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puig brands sa ignites spanish market with record breaking ipo 12


Puig Brands SA Ignites Spanish Market with Record-Breaking IPO


Benjamin Hughes

April 8, 2024 - 15:25 pm


Puig Brands SA: Revitalizing Spain’s IPO Landscape with a Majestic Public Offering

In a move that reflects the renewed vigor in the European market for initial public offerings, Puig Brands SA, the esteemed Spanish beauty and fragrance conglomerate, has announced its intent to embark on a public listing. As they unveiled their plans on a recent Monday, the Madrid market lies in anticipation, eager to see if this could spark a resurgence in significant listings—an event that the market has seen little of since the public inauguration of Acciona SA's clean-energy division two years ago.

The aspiration behind this public listing is twofold: Puig aims to gather a substantial €1.25 billion (approximately $1.35 billion) through a primary share sale, while its current shareholders have their sights on an amount exceeding €1.25 billion in a parallel secondary offering. This strategic decision surfaces within a broader context, as companies have declared IPOs worth a staggering $5.8 billion on European exchanges this year alone, a figure well over double the tally seen in the comparable stint the year prior.

A Much-Needed Spur to Spain's IPO Engine

The revered Spanish firm's public listing venture is poised to inject a dose of dynamism into Spain's listing landscape that has been struggling to entice listings of considerable heft. This announcement has come at a juncture of lukewarm investor interest, amplified by the recent retraction of car and auto-parts logistics titan Bergé y Compañía from listing its Astara arm in the preceding week.

"Puig’s IPO could very well be the catalyst that reignites the dormant Spanish equities arena, a market that the capital ventures have long overlooked," asserted Luis Buceta, who is at the helm of investment decisions as the chief investment officer at Creand Wealth Management in Madrid.

The Resurgence of Listings Amid Record-Breaking European Markets

Against the backdrop of European stock markets reaching record-breaking heights, a plethora of companies with a combined valuation north of $40 billion—including Italy's luxury sneaker purveyor Golden Goose and the private equity powerhouse CVC Capital Partners—are reviving their listing aspirations, seeking to capitalize on the flourishing market as early as the incoming quarter.

Yet, the recent withdrawal by Bergé y Compañía, coupled with the unpromising debut of Germany's Douglas AG, a perfume retailer newly listed, perpetuates a sense of unease amongst investors.

A Storied Conglomerate with a Progressive Vision

Puig, with roots tracing back over a century to its inception in 1914 by Antonio Puig as a perfume enterprise, today stands as a worldwide, acquisitive powerhouse under the stewardship of a lineage bearer, Marc Puig, who has been at the helm since 2004. Puig's illustrious portfolio boasts of premium labels known for their style and sophistication, with Carolina Herrera, Charlotte Tilbury, Dries Van Noten, Rabanne, and Jean Paul Gaultier augmenting the firm's grandeur. The recent inclusion to this high-end assortment is Dr. Barbara Sturm, marking another chapter in the company's expansion narrative.

Purpose Behind the Proceeds

The proceeds from this momentous issuance will be channelled towards an array of overarching corporate objectives, which include refinancing ventures following recent acquisitions. Furthermore, the funds are expected to be sequestered for the purpose of financing forthcoming strategic investments and for attending to capital expenditure necessities.

Gonzalo Lardies, an astute senior equities fund manager at Andbank, weighed in on the timing of the IPO: "Puig's distinguished business dynamics over the preceding couple of years and its stature as a global entity are indicative that the time is ripe for the company to step into the public domain."

A Strategic Stock Structure and Collaboration with Leading Financial Institutions

Puig has articulated its intention to list Class B shares within this public offering, each carrying one vote. Contrarily, the Puig family will maintain ownership of unlisted Class A shares, which yield five votes each, thereby ensuring their continued influence and governance over company affairs.

A coalition of financial titans is poised to orchestrate this transaction, reflecting the magnitude and complexity of the undertaking. The joint global coordinators and bookrunners are industry behemoths Goldman Sachs Group Inc and JPMorgan Chase & Co. Moreover, supporting roles as joint bookrunners are being filled by the likes of Bank of America Corp, Banco Santander SA, BNP Paribas SA, and Caixabank SA, with Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA and Banco de Sabadell SA contributing as co-lead managers. Such a formidable ensemble of financial institutions underscores the significance and potential the market sees in Puig's public foray.

Assistance from Industry Experts and Updated Contextual Notes

To have a holistic perspective on this imminent IPO, insights and expertise have been harnessed from a cadre of industry experts, including Manuel Baigorri, Macarena Muñoz, and Phil Serafino. Through their contributions, further context and clarity have been embedded throughout this narrative, keeping the projections for Puig's path in perspective.

Puig's latest update parades a strategic vision with underlying details reflecting meticulous planning and a profound understanding of market mechanics. With continuous updates and a redefined clarity, Puig's journey towards IPO becomes a broad canvas where the interplay of finance, strategy, and market sentiments shape the future of this storied brand.


Puig's anticipated public listing in Madrid is more than a testament to the company's progressive ethos and dynamic growth; it symbolizes the rekindled hopes of a Spanish IPO engine in search of a triumphant return. Embracing its legacy while daring to venture into uncharted public waters, Puig is prepared to harness the momentum of reviving European markets.

Bloomberg's coverage, inclusive of this landmark announcement and the insightful reportage on the broader trend of IPOs in Europe, serves to enhance our understanding of the significance of this event, not just for Puig but for Spain and the European financial panorama at large.

Puig's latest acquisition, Dr. Barbara Sturm & Charly Sturm's beauty products.

Photographer: Dave Benett/Getty Images Europe

The narrative of Puig's origins to its current stature, the strategic financial structure of the IPO, and the complementary roles of global financial institutions all synergize to herald a new chapter in Spain’s capital markets. With the offering slated for the near future, stakeholders and market aficionados alike keenly await to witness whether this bold step by Puig Brands SA will indeed serve as the harbinger for a renaissance in Spain's IPO vitality.