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Revolutionizing Auto Dealerships: Dominion DMS & Gather Unveil Groundbreaking Partnership


Benjamin Hughes

May 15, 2024 - 11:43 am


Dominion DMS and Gather Join Forces to Revolutionize Auto Dealership Operations

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 14, 2024 – Dominion Dealer Solutions (Dominion DMS) has proudly announced an exciting strategic collaboration with Gather, the trailblazer in auto industry identity and insurance verification technology. This powerful partnership promises to elevate the operational capabilities of franchised automotive dealers by integrating Gather’s pioneering solution with Dominion DMS’s leading product, VUE, which is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based dealer management system.

Dominion DMS stands as a beacon of innovation, continuously seeking to empower auto dealers through its cutting-edge solutions. Gather, being the auto industry's first and solo offering that seamlessly consolidates identity and insurance verification and transfer functionalities, complements Dominion’s mission impeccably. This collaboration is set to reshape auto dealerships' operations by offering compliance and streamlining verification processes, ultimately reducing the incidence of fraud and the administrative load of insurance management.

With Gather's proprietary technology embedded into the fabric of dealership operations, verifying a consumer’s active insurance coverage, ascertaining their identity, and assessing fraud risks become a matter of routine rather than a burdensome, time-consuming chore. In the brief span of just 50 seconds, Gather's automated technology takes the stage to deliver a number of key verifications and notifications:

  • Confirmation that the consumer possesses active insurance coverage
  • Authentication of the consumer's identity
  • Assurance that the consumer does not pose a fraud risk
  • Notification to the auto insurance carrier regarding the policy update
  • Provision of the necessary auto insurance documents to facilitate vehicle delivery

The Gather Guarantee™ comes as an added boon for dealers aiming to fast-track the car delivery process. Under this guarantee, dealerships are cushioned from losses should any mishap befall the vehicle in the interlude spanning up to eight days from delivery or until the dealer's receipt of finance contract payment, depending on which event occurs first.

Ken Luna, Gather's Director of Partnerships, openly expressed his enthusiasm for this strategic alliance. He underscored the mutual benefit of combining Gather's exclusive solution with Dominion DMS's exemplary technological offerings, believing that this integration substantially amplifies the capacity of auto dealers to augment operational efficiency, reduce administrational efforts, and enhance compliance with regulatory mandates. Luna also highlighted the profound advantage of thereupon having a mechanism to thwart fraudulent attempts that prey upon auto dealerships.

The merger of Gather's innovative expertise with Dominion DMS's VUE marks a genuine leap forward within the auto industry. This synergistic melding of technologies equips dealerships to refine operational workflows, improve efficiency, and craft superior customer experiences that stand out in the competitive automotive market.

Arlene Clements, VP of Business Development at Dominion DMS, echoed the positive sentiment, praising Gather for effectively addressing a critical gap in the dealer’s administrative processes. She underscored the significance of not just facilitating better control over dealership operations but also enhancing the overall shopping journey for customers.

About Dominion DMS

Dominion DMS has been a longstanding ally to franchised automotive dealers, providing advanced solutions to navigate through the dynamic automotive landscape. Their prime offering, VUE, is a cloud-native dealer management system that confers digital security, adaptability, and operational excellence required to stay abreast of the rapidly shifting market demands. VUE's capacity to facilitate streamlined customer interactions, coupled with its cost-reduction capabilities and business security assurances, underscores Dominion's position as a leader in its field.

The VUE ecosystem is complemented by a robust suite of certified SecureVUE APIs, which equip technology partners with the necessary access and workflows to fulfill the requirements of a shared clientele—the dealers. The breadth of Dominion DMS's commitment to automotive excellence can be further explored through their informative website, as well as through their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

For more information about Dominion DMS, visit their website, and connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

About Gather

Defining itself as the automotive industry's one-stop-shop for identity and insurance verification and transfer services, Gather has revolutionized the dealership experience with its rapid 50-second consumer verification process. The platform ensures the verification of consumer identity, evaluates fraud risks, and confirms active insurance coverage. It also effortlessly updates the customer's auto insurance policy with the addition of their new vehicle, creating a frictionless purchase process.

Gather's role extends beyond mere procedural facilitation; it offers dealers a chance to step away from the conventional and complex insurance administration operations, permitting them to stay focused on their core business objectives. Their unique technology ensures dealers remain aligned with regulatory expectations, conserve noteworthy amounts of time during sales proceedings, and are fortified against fraud—all while improving the overall customer experience.

To learn more about Gather and the advantages it brings to auto dealers, visit their website and follow them on LinkedIn.


For any inquiries pertaining to products or content at Dominion DMS, media representatives should refer to the contact information provided below. Scott Smith, who holds the role of Product & Content Marketing Manager at Dominion DMS, will be available to address any questions and provide detailed insights about the partnership and its expected impact on the auto dealership sector.

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This landmark integration between Dominion DMS and Gather is set to usher in a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction in the realm of automotive dealings. As businesses within the car industry grapple with evolving technological landscapes and heightened consumer expectations, collaborations such as this demonstrate a proactive approach to adapting and excelling amid the challenges of modern commerce.

The mutual endeavor to deliver seamless operations speaks volumes about the commitment both Dominion DMS and Gather have toward fostering advancements that resonate with the core needs of both dealerships and their clientele. The industry keenly anticipates further developments stemming from this integration and how it may serve as a template for future technological partnerships aimed at enhancing the car-buying experience.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, with greater emphasis on digitization and streamlined processes, Dominion DMS and Gather's partnership is poised to set new industry standards. While this news marks a groundbreaking development, the future undoubtedly holds more such alliances, heralding a wave of transformation that redefines auto dealership operations, fosters innovation, and anticipates the needs of a dynamic market. With the integration of Gather's technology into the VUE system, Dominion DMS is expected to help its clients leap ahead in competitive advantage, ultimately benefiting the industry at large.

In conclusion, the integration of Gather's technology with Dominion DMS's VUE is more than a mere partnership; it is a statement of progress and a sign of the transformative times that lie ahead for the auto industry. Dealerships that harness these state-of-the-art technological solutions can look forward to a future where fraud risks are minimized, compliance is simplified, and the customer experience is enhanced significantly. As the auto industry drives forward, it will be collaborations like this that fuel innovation and excellence, navigating the road to a more efficient and consumer-focused future.

The announcement of this integration could not have come at a more opportune time, as dealerships continue to search for ways to leverage technology in order to improve their operations and meet the increasing expectations of tech-savvy consumers. With an exciting road ahead, Dominion DMS and Gather seem set to lead the pack, offering a glimpse of a promising and technologically empowered future for automotive dealerships worldwide.