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Revolutionize Your Portfolio: Thirty Capital Financial Merges Brands for Enhanced Financial Services


Benjamin Hughes

April 3, 2024 - 12:23 pm


Thirty Capital Financial Embarks on a New Era with Enhanced Service Portfolio and Unified Brand

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a strategic move that underscores its dedication to innovation and customer service, Thirty Capital Financial, a renowned entity in the spheres of commercial real estate debt management, hedging, and financial services, has today declared the merger of its operations with its esteemed affiliate, Defease With Ease. This harmonization of services is marked by the launch of a comprehensive and user-friendly online portal, accessible at, which aims to amplify service offerings in line with market dynamism and effectively respond to the bespoke requirements of its clientele.

Anticipating Market Shifts with Expanded Services

"Our brand is evolving alongside the growth trajectory of our company. This progression is animated by a substantial expansion of service offerings that are in precise alignment with shifting market landscapes. Our primary goal has always been, and continues to be, to meet and exceed the expectations of the clients we serve," proclaimed Jason Kelley, Chief Financial Officer at Thirty Capital Financial.

Coupled with this brand consolidation is an image of foresight and the visualization of a streamlined experience, as depicted in their new website's sleek design showcased in a recent announcement (Image/Info about New Website).

Celebrating Legacy and Innovation

The trailblazing Defease With Ease brand, established a notable 24 years ago, has since commanded the commercial real estate defeasance sector across the United States and Canada. Following its inception, it has been the epicenter of domain expertise and innovation. The subsequent three years bore witness to the coexistence of Thirty Capital Financial alongside Defease With Ease, bound by separate web media yet unified in expert team synergy and an unrivaled commitment to value-driven financial services.

"By unifying these two distinguished brands under a single banner, we are poised to offer an enhanced user experience to our clients. The essence of our service—delivering unparalleled value, augmented service propositions, and the introduction of pioneering solutions—remains untarnished and consistently sets new industry standards," Jeff Lee, SVP of Debt Management, added with confidence.

An Arsenal of Comprehensive Financial Solutions

Thousands of firms place their trust in Thirty Capital Financial's ingenuity in fashioning novel approaches to debt management and leveraging extensive expertise in capital markets. Testament to the reliability and potency of the company's offerings is a vetting process that involves putting every service through a trial within the firm's real estate holdings before its release into the wider market.

Thirty Capital Financial has etched its name as the bastion of comprehensive services in financial management within the commercial real estate sector. The firm's array of solutions is meticulously crafted to bring about the optimization of debt transactions and the bolstering of investment yields. Amongst the extensive suite of services is:

  • Comprehensive Debt Management Solutions: Harnessing an accumulation of two decades' worth of capital market acumen, Thirty Capital Financial delivers superior statistical and quantitative analysis, which is leveraged to effectually fine-tune debt strategies across both fixed and floating-rate loans.
  • Defeasance Services: The Company offers detailed consultations and cost assessments, ensuring clients extraordinary savings and the most advantageous cost configurations, all backed by proprietary pricing algorithms and unfettered market data access.
  • Hedging Advisory Services: With an emphasis on interest rate hedges, agile proprietary technologies are utilized to scaffold, appraise, and ascertain the intrinsic value of complex transactions, guaranteeing client-centric solutions that perfectly resonate with their unique requirements.
  • Debt Optimization Strategies: Employing cutting-edge predictive and quantitative analyses, the firm assists clients in pinpointing the most opportune timings for their transactions, thus enriching their proficiency in refinancing, selling, or purchasing commercial real estate assets.
  • Educational Resources and Training: The Company extends beyond mere financial service offerings by provisioning calculators for defeasance, yield maintenance, and SOFR cap valuation, in concert with imparting essential insights, market updates, and comprehensive glossaries to stimulate knowledge acquisition among clients and industry circles alike.

Discover the expansive range of offerings at the new online destination:

About Thirty Capital Financial

Developing into a premier full-service provider of debt management strategies, hedging solutions, and comprehensive financial services, Thirty Capital Financial brings to the table an enviable legacy exceeding 20 years. The professional sphere recognizes the firm for its adeptness in debt refinement and an intimate understanding of the capital markets, all directed at aiding clients to deftly manage their financial risk while simultaneously nurturing the growth of their enterprises.

For further information and media inquiries, kindly reach out to:

Media Contact: Kirky Galt Email: [protected] Phone: (888) 337-0150

SOURCE Thirty Capital Financial

Thirty Capital Financial’s visionary endeavor in refining its brand to match market evolution assures clients of a stronger, unified, and more resilient platform. Through these enhancements, the company is set upon a course of unprecedented success and service excellence—a journey that both acknowledges its storied past and propels it into the future of financial services.

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