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Rowley Law PLLC Investigates AdTheorent's Mega-Merger


Michael Chen

April 1, 2024 - 20:52 pm


Unfolding The Investigation: Rowley Law PLLC Delves into AdTheorent's Proposed Acquisition

NEW YORK, April 1, 2024 – Rowley Law PLLC has announced the launch of a thorough probe into potential infractions of securities regulations by AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. The New York-based legal firm is focusing on the impending acquisition agreement, wherein a portfolio company of Novacap is preparing to purchase AdTheorent. In light of this proposal, shareholders are slated to receive $3.21 for each share they own. The value of the deal is pegged at an estimated sum of $324 million, with the aim of finalizing the transaction by the third quarter of 2024.

Important Notice for AdTheorent Shareholders

AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. shareholders are the primary focus of this investigation. Rowley Law PLLC is extending an invitation to these shareholders to gain more insight into this matter and to understand the implications of the proposed acquisition. For further information, stakeholders are encouraged to visit Rowley Law's investigation page dedicated to the AdTheorent case.

To streamline communication and to address any queries efficiently, Shane Rowley, Esq. of Rowley Law PLLC is available for consultation. Shareholders may reach out to him at the firm's White Plains office located at 50 Main Street Suite 1000, via email at [email protected], or by phone at 914-400-1920 or the toll-free number 844-400-4643.

Rowley Law PLLC: Advocates for Shareholder Rights

Rowley Law PLLC has established itself as a staunch defender of shareholder interests, managing class actions and derivative lawsuits, especially in the realm of intricate corporate litigation. Anyone interested in learning about the firm or its team of seasoned attorneys is recommended to visit their official website at for comprehensive information.

Please note, this news serves as an advertisement for legal services and should not be considered as legal advice. Moreover, the existence of this legal advertisement does not ensure a similar outcome as previous legal endeavors.

The Significance of the Investigation

The impending acquisition of AdTheorent is significant not only due to the considerable dollar amount involved but also because of the potential ramifications for the shareholders and the market at large. By nature, such transactions are subject to intense scrutiny to maintain transparency and fairness in corporate dealings. It falls within the purview of law firms, such as Rowley Law PLLC, to ascertain whether the interests of the shareholders are being protected and if the board of directors of AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. has fulfilled its legal obligations during the deal's negotiation process.

The Scrutiny of Corporate Acquisitions

When a company announces an acquisition, especially one of a significant size, it inevitably draws attention. From regulatory checks to examining the fairness of the deal for all parties involved, due diligence becomes paramount to prevent any breach of trust or violation of laws. Rowley Law PLLC specializes in this aspect of corporate law, ensuring that any mergers or acquisitions are conducted within the framework of established securities legislation. Their investigation into AdTheorent's proposed takeover by a Novacap portfolio company seeks to offer clarity and fairness for the involved shareholders.

What Shareholders Need to Know

For shareholders, the proposal on the table is quite straightforward—each share held in AdTheorent is valued at a cash offer of $3.21. However, what lurks beneath the surface of the financial figures are the legal intricacies and the need to understand whether this valuation truly represents the best possible outcome for shareholders. Law firms like Rowley Law PLLC play a crucial role in demystifying these corporate maneuvers, ensuring that the shareholders' rights are not overshadowed by corporate interests.

The Role of Rowley Law PLLC

Specializing in class actions and derivative lawsuits, Rowley Law PLLC operates on the belief that complex corporate litigation requires a nuanced approach, founded on behalf of individual shareholders. Their nationwide representation signifies their commitment to leveling the legal playing field. By initiating this investigation, the firm is looking to shed light on AdTheorent's board of directors' decisions, and whether they were made with the shareholders' best interests at heart.

As the proposed acquisition progresses, the investigation by Rowley Law will undoubtedly remain a focal point. Stakeholders within the AdTheorent community are encouraged to become active participants in this process. Participation is vital to ensure their voices are heard and interests are represented effectively, particularly as the finalization of the deal by the third quarter of 2024 looms closer.

