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Marpai Sets the Stage for Insightful Q1 2024 Financial Reveal


Lauren Miller

May 3, 2024 - 17:50 pm


Marpai Inc. Set to Discuss Q1 2024 Financial Results in Upcoming Conference Call and Webcast

TAMPA, Fla., May 3, 2024 - Marpai, Inc. ("Marpai" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: MRAI), a pioneering third-party administration (TPA) firm in the healthcare sector, has announced a conference call and webcast scheduled for Friday, May 10, at 8:30 a.m. ET to present and examine the company's operational and financial milestones of the first quarter of 2024. The financial results for the quarter will be reported on Thursday after the market closes, shining a light on the performance and progress of the company.

Key Financial Discussion Scheduled

Investors, industry stakeholders, analysts, and the general public are cordially invited to join the event, titled "Marpai First Quarter Financial Results Conference Call," where the company will detail its financial health and operational strides made over the beginning months of the year.

Date and Time for the Financial Release

The date of importance for the financial discourse is pegged on May 10, 2024, allowing parties to mark their calendars accordingly. The discussion will commence precisely at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time, providing a timely analysis at the start of the day for attendees across various time zones.

Conference Call and Live Webcast Information

A critical aspect of this financial briefing is the accessibility provided to various participants. Interested parties are given several convenient options to tune into the discussions. The live call for US-based participants can be reached through two phone numbers: 1-646-357-8785 and the toll-free number 1-800-836-8184. This dual approach ensures an inclusive experience for all interested in the fiscal trends and trajectories that underline Marpai's market position and its outlook for the future.

Furthermore, Marpai extends the opportunity to engage with their briefing through a live webcast, which can be accessed at This modern approach embraces the digital nature of today's business environment, opening the floor for a global audience. Additionally, a webcast replay of high note will be posted within two hours following the live event, remaining available for review at the same web address.

Instant Phone Access and Webcast Streaming

For those preferring a seamless entry into the conference call, Marpai offers an instant connection service. Interested individuals can register shortly before the start of the call via the link, after which the system will automatically dial them in, connecting them directly to the discussion.

Alternatively, dialing in through the provided phone numbers, attendees will be connected through a professional operator. This traditional method remains a steadfast option for those who may encounter difficulties with online access, ensuring that all who wish to participate can do so.

Streaming the event live through a webcast presents another viable alternative for attendees. The aforementioned webcast link offers direct streaming services and, to further accommodate those who cannot make the live event, provides a replay option that will be active within a couple of hours from the end of the call.

Replay Availability: Ensuring Continued Access

In an effort to support continued access to this significant briefing, Marpai announces that a replay of the call will be conveniently accessible within two hours after its conclusion. This allowance ensures that those unable to join in the real-time discussion have the opportunity to stay informed of the company's standings. To access the replay, individuals may dial 1-646-517-4150 or the toll-free line, 1-888-660-6345, entering the code 31949 followed by the pound sign. This replay will be persistently available up until May 30, 2024, providing an ample window for review.

Spotlight on Marpai, Inc.

Marpai, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRAI) is distinguished in the national landscape as a dynamic force in the third-party administration (TPA) realm. By delivering highly regarded and value-centric health plan services to employers who bear the responsibility for their employees' health benefits, the company showcases a commitment to optimizing and improving the healthcare experiences and outcomes. This dedication is not only reflective in their operational strategies but also cemented by their competition in the thriving $22 billion TPA sector—a sector that caters to self-funded employer health plans overseeing over $1 trillion in annual claims.

Marpai's transformative impact lies in its capacity to foster the healthiest member population within the constraints of a health plan budget. Covering a national expanse, Marpai not only offers comprehensive coverage through leading provider networks such as Aetna and Cigna but also encompasses the full spectrum of TPA services required for robust healthcare management.

More comprehensive information regarding Marpai's operations, initiatives, and financial insights can be found at their investor relations website: However, it is essential to note that the content found on their website is not interlinked by reference within this press release. Instead, the website stands as an additional resource for those seeking an in-depth understanding of Marpai's business and financial trajectory.

About Marpai, Inc.

Stepping into the spotlight of the healthcare administration sector, Marpai, Inc. emerges as a front-running, nationally recognized TPA organization committed to revolutionizing the healthcare industry. By offering a plethora of advanced, intelligent, and cost-efficient healthcare solutions to self-funded employer health plans, Marpai is systematically transforming the $22 billion TPA market.

With operations spreading across the country, Marpai connects its clients to top-tier provider networks including the likes of Aetna and Cigna. Alongside, the provision of an array of essential TPA services anchors the company's offerings. As Marpai works towards its vision, it consistently strives to shape a healthcare landscape where affordability and high-quality care are in harmony, moving toward the objective of delivering the healthiest member population achievable within the health plan's financial scope.


In conclusion, Marpai's upcoming financial results conference call and webcast underscore the company's dedication to transparency and stakeholder engagement. As a significant player in the TPA market, Marpai stands at the cusp of healthcare innovation while supporting self-funded employer health plans through superior networks and services. Both the investment community and the broader public are keenly anticipating the insights that will be shared come May 10, 2024, and the strategies that Marpai will follow in its pursuit of excellence within the healthcare arena. This momentous event is poised to offer valuable perspectives on the company's financial health and operational successes as it continues to chart a course for a healthier future.


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