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Modern Luxury Media's Vogue Expansion into Nashville's Luxury Scene


Benjamin Hughes

April 9, 2024 - 16:56 pm


Elevating Glamour in the Music City: Modern Luxury Media Announces Expansion into Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a grand move to consolidate its position as the nation's preeminent luxury lifestyle publisher, Modern Luxury Media today expressed its enthusiasm regarding the upcoming extension of its market to the vibrant city of Nashville. Scheduled to launch in the autumn of 2024, this initiative signifies a monumental step for Modern Luxury Media, already celebrated as the largest luxury lifestyle media company in the United States. Nashville's burgeoning luxury sector, nestled in the Southeast, will form the latest jewel in the media giant's crown, becoming its 24th market amidst a diverse portfolio of 64 illustrious brands. This expansion not only reflects the company’s aggressive growth strategy but also underscores their command over the luxury media landscape.

Approaching the opulent market, Modern Luxury Nashville is set to become the 24th unique territory under Modern Luxury Media's illustrious umbrella. The brand's sophisticated readership will soon enjoy a hyper-local iteration of the luxury lifestyle guide tailored distinctly for the Nashville audience. Matching its local prestige with global luxury trends remains a cornerstone of Modern Luxury Media's unmatched editorial craft.

Modern Luxury Media is thrilled to officially unveil Modern Luxury Nashville and its digital counterpart, The vision for this new division encompasses a platform bridging eager Nashville denizens with the luxury market’s most sought-after commodities. Prospective audiences can look forward to digital exclusives, the latest cultural insights, and expansive guides to Nashville's finest.

Modern Luxury Media announces its expansion into Nashville, marking a significant development in the luxury retail environment.

Championing excellence in the luxury retail sector, Nashville has prospered into a formidable market, ripe with potential and growth. By introducing Modern Luxury Nashville, Modern Luxury Media is poised to bridge over 18 million affluent individuals nationwide with its constellation of elite brand partners. The city's ambitious rise to luxury retail eminence speaks volumes of its migrating consumer base's aspirational lifestyle. The media company’s multipronged strategy deftly integrates print, web, social media, video, and experiential storytelling to connect with its affluent audience, showcasing a dedication to dynamic, diverse platform engagement.

“We are excited to enter Nashville as our 24th market. Our growth reflects the growing demand for luxury brands and the lifestyle that Modern Luxury Media represents,” said Modern Luxury Media CEO Michael Dickey. He expressed confidence that Modern Luxury Nashville would deliver a refined and meticulously curated lifestyle guide, echoing the city’s distinctive culture and tastes. “Modern Luxury Nashville's mission is to create a brand that speaks to a sophisticated and discerning audience while offering our newest community the ultimate guide to luxury living in Nashville,” continued Dickey, emphasizing the publication's commitment to quality and community relevance.

CEO Michael Dickey talks about Modern Luxury Nashville's launch, intending to connect the brand with Nashville's opulent lifestyle.

Set to dazzle across all platforms, the inaugural issue of Modern Luxury Nashville is slated for an October release, arriving in the form of a dazzling Style Issue. The inaugural edition promises to be a celebration of fashion, culture, and luxury, providing readers with an unparalleled glimpse into the lifestyle and opulence that define Nashville.


At the core of Modern Luxury's philosophy lies a deep-seated emphasis on connection and community. With a staggering reach to over 18 million individuals, the nation stands as a testimony to Modern Luxury's dominance as the largest luxury media company in the U.S. The company’s influential ecosystem spans 65+ brands across 24 markets, providing luxury brands with a powerful marketing conduit to connect with their target demographic in impactful and meaningful ways.

Modern Luxury prides itself on crafting potent marketing solutions through its extensive media network. Luxury brands are afforded the unique opportunity to engage with their audience across a spectrum of highly influential cities, tapping into a demographic known for its affluence and discerning tastes. The power of Modern Luxury's ecosystem is in its ability to create resonating and relevant content for its readers, while simultaneously offering brands an exceptional avenue for connection.

The Modern Luxury Media ecosystem spans across several influential markets, reaching a comprehensive network of luxury consumers.

