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Investors Alert: Imminent Deadline for Autodesk Class Action Suit


Lauren Miller

May 6, 2024 - 22:56 pm


Rosen Law Firm Announces Important June Deadline for Autodesk Investors: A Call to Action

NEW YORK, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/—The Rosen Law Firm, renowned internationally for its advocacy of investor rights, has issued a crucial reminder to all investors who procured Autodesk, Inc. securities. Those who made these investments during the period from June 1, 2023, to April 16, 2024 – often referred to as the "Class Period" – should mark their calendars for the impending lead plaintiff deadline of June 24, 2024. This date is vital for those wishing to participate in the securities class action that the Firm initially introduced.

A Potential Path to Compensation for Autodesk Investors

The Rosen Law Firm communicates an opportunity that presents itself to individuals who acquired Autodesk securities during the Class Period; these investors may be entitled to financial restitution under a contingency fee arrangement, which notably eliminates the need for any upfront or out-of-pocket fees or costs.

Taking Action: Instructions for Autodesk Investors

For investors looking to partake in the Autodesk class action lawsuit, immediate action is required. The recommended next steps involve visiting the Rosen Law Firm's website to submit a form for the case at Rosen Legal Class Action Form or reaching out to Phillip Kim, Esq. Investors are encouraged to call him toll-free at 866-767-3653 or send an email for further details on the lawsuit. It is crucial to act swiftly as those intending to act as lead plaintiff must petition the Court no later than June 24, 2024.

The Importance of Selecting Qualified Counsel

The firm strongly urges investors to seek qualified legal counsel with a successful track record, especially in leading roles. Several notifying firms may lack equivalent experience, resources, or peer recognition and might not actively litigate securities class actions; they could simply act as intermediaries or collaborate with other firms that handle the litigation. The message is clear: when choosing legal representation, investors should exercise wisdom.

The Litigation Expertise of Rosen Law Firm

The Rosen Law Firm distinguishes itself by representing global investors and specializing in securities class actions and shareholder derivative lawsuits. Its accomplishments are notable; the firm secured the largest securities class action settlement against a Chinese company and was ranked No. 1 by ISS Securities Class Action Services for the highest number of settlements in 2017. The firm consistently ranks in the top four each year since 2013 and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for investors.

Outstanding Recognition and Victories

In 2019, the firm had an impressive haul, securing over $438 million for investors. Lawrence Rosen, the founding partner, was named a Titan of Plaintiffs' Bar by Law360 in 2020. Numerous attorneys within the firm have also received commendation from well-regarded entities such as Lawdragon and Super Lawyers.

Case Details: Allegations Against Autodesk

The lawsuit asserts that throughout the Class Period, Autodesk made statements that were materially false or misleading, and failed to disclose critical facts. Assertions include inadequate internal controls regarding free cash flow and non-GAAP operating margin procedures. As a result, the defendants' pronouncements about Autodesk's business and future prospects were significantly flawed or unfounded. Consequently, the lawsuit alleges that when the accurate information came to light, investors incurred damages.

Joining The Class Action

Investors who wish to participate in the class action against Autodesk have a clear pathway to do so. By either completing the necessary form at Rosen Legal Class Action Form or contacting Phillip Kim, Esq., they can obtain all the necessary information.

No Certification of Class Yet

It's important for investors to understand that until a class is certified, they are not officially represented by counsel unless they take the steps to retain one. Investors retain the freedom to select an attorney of their choice or alternatively, they can stand back and remain an absent class member at this juncture. Their chances of sharing in any prospective recovery is not contingent on them acting as lead plaintiff in the case.

Stay Informed: Follow The Rosen Law Firm

The Rosen Law Firm maintains active engagement with its audience and interested parties through various social platforms. For updates and insights, you can follow them on LinkedIn at Rosen Law Firm LinkedIn, on Twitter at Rosen Law Firm Twitter, or on Facebook at Rosen Law Firm Facebook.

