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Kitchen Brains Appoints Aaron Knisley as Business Development Manager to Bolster Channel Partnerships


Benjamin Hughes

April 4, 2024 - 20:21 pm


Kitchen Brains Welcomes Aaron Knisley as Business Development Manager in Strategic Channel Partner Initiative

STRATFORD, Conn., April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kitchen Brains, a pioneer in the field of advanced technology for commercial kitchen equipment, has officially announced the recruitment of Aaron Knisley as the new Business Development Manager for Channel Partners. This pivotal addition to the Kitchen Brains family is a testament to the company's steadfast dedication to strengthening relationships and ensuring the prosperity of its channel partners within the expansive arena of commercial kitchen equipment. Christian Koether, the visionary CEO of Kitchen Brains, expressed the company's strategy succinctly, "Our channel strategy is to partner to Korrect Kitchens everywhere."

Aaron Knisley: A Veteran for the Future

Drawing on a rich background that spans over eight years of surpassing B2B sales benchmarks in the foodservice realm, Knisley brings a wealth of knowledge and mastery to the Kitchen Brains team. His acumen is not limited to product expertise; Knisley possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies of distribution networks and is adept at cultivating robust ties throughout various channels, including dealerships, broadliners, and direct customer accounts. His proven track record boasts the successful execution of joint Go-To-Market strategies, meticulously crafted to address the needs of the industry's diverse segments.

"I am honored to join Kitchen Brains and foster a collaborative environment where our channel partners can thrive. By leveraging my industry experience and collaborating synergistically with our valued partners, I'm confident we can drive significant program growth and propel the adoption of Kitchen Brains' innovative solutions within the commercial kitchen sector," remarked Knisley.

The Strategic Vision Aligns with Expertise

Thomas Brooks, the esteemed Chief Revenue Officer, weighed in on the significance of this strategic hiring. "Aaron's success speaks volumes," he said. "His unique blend of industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and purposeful approach aligns perfectly with our vision for empowering our channel partners. We're confident Aaron will play a key role in strengthening these partnerships and ensuring their continued success as they bring Kitchen Brains' innovative solutions to market."

Knisley's record is undeniably remarkable. His tenacity and savvy in business development saw an astronomical increase of over 1100% in account sales at Wasserstrom within a mere five-year time frame. This extraordinary ability to pinpoint and exploit market opportunities makes him an invaluable asset in driving partner growth at Kitchen Brains.

Forging Ahead: Partnerships to Korrect Kitchens Everywhere

The addition of Aaron Knisley not only renews Kitchen Brains' promise to their partners but also marks a substantial investment into the future of their channel program. With Knisley's commitment and expertise, Kitchen Brains is impeccably positioned for expedited growth of the channel partner program in the forthcoming years.

About Kitchen Brains

Kitchen Brains leads the way with their trailblazing Middle of House electronics, embedded control platforms, and their comprehensive design-engineer-build services for smart appliances. These innovations have cemented Kitchen Brains as a recognized name in the industry, marrying technology with efficiency to revolutionize commercial kitchen operations across the globe. To learn more about the trail-blazing endeavors of Kitchen Brains and their commitment to the future of commercial kitchen technology, visit their website at Kitchen Brains.

A Synergistic Approach to Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Aaron Knisley resolute in his mission, expressed his excitement about the opportunity to bring about a harmonious business realm for the channel partners of Kitchen Brains. His appointment underlines a refreshed focus on symbiotic strategies that will enhance the overall business environment, leading to thriving partnerships and mutual growth. Kitchen Brains eyes the horizon with Knisley at the helm for their channel partner program, reinforcing their ethos of collaborating to perfect kitchens in every corner of the industry.

Expanding Horizons with Industry Expertise

Knisley's prior experiences have seasoned him for the impactful role he is stepping into. His prowess in not only reaching, but surpassing sales targets demonstrates a deep-seated understanding of the foodservice industry's landscapes. Moreover, he is well-versed in the dynamics that govern distribution, adept at building influential relationships that span the full spectrum of the industry's channels. His work is marked by the establishment of multifaceted Go-To-Market strategies that resonate with the unique requirements of various market segments.

"Aaron's dedication and unique perception of the industry align seamlessly with Kitchen Brains' intent to equip our channel partners for success," said Thomas Brooks, expressing the corporation's belief in Knisley's potential to foster robust, fruitful partnerships that will aid in the widespread adoption and implementation of Kitchen Brains' pioneering products and services.

Beyond the Sales: A Testimonial to Growth

Knisley's accomplishments at Wasserstrom are noteworthy. He distinguished himself through an impressive sales surge of 1100% over a five-year duration, showcasing an innate ability to harness and leverage market potential to its fullest extent. Kitchen Brains is looking ahead, leveraging Knisley's acumen to propel the growth of its channel partners and solidifying the company's vision for a future where innovation in commercial kitchens is not just envisioned but actualized.

Visit the Kitchen Brains website to discover more about how the team, with their newest member, Aaron Knisley, is paving the way for advancements in commercial kitchen technology that promise to transform the foodservice industry.

For more insights, collaborations, and information, ensure to navigate to the world of Kitchen Brains at, where innovation meets function in the realm of commercial kitchens.

In Conclusion

This strategic appointment reflects Kitchen Brains' unparalleled commitment to creating a world of "Korrect Kitchens," a testament to the company's forward-thinking perspective. As the Business Development Manager focussed on Channel Partners, Aaron Knisley's extensive industry acumen is poised to breathe new life into the partnerships, reinforcing a legacy of innovation and success.

Kitchen Brains continues to chart a course toward excellence in commercial kitchen operations, defining the future of the industry with every partnership forged, every solution engineered, and now, with every stride taken with Aaron Knisley at the forefront of its channel partner program.

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By incorporating Aaron Knisley into their dynamic team, Kitchen Brains underscores their resolution to deepen connections within the industry and enhance the commercial kitchen landscape through innovative technology and harmonious partnerships. This news marks a significant milestone for the company and the industry at large, heralding a new era of growth and collaboration.