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Jeff Kiernan Assumes New Role as Vice President of Local News at E.W. Scripps


Michael Chen

May 14, 2024 - 20:58 pm


E.W. Scripps Company Elevates Jeff Kiernan to Vice President of Local News

CINCINNATI, May 14, 2024 - In a significant move by The E.W. Scripps Company (NASDAQ: SSP), seasoned journalist and general manager of the Las Vegas stations, Jeff Kiernan, has been appointed to the role of vice president of local news. This strategic promotion is slated to take effect on June 10. Kiernan will be shouldering the responsibility of steering Scripps’ local news content strategy in collaboration with Kate O'Brian, the company’s president of news. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Kiernan has been influential as the vice president and general manager for KTNV and KMCC, Scripps' ABC affiliate and independent station in Las Vegas since 2022.

Jeff Kiernan

Through his illustrious career, Kiernan has demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for leading local newsrooms to new heights. His previous engagements include high-profile positions with Scripps' WXYZ and WMYD in Detroit and WTMJ in Milwaukee, where he adeptly intertwined Scripps' content strategies with local market dynamics. But his contributions don’t end there; Kiernan has also finessed the editorial strategy in news agencies such as WBBM-TV in Chicago, WBZ-TV in Boston, and WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, cementing his reputation as a vanguard of local journalism’s evolution.

Kate O'Brian conveyed, "Scripps' priority is to create the best possible local and national journalism for American audiences. As we continue to evolve our stations' delivery of local news to cater to today's dynamic audiences, Jeff's years of ardent execution of content and editorial strategy in newsrooms across the United States make him an impeccable choice to shepherd our local newsrooms."

Kiernan is a proud alumnus of Marquette University in Milwaukee, where he received a bachelor's degree in journalism. His exceptional work has not gone unseen - Marquette honored him as the Communicator of the Year in 2010 and awarded him the James T. Tiedge Award for ethics and responsibility in 1999. Additionally, in 2007, he shared his considerable expertise as a visiting faculty member at the Poynter Institute, where he guided new managers on the path to success.

The announcement of Kiernan's ascension follows on the heels of Scripps' February declaration that the company was realigning the management of local and national news strategy under a single organizational umbrella, helmed by O'Brian. In his newfound capacity, Kiernan is poised to collaborate with Dean Littleton, the senior vice president of local media, to revamp the way Scripps delivers local news. Kiernan will work alongside Christina Hartman, vice president and head of Scripps News, and Ethan Nelson, vice president and head of Court TV as part of O'Brian's robust news enterprise leadership team within the new architecture.

During the transition, Anita Helt, vice president and regional general manager, will step in as the interim general manager for KTNV and KMCC.

For press inquiries, contact Becca McCarter, of The E.W. Scripps Company, at (513) 410-2425 or via email at [email protected]

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A Steady Steward in the Transforming Landscape of Local News

Jeff Kiernan's promotion to vice president of local news at Scripps underscores the company's resolve in both valuing its seasoned talent and preparing for the unavoidable changes in the media landscape. A comprehensive review of Kiernan's career indicates an individual who has been at the forefront of transformation within several prominent newsrooms, bringing a tactical and strategic mindset to content delivery that resonates with today's audience. His extensive background in managing newsrooms promises to bring a refined edge to Scripps' expanding focus on local news content.

Championing Journalism and Ethics

It is under Kiernan's prospective leadership that Scripps anticipates a new wave of strategic planning and execution, ensuring the perpetuation of journalism's core values alongside fresh, digitally attuned paradigms. Kiernan's accolades and academic contributions culminate into a figure that is at once a paragon of ethical journalism and a beacon for future media executives. His previous accolades from Marquette University both reflect and quantify his dedication to ethical standards and professional responsibility in journalism, traits that are imperative in today's complex media environment.

New Leadership Dynamics

The intricate balance of responsibilities and fresh ideas promised by Scripps' newly consolidated news leadership structure couples well with the addition of Kiernan's vision. With pillars such as Christina Hartman, Ethan Nelson, and under the aegis of Kate O'Brian, Scripps fortifies its commitment to providing audiences with uncompromised quality content. Kiernan's role will not only be to direct the local news strategy but also to dovetail these plans harmoniously with national objectives and directives. The shared vision is clear: innovative journalism that safeguards the integrity of the news while engaging an evolving audience.

Committing to Community and Connection

Scripps' expansion of its leadership team is a testament to its dedication to communal connection through journalism. The synergy between delivering local news that resonates with immediate communities and providing national coverage of events and issues is a balancing act that Scripps has navigated with considerable success. With Kiernan's promotion, this delicate balance will likely witness a revitalized approach, combining deep community ties with the oversight necessary to mold a media conglomerate's broader strategy.

Media Contact: Communication at the Forefront

To facilitate a streamlined communication channel for media-related inquiries, Becca McCarter stands at the ready. Her preparatory efforts to address the curiosity and requirements of the press is a small but significant cog within the Scripps media machine, ensuring transparency, accessibility, and responsiveness. The company's proactive stance in establishing clear lines of communication signals its commitment to fostering a healthy relationship with media stakeholders and the public alike.

Trademark of Quality and Stewardship

As Kiernan steps into his newly appointed role, his leadership marks yet another chapter in Scripps' storied history of quality journalism and media innovation. With a foundational philosophy that has stood the test of time and an unyielding dedication to enriching the public discourse, Scripps continues to light a path for individuals seeking informed autonomy. The ethos underpinning such a venerable institution is emblematic of the trust and reliability that audiences have come to expect from a brand that has been a guiding force since the 19th century.

In conclusion, The E.W. Scripps Company's decision to promote Jeff Kiernan to vice president of local news heralds a promising future for the organization’s ongoing quest to provide unrivaled local and national journalism. With a driving philosophy that has illuminated the company's path for over a century and a leadership team poised to embrace the challenges of a rapidly changing media landscape, Scripps is well-positioned to continue its legacy as a powerhouse of trustworthy and impactful journalism.