A Reputation for Global Representation and Results

With a global clientele, Rosen Law Firm prides itself on focusing their legal practice in the realm of securities class actions and shareholder derivative litigation. Their consistency in ranking at the top echelons for settlements and their ability to recover substantial funds for investors reinforce their reputation as a leading law firm. Their team comprises of attorneys who are independently recognized and ranked accross various platforms, reaffirming the quality and reliability of their representational services.

Advertising and Contact Information

As a measure of transparency and compliance, it is significant to state that attorney promotion does not guarantee a similar result in future or similar proceedings. The Rosen Law Firm extends an open invitation for potential clients to contact them for more information and assistance.

For direct communication, you can reach out to Laurence Rosen, Esq. and Phillip Kim, Esq. at The Rosen Law Firm, P.A., located at 275 Madison Avenue, 40th Floor, New York, NY 10016. Phone calls are welcome via their main line at (212) 686-1060 or their toll-free number (866) 767-3653. In addition, you can send a fax to (212) 202-3827 or an email for more personal inquiries. Those interested in learning more about the law firm and its services are encouraged to visit their website at

The Urgency of the Lead Plaintiff Deadline

In closing, investors in Autodesk, Inc. are reminded again to consider the importance of the upcoming June 24, 2024 lead plaintiff deadline. That date is the cutoff for those wishing to participate as a lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit. Eligible investors, who must meet certain statutory requirements, will be chosen to represent the class in the Autodesk lawsuit. Being selected as a lead plaintiff can position an investor to play a significant role in the direction and strategy of the litigation, however, this role comes with certain responsibilities and is subject to the court's discretion.

In these proceedings, the lead plaintiff works closely with the legal team and can affect the decision-making that may ultimately contribute to the lawsuit's success or failure. Therefore, those who consider taking on this responsibility should be prepared to work alongside counsel and be actively involved. Given the gravity of this role, the selection process is conducted with careful consideration, ensuring that the appointed lead plaintiff is considered an appropriate representative for the entire class.

The Significance of Legal Representation in Class Actions

The Rosen Law Firm’s persistent advocacy in the Autodesk lawsuit exemplifies the vital role seasoned legal representatives play in class action lawsuits. Class actions are intricate legal undertakings that necessitate a combination of extensive legal knowledge, strategic planning, and the ability to manage complex negotiations. A firm with the resources and expertise like Rosen’s can navigate these complexities while keeping the interests of the class in mind.

Investors should be mindful of the influence competent legal representation can have on the outcomes of their claims. The suitability of counsel can significantly impact the litigation process, the settlement negotiation, and, ultimately, the restitution investors receive. A well-chosen legal team boosts investors' confidence in the pursuit of justice while providing assurance that their rights and investments are vigorously defended.

Understanding Your Options as an Investor

Investors pondering their involvement in the Autodesk class action lawsuit are encouraged to closely evaluate their options. By joining the lawsuit, they take an active stance to potentially recover losses due to alleged corporate misdeeds. Conversely, choosing not to participate in the lawsuit does not strip away the investor’s opportunity for future recovery, but it does leave them without representation or influence over the proceedings.

Given the varying levels of participation available to investors, making an informed choice is crucial. Whether it means assuming the role of lead plaintiff, being an active participant, or simply monitoring the progress of the lawsuit, investors have the autonomy to decide their level of engagement based on their personal circumstances, the potential risks and benefits, and the advice of their chosen counsel.

Final Thoughts: The Prospect of Justice and Restoration

For investors affected by the alleged fiscal mismanagement by Autodesk, the call to action issued by The Rosen Law Firm offers a beacon of hope for financial redress and accountability. As the lead plaintiff deadline draws near, investors are urged to weigh their participation in the class action lawsuit and the potential for restoring their financial integrity through the judicial process.

At the heart of legal actions such as these, lies the tenet of justice for wrongful economic losses. Investors are granted an avenue to seek remediation, fostering a sense of certainty in the investment landscape. With the steadfast guidance and experience of firms like Rosen Law Firm, investors can navigate through the complexities of securities law to assert their rights and challenge the accountability of corporate entities.

Investors affected by the Autodesk securities case should consider this their prompt to act. With the Rosen Law Firm’s legal expertise and dedicated representation, they can pursue the compensation they may justly deserve.