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hg automation strengthens market leadership with strategic treva automation takeover 12


HG Automation Strengthens Market Leadership with Strategic Treva Automation Takeover


Michael Chen

May 14, 2024 - 20:58 pm


HG Automation Expands Its Horizon with the Strategic Acquisition of Treva Automation

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- A prominent player in the realm of automation, HG Automation, affirmed today its groundbreaking acquisition of Treva Automation under its multifaceted corporate umbrella.

Celebrated for its pioneering contributions to control applications, mechanical design, and software development, Treva Automation has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive integration services for automated solutions since its inception in 2008. From its strategic base in Lake Orion, MI, Treva has been charting an exemplary trajectory in the industry. Dave London, the visionary former owner of Treva, will preserve a stake in the company, a testament to his enduring commitment to Treva's future and the inveterate culture he cultivated there.

London, speaking on the occasion, reflected on the enriching journey that owning Treva for more than a decade and a half has been. Citing the acquisition as a gateway to bolstering growth while cherishing the established cultural identity, he conveyed an air of optimism for what lies ahead.

"We are overjoyed to announce our investment in Treva," proclaimed Vince Lowell, President of HG Automation. He lavished praise on Dave and his team for the commendable reputation they've built in the automation industry and highlighted the synergistic potential with HG Automation's current clientele. The merger is foreseen as a fortuitous blend of Treva's deep-seated competencies in controls and mechanical engineering, along with their proficiency in the field of automation system integration—enriching HG Automation's existing portfolio of services and solutions.

Inside Treva Automation's Legacy

From the year of its inception, Treva Automation has been instilling robust foundations in the fields of engineering, mechanical design, and the build-and-integration of automation cells that range from small to medium in size. The enterprise breathes innovation within a sprawling 30,000-square-foot facility, nestled in the industrious heart of Lake Orion, Michigan. Those interested in understanding the breadth of Treva's offerings and diving deeper into their services can explore further at

During this strategic corporate maneuver, Treva Automation was counseled sagely by Adam Frost from Ufer, Spaniola & Frost, PC. Expert insights were also provided by Phil Gilbert of East Bay Advisors, ensuring a seamless transition in this business evolution. Detailed advice and information from these entities can be reviewed by visiting for Ufer, Spaniola & Frost, PC, and acquiring insights into the expertise brought by East Bay Advisors.

HG Automation: A Vanguard of Industry Solutions

Since its establishment in 2021, HG Automation has soared into prominence, amalgamating elite automation companies that cater to a vast spectrum of industries. Their reach extends from the automotive and heavy-truck realms to the niche sectors of pharmaceuticals, medical, consumer goods, and food industry. With a presence that spans all of North America, their mission is to craft unique and comprehensive solutions to address the most critical problems faced by their customers.

In guiding its footsteps through the intricacies of this ambitiously orchestrated acquisition, HG Automation, leaned on the strategic prowess of Erik Daly, Dustin Jackson, Ryan McNally, Marcus Hoekstra, and Courtney Lee from the eminent legal firm of Miller Johnson. Their combined expertise was pivotal in navigating this crucial expansion. Inquiries into the areas of expertise offered by Miller Johnson and the nature of their advisory role can be delved into at

The Huizenga Group's Visionary Automation Initiatives

Dating back to 1985, the Huizenga Group has been a beacon of inspirational leadership, providing managerial brilliance to a diverse array of companies. These companies excel in delivering indispensable products and services to globally renowned clients in the security, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer products, and office furniture manufacturing sectors. With automation as a cornerstone, the Huizenga Group has been consistently investing in automation ventures, underscoring their commitment to technological evolution and innovation.

In a strategic refocus on automation in recent years, the Huizenga Group unveiled the formation of Huizenga Group Automation ("HG Automation") in 2021. This was enacted to exercise stewardship over its investments in the automation landscape. To learn more about the Huizenga Group and to gain insight into its objectives and ethos, individuals and interested parties are directed to

A new chapter unfolds as HG Automation embraces Treva Automation into its family of pioneering and innovative enterprises. This acquisition is poised to chart a new course in the industry, replete with opportunities to steer technological advances and fortify market leadership.