Expert Legal Guidance Through Complexity

Correspondence with Shane Rowley, Esq. offers shareholders a chance to engage with an expert legal mind well-versed in the depths of securities law. Whether via email, over the phone, or in person, the option to establish direct contact provides an invaluable opportunity for concerned shareholders to voice their questions and gain greater understanding through professional legal counsel.

With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Shane Rowley and his team have the required skill set to traverse the complicated terrain of corporate legalities. This is part of Rowley Law PLLC's broader mission to ensure that legal processes serve the interests of those who may lack the resources to fully decipher the nuances of corporate decisions that affect them.

The Broader Impact of Corporate Acquisitions

It's not only the shareholders of AdTheorent that could potentially be impacted by the outcomes of such an investigation. The wider market observers, as well as other entities operating within the digital advertising space that AdTheorent inhabits, may take an interest in the proceedings. Corporate acquisitions have ripple effects across industries and can set precedents for future transactions.

As the firm proceeds with their inquiry, they stand at the forefront of what could be a pivotal case in securities law, particularly surrounding acquisitions. This case could shape the way similar future negotiations are handled, ensuring that every step is taken under the watchful eye of justice, and that acquisitions are done not only with strategic and financial acumen but with stringent legal fairness as well.

A Call to Action

Shareholders have the power to influence the outcome of corporate decisions when they take an informed stance. Rowley Law PLLC's investigation represents an opportunity to participate in a potentially historic legal examination of a substantial corporate acquisition. Stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed, be proactive, and contribute to the due-diligence process. Taking action not only serves their individual interests but also contributes to upholding the integrity of stock market transactions.

Final Considerations

All parties interested in the whereabouts of AdTheorent's acquisition process should be aware that the role of Rowley Law PLLC is as an informant and potentially as a mediator. Their intention is to ensure all shareholders have access to critical information and that due process is upheld. Attorney Advertising, as noted earlier in this article, signifies that the content includes promotional elements, but it is also meant to signal an open door to those in need of guidance.

The preceding disclosure of potential legal outcomes is a testament to the firm's commitment to transparency and serves as a reminder that past successes do not necessarily guarantee future victories. Nonetheless, the track record and expertise of Rowley Law PLLC stand as an assurance to those embroiled in corporate legal matters that they are not alone in their journey for justice.

In Summary

Rowley Law PLLC's investigation into the proposed acquisition of AdTheorent Holding Company by a portfolio company of Novacap is both a protective measure for shareholders and a reflection of the firm's dedication to just and equitable corporate governance. While shareholders await the outcome of this deal, they can rest assured knowing they have a vigilant ally in their corner, meticulously examining the finer details of the transaction.


The importance of this investigation and the need for shareholder action cannot be overstated. It is a key moment that could define the future interactions between corporate entities and their shareholders. With an expected closing date set for the third quarter of 2024, there is ample time for stakeholders to get involved and ensure that their interests are fully accounted for. Rowley Law PLLC stands ready to guide shareholders through this complex process, championing fair practices and the true spirit of corporate democracy.

Every stakeholder in AdTheorent has the right to understand the nuances and potential impact of the acquisition on their investments. In an evolving corporate landscape, staying vigilant and informed is more crucial than ever. Rowley Law PLLC's move to investigate is not just about a single case, but about shaping an environment where the laws of securities are upheld with integrity, ensuring fair treatment for all shareholders.

Engaging with Rowley Law PLLC through the channels provided—whether the dedicated investigation page, the firm's central website, or direct contact through email or a phone call—will give shareholders the platform they require to safeguard their rights. As the third quarter of 2024 approaches and the stage is set for crucial decisions regarding the acquisition, informed shareholder participation, guided by expert legal representation, has never been more essential.

As the story unfolds, the scrutinizing eyes of the legal world, shareholders, and the broader market continue to be focused on the developments between AdTheorent Holding Company and Novacap's portfolio company. The outcomes of this investigation and subsequent acquisition could very well leave an indelible mark on the way such corporate transactions are approached and finalized in the future.