For more information on Modern Luxury Media and its offerings, visit Additionally, you can engage with Modern Luxury through social platforms; follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get the latest on luxury trends and events. For further inquiries, reach out via email to Modern Luxury's contact, ensuring continual engagement with the nexus of luxury media.

Modern Luxury Media takes pride in its ability to not only anticipate trends within the luxury market but to define them. The company curates exceptional content that resonates with its audience's preference for the finer things in life, continually exceeding expectations and setting the bar in luxury lifestyle publication.

In closing, the genesis of Modern Luxury Nashville is a compelling indication of the growing luxury market within the city and Modern Luxury Media’s adaptability to evolving market trends. As they prepare to introduce Nashville to a brand steeped in distinction and elegance, Modern Luxury Media stays true to their vision of delivering content that not only informs but inspires.

In Conclusion

As Modern Luxury Media extends its reach into the heart of Nashville, it does so with the promise of bringing a new dimension of lavishness to the city’s thriving landscape. Modern Luxury Nashville is not merely a publication; it becomes a local beacon for high-end taste, a repository of alluring narratives and a gateway to the ultimate luxury lifestyle. The sparks ignited by this new venture are set to catch fire in the Fall of 2024, setting the stage for Nashville to shine as a pinnacle of Southern charm meshed with worldly sophistication.

Modern Luxury Media’s foray into Nashville marks a dazzling moment wherein the city’s luminous potential is recognized and celebrated within the realm of opulence. The anticipation around Modern Luxury Nashville's launch mirrors the city's own electric energy – a symphony of anticipation for what will undoubtedly become the definitive guide to luxury living in the music city.

The invitation to explore Modern Luxury Nashville's curated elegance is extended to all those who appreciate the highest standards of luxury. As readers await the debut Style Issue and the unveiling of, they are poised to enjoy a publication that both reflects the city’s rich heritage and projects its metropolitan future. Modern Luxury Media’s expansion is not simply a broadening of its market but a bold assertion of Nashville's place on the luxury world stage.

With every page turned, every story shared, and every event covered, Modern Luxury Nashville will serve as more than a magazine; it will reflect a community's heartbeat, a testament to Nashville's dynamic and flourishing luxury lifestyle. As Modern Luxury Media continues to innovate and redefine what it means to live well, Nashville becomes its next chapter – a compelling fusion of tradition and trendsetting.

Those interested in a first glimpse of this new chapter in luxury may share their excitement, as Modern Luxury Nashville is poised to infuse the city's market with flair and sophistication. Join the conversation on social media, or simply tune into the emerging buzz as Nashville opens its doors to a new standard of grandeur.

Modern Luxury Nashville stands ready to immerse the city in a refined blend of culture and luxury, as shared on social platforms.

As the ink dries on plans for the upcoming launch, the enthusiasm surrounding Modern Luxury Nashville's arrival is a sentiment that resonates throughout the city's streets. It heralds a future where style, elegance, and affluence are not just welcomed but celebrated – where Modern Luxury Media is not just present but pivotal in sculpting the landscape of luxury engagement in Nashville.

For further insights into this exciting development and to stay abreast of the latest luxury lifestyle news, keep an eye fixed on Modern Luxury's continued narrative, where exclusivity meets editorial excellence. As Modern Luxury Media continues to weave its story, Nashville proudly becomes its latest, and perhaps its most captivating, character.

Connect with the future of luxury in Nashville by visiting the upcoming digital destination,, and embracing the exceptional content that Modern Luxury Media is renowned for. A world of refined tastes and discerning insights awaits the city's elite and those who aspire towards the quintessence of luxury living.

Modern Luxury Nashville's youthful yet timeless spirit promises to invigorate the ethos of luxury in the American Southeast. With its finger on the pulse of contemporary aesthetics and a deep appreciation for regional nuance, it sets a new standard for what a luxury lifestyle medium can be.

As Modern Luxury Nashville readies to captivate the imagination of its affluent audience, it will stand as a testament, a guiding light that showcases the best, the exclusive, and the exceptional. In the heart of Tennessee, the nexus of luxury lifestyle publication is taking root, ready to flourish and grow alongside the city it celebrates.