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kamux corporation strengthens market dominance with proactive share buyback initiative 12


Kamux Corporation Strengthens Market Dominance with Proactive Share Buyback Initiative


Lauren Miller

April 4, 2024 - 15:54 pm


Kamux Corporation Announces Strategic Share Repurchase on Helsinki Stock Exchange

A Financial Move to Fortify Market Position

HELSINKI, April 4, 2024 – In an economically strategic move, the Kamux Corporation has officially announced through a stock exchange release on April 4, 2024, at 18:30, a notable share repurchase transaction conducted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. This latest development is a statement of confidence in the future of the company as it secures a stronger foothold by acquiring their shares from the market.

Key Transaction Details Unveiled

The trade date, logged on the 4th of April, 2024, marks a momentous occasion as the company pursued a 'Buy' transaction for its shares. Kamux Corporation effectively targeted the shares coded "KAMUX" in a calculated financial move that saw the purchase of 8,179 shares. The average price per share stood at a competitive 5.918 EUR, culminating in a total cost of 48,403.32 EUR for the transaction. This tactical move not only exhibits solid financial planning but also reflects the company's focus on long-term value creation for its stakeholders.

Kamux Corporation Consolidates Its Holdings

With the culmination of the share repurchase dated April 4, 2024, Kamux Corporation now assertively holds a total of 78,907 shares. The acquisition bolsters its position, providing a clear signal to the market of its intentions to navigate its course confidently and with purpose. Not only does this share repurchase serve as a message to its investors but it also steadies the share price in the financial markets, serving as a reassuring gesture for current and prospective shareholders.

Implementation and Partnership

The execution of the share repurchase was managed and implemented by Nordea Bank Oyj on behalf of Kamux Corporation. The professionals leading the process were Janne Sarvikivi and Sami Huttunen, whose expertise in such financial dealings has contributed significantly to the smooth orchestration of this transaction.

Contact Information for Further Inquiries

Kamux Corporation remains committed to transparency and open communication with its financial community and stakeholders. To support this, Mr. Jukka Havia, the CFO of Kamux Corporation, remains available at +358 50 355 3757 for any further information regarding the transaction or financial queries. The company further employs a dedicated Communications team tasked with maintaining a fluent dialogue with the media, investors, and the public at large.

About Kamux Corporation

Kamux is not just a retailer of used cars; it represents innovation in automotive retail. Since its inception in 2003 in Hämeenlinna, Finland, Kamux has redefined what customers can expect when purchasing used vehicles. Combining state-of-the-art online shopping with a comprehensive network of showrooms, Kamux excels in delivering a superior service experience both virtually and in-person.

A Symbol of Growth and Success

Over the years, the company's expansion has been impressive. With a network extending to 78 car showrooms across Finland, Sweden, and Germany, Kamux showcases its grasp on regional and international retail landscapes. Since its founding, the company has achieved the milestone of selling over 500,000 used cars, 68,257 of which were sold in the previous year, 2023.

Financial Performance

The financial year 2023 witnessed Kamux soaring as its revenue reached a landmark figure of 1,002 million EUR. The organizational strength is further supported by anaveraged total of 885 full-time equivalent employees. These indicators not only highlight the company's robust financial health but its highly regarded status as an employer in the market, adding to the company's sustainability and credibility.

Stock Market Presence

Reflective of its financial health and expanding business operations, Kamux Corporation proudly stands as a listed entity on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. For those interested in acquiring more detailed information or an in-depth understanding of Kamux's journey and offerings, the company encourages visits to its official website, which provides comprehensive insights and the latest updates.

Availability of Official Documents

To ensure information accessibility and statutory compliance, Kamux Corporation has made sure that the official documents pertaining to the share repurchase are available for download. The documents include a detailed "Release" and an excel file named "Kamux 4 4 trades," which contain all the specifics related to the transactions conducted on the 4th of April, 2024. Interested parties can access these files through the provided links:

These documents are crucial for analysis and record-keeping purposes, providing investors, analysts, and enthusiasts with the essential financial data needed to track the company's stock market activities.

Further Information and News Distribution

Kamux Corporation leverages the services of Cision for news distribution, ensuring that all information reaches its intended audience promptly and efficiently. Cision is a reputable platform that provides tools and services to support companies in their public relations and content distribution needs. For news related to Kamux and other valuable updates from a wide spectrum of businesses, Cision's news portal can be accessed at

The recent share repurchase news, including further details, can also be directly found at,c3956812.


The Kamux Corporation has once more demonstrated its prowess in the used car market by making an assertive move through the repurchase of shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. This strategic decision underscores the company's commitment to growth, financial prudence, and market stability while increasing shareholder value.

Kamux sets a precedent for the industry and continues to steer a course that promises expansion and profitability. As the company fortifies its market presence through such financial strategies and its exceptional service offerings, the future seems to herald ongoing success. With a robust foundation, a dedicated team, and a clear vision, Kamux is indeed geared up to extend its legacy as a purveyor of quality used cars and a trusted name in the automotive industry for years to come.

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