The partnership between these two powerhouses signals a bright future for both companies, industry innovators, and clients alike, a promising horizon where vision meets the craftsmanship to create splendid engineering marvels and integrated automation systems that are bound to redefine industrial automation standards.

Conveyed through this announcement is HG Automation's unwavering commitment to growth, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of trailblazing integrations that shape the future of automated solutions. This exciting development is heralded by HG Automation, as a step towards encapsulating a future where their profound understanding of industry needs intersects with their inventive spark to revolutionize the landscape of automation.

In an era where the need for automated solutions is escalating, partnerships such as the one between HG Automation and Treva Automation stand as a testament to the power of collaboration and foresight. It is through alliances like these that the march towards a fully automated industrial sphere is made possible, buoying sectors and streamlining production paths in unprecedented ways.

As these two entities amalgamate their unique capacities and shared visions, the path ahead shines with the promise of innovative breakthroughs, superior engineering solutions, and the dawning of a new era characterized by advanced automated constructs that are both efficient and trailblazing. The collaboration heralds a future that not only enhances the prowess within their respective portfolios but also elevates the standards of automated solutions across various industries.

This collaboration's ripple effect is anticipated to reverberate through the industry, marking the beginning of an era where both automation and human ingenuity combine to push the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of mechanical design and controls application. It is a movement towards the seamless integration of technology into corporate strategies, ensuring that all partners and clients associated with HG Automation and Treva Automation experience a level of service and innovation that is unmatched.

Facilitating this venture's vision are the unwavering principles of excellence that both HG Automation and Treva Automation stand for. Their ethos of providing their customers with nothing short of outstanding solutions is a firm declaration of their intent to dominate the industry, and this merger only amplifies their capacity to do so. It is a synergistic alliance, destined to fuel the next wave of automation ingenuity.

The strategic acquisition of Treva Automation by HG Automation sets a formidable precedent in the automation industry. It exemplifies how through the confluence of expertise, heritage, and technological might, two entities can create a combined front that not only elevates their competitiveness but also serves as a driving force for industry innovation and excellence.

With technologically driven marketplaces becoming increasingly competitive, the bold moves exemplified by HG Automation in acquiring Treva Automation reinforce the vital nature of staying ahead through tactical partnerships. This strategic maneuver not only consolidates their position but also propels them further towards becoming an indomitable force in the rapidly evolving landscape of global automation.

This merger stands as a vivid illustration of their shared dedication to nurturing and propelling automated solutions that are poised to meet and exceed the demands of modern industries. It is not just a union of companies but a partnership of shared aspirations and a drive to turn those aspirations into the reality of tomorrow.

In conclusion, as HG Automation and Treva Automation embark on this joint venture, stakeholders and clients alike can look forward to a repertoire of services, solutions, and innovations that redefine what it means to be at the apex of the automation curve. With this acquisition, both companies underscore their dedication to advancing automation technology, driving industrial growth, and setting benchmarks for success in an increasingly mechanized world.

Backed by the expertise, insight, and innovative spirit of both HG Automation and Treva Automation, the future of industrial automation not only looks bright; it promises to be transformative. As the industry watches with anticipation, this collaboration sets sails towards uncharted territories, leveraging a shared vision for success that is both rare and remarkable.

As news of this momentous acquisition circulates through the corridors of the automation industry, it becomes evident that it is not only a milestone for HG Automation and Treva Automation but also a signal flare for other companies in the sector to look towards the horizon, where innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to the future of automation technology converge in a spectacular showcase of potential and purpose.

In the spirit of providing complete access to information and fostering transparent communication with clients and the wider community, we share the sources that witnessed this transformative phase in the history of both HG Automation and Treva Automation, affirming the commitment to an open and informed business environment and the continuous celebration of progress within the industry.

SOURCES: Huizenga Group Automation

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