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Revolutionizing Real Estate: Alliant Credit Union Launches SBL Edge Platform


Michael Chen

May 16, 2024 - 20:53 pm


Alliant Credit Union Introduces SBL Edge to Revolutionize Small Balance Commercial Real Estate Lending

CHICAGO, May 16, 2024 — Alliant Credit Union, standing among the nation’s largest credit unions, proudly announces the unveiling of SBL Edge, an innovative lending platform purpose-built for small balance commercial real estate borrowers focusing on multifamily amenities, manufactured housing, and self-storage facilities. This platform is the brainchild of industry experts, boasting decades of experience in navigating the intricacies of commercial real estate lending, and it promises to streamline procedures while harnessing unparalleled sector expertise.

"SBL Edge has been thoughtfully devised, reflecting our team's profound insights into the distinct challenges and rewarding prospects of the small balance commercial real estate sector. We have carefully developed a scheme tailored to meet the unique financing requirements of borrowers seeking loans ranging from $2 million to $7.5 million," explained Charles Krawitz, Head of Commercial Real Estate Lending at Alliant. "The platform distinctly addresses the verticals of multifamily, mobile home communities, and self-storage real estate, underscoring our dedication to catering to a diverse spectrum of CRE clients."

Owners of stabilized properties stand to benefit significantly from SBL Edge, as the platform enables them to refinance existing loans or procure funding for new acquisitions. Clients are supported by a lender endowed with a wealth of experience, offering a competitive lending alternative poised to power their success. The SBL Edge team, fusing high-caliber professionals like Peter Margolin, Jennyfer O'Neil, and Sharon Mau—alumni of LaSalle Bank—with the expertise of Namita Tayal, a former stalwart at ABN AMRO, draws upon its extensive industry knowledge to sculpt the platform's architecture. This ensures judicious loan decisions and swift closing transactions.

With a commanding balance exceeding $2.0 billion, Alliant's commercial real estate loan portfolio boasts a national reach. Loan origination is primarily conducted through interactions with commercial mortgage brokers, particularly those associated with extensive national and regional networks.

This sector of Alliant Credit Union's business operations has received considerable acclaim, as evidenced by a cavalcade of awards and distinctions over recent years. Notable accolades include being crowned a Lender of the Year Winner by REJournals in 2023, securing a place as a Top Mortgage Lender via Connect Media in the same year, and obtaining the title of Rainmakers in CRE Debt, Equity, & Finance per in 2024. The adept CRE team at Alliant also garnered top honors in the 2023 Commercial Property Executive Influence Awards for both "Most Innovative Corporate Strategy" and "Best Financing."

A Legacy of Innovation and Excellence - Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union, an esteemed national digital financial institution, commands the loyalty of over 800,000 members and wields assets surpassing $20 billion. Renowned for prioritizing innovation and subverting conventional banking paradigms, Alliant secures exceptional cost structures that facilitate the delivery of superior products, competitive rates, and unparalleled value to its members. Alliant’s consistent recognition as a top financial service provider includes commendations such as one of CNBC's Top Credit Unions and one of's Best Banks in America. With a heritage stretching back to 1935 and its headquarters firmly established in Chicago, Alliant stands as one of the foremost credit unions in the United States.

For information inquiries, please contact:

Natalie Symonds
Senior Media Strategist
Alliant Credit Union
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Contact Information

Those seeking further details or wishing to embark on a lending journey with SBL Edge can direct their queries to Natalie Symonds, Alliant Credit Union's Senior Media Strategist. Convenient contact information is available for interested parties, including an email link for ease of communication and quick responses to any inquiries.


With the launch of SBL Edge, Alliant Credit Union reaffirms its commitment to facilitating the aspirations of small balance commercial real estate stakeholders. By architecting a platform that aligns with the nuanced needs of this market segment, Alliant not only espouses its strategic intent to serve a broad client base but also solidifies its status as a visionary in the world of financial services. SBL Edge is poised to become a cornerstone for success-driven real estate transactions, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and client-focused service in the lending arena.

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