energy and foresight, propelling it into a successful future.

Keith expressed her gratitude for the Board's trust and voiced her eager anticipation for assuming her responsibilities as CEO. She acknowledged the weighty task that lies ahead in navigating the myriad changes affecting healthcare, such as technology advancements, rising costs, and industry consolidations. With a clear vision to champion members’ health and affordability of coverage and care, Keith sees this as a humbling opportunity to serve.

Gregory A. Sudderth

Loepp offered his full endorsement of Keith as the incoming CEO, commending her dynamism, experience, and inventive spirit. He contends that she is the definitive leader for BCBSM, particularly as the healthcare industry evolves.

About Tricia A. Keith

A steadfast Michigan native, Keith received her Bachelor of Arts from Central Michigan University in 1993 and later, her M.B.A. from Michigan State University in 2009. Her journey with BCBSM began in 2006, and her career has seen a consistent rise. From her early role as vice president, Corporate Secretary and Services (2006-2012), to senior vice president in the same department (2012-2016), she has continually ascended the corporate ladder. As executive vice president, Chief of Staff, Chief Administrative Officer and Corporate Secretary (2016-2020), and later as executive vice president and president of Emerging Markets since 2020, she has expanded her influence within the organization. In 2022, she embraced the integral role of chief operating officer.

Keith’s commitment extends beyond the boardroom. She has led as chair of Central Michigan University's board, the Michigan Economic Development Foundation board, the Detroit Business Improvement Zone board, and has contributed across organizations, including the boards of the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Parade Company, and Downtown Detroit Partnership. Her leadership excellence was recognized in 2012 when she made history as the inaugural woman to win the National Management Association's Executive of the Year award in its 40-year history.

BCBSM: A Legacy of Health Leadership

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan remains a nonprofit mutual insurance company and continues to deliver commendable health benefits to nearly 5.2 million members. With its commitment to efficient and affordable health care products, diverse plans for individuals and businesses are the cornerstone of its operation. Situated in Detroit since its inception in 1939, BCBSM is integral in fueling significant community initiatives and is a vanguard in bettering healthcare throughout Michigan. As an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, its influence runs deep.

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SOURCE Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

This appointment of Tricia Keith is more than a corporate shift; it signifies a progression towards broader inclusivity and the continued advancement of women in top-tier leadership roles. As BCBSM strides into the future, it does so not just with a rich legacy, but with a renewed vision that aspires to transform the landscape of healthcare and leadership.