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kunes auto rv group drives expansion with new dealership in beloit 12


Kunes Auto & RV Group Drives Expansion with New Dealership in Beloit


Benjamin Hughes

March 29, 2024 - 12:47 pm


Midwest Automotive Group Expanding: Kunes Auto & RV Group Opens New Dealership in Beloit

MILWAUKEE, March 29, 2024 — Midwest automotive industry titan, Kunes Auto & RV Group, is marking a significant milestone in its expansion with the launch of a new dealership in Beloit, Rock County, Wisconsin. After closing the deal with Finley GMC, the group is gearing up to inaugurate Kunes GMC of Beloit on April 1st. This latest addition bolsters Kunes' impressive portfolio, extending its reach to 45 dealerships across Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. Since 2004, Kunes has been a stalwart operator of GM dealerships, and with this move, they are opening their 10th GM outlet and for the first time, branching into the Beloit community.

Kunes Auto & RV Group

Staying true to the values that have spanned several generations, Kunes has founded its business on the concept of family. This acquisition goes beyond mere business growth; it's also an affirmation of a continuous commitment to the familial ethos that Kunes and Finley GMC share. The company's integrity and customer-centric approach have remained the cornerstone of their operations, something that will be preserved and fostered in the Beloit community.

“We are ecstatic to bring Finley GMC under the Kunes family umbrella,” announced Scott Kunes, Chief Operating Officer at Kunes Auto Group. “Our unyielding dedication to delivering premier automotive customer services seamlessly aligns with the heritage of Finley GMC. We eagerly anticipate furthering their tradition of industry excellence within Beloit."

With a stupendous track record stretching over 40 years, the wisdom and reputation of Tom Finley, the outgoing owner of Finley GMC, will not go untapped. Recognizing his significant stature in the community, Kunes aims to leverage his knowledge during the vital transitional phase.

36 cherished employees of Finley GMC are set to continue their journey with the Kunes team, ensuring that the business remains steeped in the local culture and expertise. Among these familiar faces is Matt Finley, who will notably take on the duties as the store's Finance Manager, perpetuating the Finley presence and prominence within the company.

The new branch, Kunes GMC of Beloit, is set to offer an expansive array of the latest GMC and Buick models, alongside a vast assortment of pre-owned vehicles. As a leading figure in the automotive sector, Kunes Auto Group prides itself on presenting a spectrum of competitive, flexible financing solutions, meticulously crafted to satisfy diverse customer needs.

Kunes GMC of Beloit will be conveniently situated at 2700 Milwaukee Rd, Beloit, WI 53511, ready to cater to the automotive needs of the community.

For a comprehensive overview of what Kunes Auto Group has to offer or to locate your nearest dealership, interested parties can set their browsers to Additionally, the newly established Kunes GMC of Beloit invites inquiries at or via phone at (608) 365-0909.

About Kunes Auto & RV Group

Tracing its roots back to 1996 in Delavan, Wisconsin, Kunes Auto Group, formerly known as Kunes Country, has flourished into an influential player in the midwestern United States with over 40 locations. The group's mantra — Faith, Family, and Giving Back — is not just lip service. With over 1,800 employees, Kunes demonstrates its commitment through action by donating a sizeable 10% of its annual net profits to local charities.

The company's pledge to its personnel, clients, and community integrity is frequently recognized at a national level. Kunes Auto Group has been the recipient of multiple honors, including the prestigious "Automotive News' Best Dealerships to Work For" award. This distinction is handed out to a mere 100 dealerships nationwide every year, yet Kunes consistently snaps up as many as 10 of these accolades annually, amassing over 30 trophies dealership-wide.

Media Contact

For more in-depth information regarding the Kunes Auto & RV Group or this recent acquisition, the go-to point of contact is Ryann Checchi from Interdependence Public Relations, reachable at [email protected] or by phone at (708) 420-4776.

SOURCE: Kunes Auto & RV Group

Kunes Auto & RV Group

The Expansion Strategy: Fostering Growth and Community Connection

The business strategy behind Kunes Auto & RV Group's continued success hinges on a thoughtful equilibrium between expansion and upholding its community ties. By acquiring existing dealerships with strong local connections, such as Finley GMC, Kunes is not only broadening its geographical presence but deepening its community relations and ensuring that the essence of these businesses is preserved.

This forward-looking strategy has seen Kunes grow at an enviable pace, navigating the ever-changing automotive landscape with a mix of adaptive innovation and respect for tradition. With each new dealership inaugurated, Kunes asserts its role not just as a business, but as an integral part of the fabric of each community it enters.

The Kunes Philosophy: More Than Just Vehicles

At the heart of Kunes Auto & RV Group's approach to business lies a profound respect for the relationships developed over the years with its clientele and staff. This philosophy transcends the transactional nature of buying and selling vehicles, aiming to create a lasting bond with the community through exceptional service, empathetic engagement, and community-oriented activities.

The Kunes family believes that their responsibility extends beyond providing high-quality vehicles and includes contributing to the welfare of the communities in which they operate. This blend of enterprise and empathy has resonated well with their customer base, fostering a loyal following and a reputation for reliability and genuineness.

Continuous Driving Force in the Automotive Sector

Kunes Auto & RV Group has established itself as a beacon of operational excellence, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations. As they continue to expand, their straightforward business ethics and dedication to community causes remain potent differentiators in a highly competitive market.

Their latest venture, Kunes GMC of Beloit, encapsulates the group's ideals — it's not merely a new location opening its doors but a testament to the company's earnest endeavor to extend its influence and goodwill through the Midwest. The future looks bright, with Kunes solidifying its standing as a distinguished name in the Midwest, synonymous with both automotive excellence and community spirit.

In conclusion, the opening of Kunes GMC of Beloit stands as a pivotal event in the ongoing narrative of Kunes Auto & RV Group. It is a story of a company that, while scaling new heights, always finds a way to stay rooted in the values that have made it a cherished institution for generations. As Kunes continues to steer forward in times of change, their journey is not just about the roads traveled by their vehicles, but about the lives touched and the communities uplifted along the way.