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Skanska USA Building Welcomes Clay Haden as New President


Benjamin Hughes

May 13, 2024 - 14:58 pm


Visionary Leader Clay Haden Ascends to Presidency of Skanska USA Building

STOCKHOLM, May 13, 2024 - In a significant leadership succession announcement, global construction conglomerate Skanska has divulged the appointment of Clay Haden as the new Business Unit President for Skanska USA Building, set to take effect from June 1, 2024. This top-level promotion comes as the current BUP, Paul Hewins, steps into retirement after a fulfilling career.

A Strategic Transition in Leadership

Clay Haden is poised to take on the mantle of responsibility for Skanska USA Building's overarching performance. His remit will encompass steering business strategies, enhancing safety and financial results, fostering a value-centric corporate culture, and setting the trajectory for sustained business success. In his new esteemed role, Haden will work closely under the tutelage of Richard Kennedy, Skanska Group's Executive Vice President, delivering on the high expectations inherent in the position.

Anders Danielsson, President and CEO of Skanska Group, expressed confidence in Haden's leadership abilities, noting, "Clay is the right leader for our next chapter. He is a strategic, insightful, and innovative leader who, having served on the USA Building Senior Leadership Team for the past 14 years, has a deep understanding of our business and our organization. Having contributed significantly in his roles as General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, Clay has helped shape the company's impressive growth trajectory. I eagerly anticipate our collaboration to propel Skanska USA Building towards future milestones."

Clay Haden's Journey to Leadership

Haden's history with the company dates back to 2006, marking a period of steadily increasing responsibilities and enhanced influence within Skanska. Ascending to the role of General Counsel in 2009, his leadership expanded to encompass the company's Senior Leadership Team in 2010, leading to his promotion to Chief Administrative Officer in 2016. His tenure has seen him efficiently managing Skanska's legal, compliance, and risk management frameworks, including departments such as Insurance & Bonding, Ethics & Compliance, and Supplier Diversity. As Chief Administrative Officer, his jurisdiction covered numerous company-wide functions and spearheaded pivotal national initiatives that have elevated performance levels across the entire organization.

Haden's expertise is buttressed by a distinguished educational background, holding a Juris Doctor degree from the prestigious Vanderbilt University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Construction from Arizona State University's Del E. Webb School of Construction. Before his significant contributions at Skanska, Haden garnered respected experience as a Partner at the international law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP, where he honed his skills in construction law and litigation.

Expressing gratitude for his new role, Clay Haden remarked, "I am honored to continue serving the incredible people in this organization as the new BUP. Our success is deeply rooted in our dedicated workforce who relentlessly strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. Embracing Paul Hewins' philosophy of continuous improvement, I am committed to the vision of cultivating high-performing teams brimming with talent, aligned with our customers' aspirations and our organizational values."

Celebrating the Contributions of Paul Hewins

The announcement also served as a moment to laud the contributions of the outgoing BUP, Paul Hewins. Richard Kennedy, reflecting on Hewins’ impact, stated, "These are exciting times for Skanska in the US, and I am looking forward to the innovation Clay will bring. I wish to extend my gratitude to Paul Hewins for his unwavering dedication over 25 years with Skanska. He has engendered a profound and enduring legacy, through contributions that have significantly impacted countless lives. Paul's leadership, partnership, and friendship have left an indelible mark, enriching the Skanska community."

For Further Information

Amidst the strategic changes within the corporate structure, Skanska ensures transparent communication with its stakeholders. For more information regarding this transitional phase, Skanska has provided the following contacts:

Mia Walton, Vice President of Communications for Skanska USA Building, can be reached via telephone at +1 (240) 672-1789. Andreas Joons, Press Officer at Skanska Group, is available at +46 (0)10 449 04 94. Additionally, a direct line for media inquiries is open at +46 (0)10 448 88 99.

For those seeking further details on this announcement and to stay abreast of updates, please visit the Skanska official website at

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For supplemental information and visual material to complement this announcement, Skanska has made available the following downloadable content.

In their transparency, Skanska continues to champion effective communication channels and provides multimedia resources to enhance the dissemination of information.

Looking Ahead: Skanska's Future Under Clay Haden's Leadership

As Clay Haden gears up for his new role, there is an air of anticipation surrounding the direction in which Skanska USA Building will proceed. With a rich history of accomplishments in legal and operational domains, Haden is expected to harness his in-depth knowledge and leadership expertise to elevate Skanska's market presence and internal capabilities. Under his strategic guidance, Skanska’s dedicated teams are expected to flourish, benefiting from his visionary approach towards organizational excellence.

Believing firmly in the adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Haden will likely champion a philosophy that capitalizes on the strengths of Skanska's individual talents, combining them into an unbeatable collective force. His drive towards fostering a performance-driven and ethical culture is expected to resonate throughout the company's projects and practices, ensuring that Skanska USA Building not only achieves its financial goals but does so with honor and social responsibility.

Community engagement and sustainability have long been cornerstones of Skanska's corporate ethos. It is widely speculated that under Haden’s influence, these elements will be further ingrained within the company's operations. Amidst ever-increasing concerns for environmental stewardship in the construction industry, Haden's forward-looking approach may usher in progressive initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprints and improving energy efficiency across projects.

Reflecting on the past excellence of Skanska and looking forward to the horizon of possibilities, Haden's appointment signifies a continued commitment to not just maintaining the status quo, but elevating it. With an experienced hand at the helm and a reinvigorated focus on innovation, growth, and corporate integrity, Skanska USA Building is set on an auspicious path into a dynamic and prosperous future.

Conclusion: Skanska Poised for a New Era of Growth

As Stockholm heralds in this momentous chapter, the global construction industry watches keenly as Skanska takes significant strides towards evolution and advancement. With Clay Haden leading Skanska USA Building, industry onlookers predict a wave of progressive transformations not just within the company but also in the wider realm of construction and infrastructure development. Paul Hewins' shoes might be large ones to fill, but Haden's vast experience and strategic prowess suggest he is more than equal to the task at hand.

In the spirit of transparency and engagement, Skanska invites all interested parties to remain informed about the company’s advancements and updates. Through effective communication and a wealth of readily available informational resources, Skanska reiterates its commitment to openness and excellence, embedding these values within its structural foundations as sturdily as within the impressive edifices it constructs.

The construction titan stands at a crossroads where tradition meets innovation, all under the guidance of a newly instated leader whose eyes are set firmly on the future. With promises of unyielding quality, customer-centric solutions, and a sustainable business approach, Skanska USA Building embarks on its next phase of growth, ready to build not just structures, but a lasting legacy of excellence under Clay Haden’s presidency.

The official announcement and related images provided by Skanska's communications team serve as the first of many steps towards acclimating the public and Skanska's global network to this exciting leadership change. As Clay Haden assumes the role of Business Unit President for Skanska USA Building, he brings with him a vision that promises to solidify the company's standing as a leader in the modern construction world, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Endowed with a renewed leadership spirit and backed by the diverse expertise of its global workforce, Skanska USA Building's journey forward promises to be as formidable and impressive as the physical landmarks it erects. The construction landscape eagerly anticipates the innovative projects and transformative leadership that are sure to emerge from this promising new era at Skanska.

Please refer to the original announcement and related material for further insights into Clay Haden's ascension to the presidential helm of Skanska USA Building:

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Skanska looks forward to sharing this journey with its stakeholders, employees, and customers alike, as it continues to shape and build the foundations of tomorrow.

SOURCE: Skanska