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good life companies accelerates growth with rob engle as new cro 12


Good Life Companies Accelerates Growth with Rob Engle as New CRO


Michael Chen

June 3, 2024 - 17:25 pm


Good Life Companies Gains Momentum with Appointment of Industry Stalwart Rob Engle as Chief Revenue Officer

PHILADELPHIA, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Good Life Companies, a prominent collaborator for independent financial advisors across the nation, has made a significant move in its corporate trajectory by bringing on Rob Engle as the new Chief Revenue Officer. Engle's extensive background and veteran expertise are anticipated to spearhead the next growth phase of the firm and bolster the network of advisors it supports. As part of the executive leadership squad, Engle is tasked with formulating and directing key business development strategies and will be directly reporting to Good Life's CEO, Conor Delaney.

Rob Engle joins Good Life Companies as Chief Revenue Officer

Rob Engle joins Good Life Companies as Chief Revenue Officer. Good Life supports independent financial advisors nationwide.

"Rob is an outstanding addition to our Good Life team. He is a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the independent marketplace and advisor experience. Beyond that, he is an empowering leader focused on steering teams and advisors to sustainable success. Rob's commitment to the process as much as the outcome will be an accelerant for Good Life as we enter our second decade of helping advisors and investors in their quest for a better life," said Conor Delaney, celebrating Engle's arrival to the firm.

Engle's appointment is marked by nearly three decades of service in the realms of business development, performance management, and strategic sales operations. His illustrious journey includes an over 17-year tenure at LPL Financial, where he rose through the ranks, leading divisional business development teams. Engle's career path further meandered through high-level positions at Grove Point Financial and Axtella Financial. Before stepping into these significant roles, he managed a private practice at Merrill Lynch, adding to his rich tapestry of professional experiences in the financial industry.

Holding an MBA from Marquette University, Engle's presence in the broader community is underscored by his long-standing involvement with Junior Achievement, continuing over two decades. His prior service in the U.S. Naval Reserves also adds to his diverse background. Presently, Engle makes his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he continues to draw on his vast experience to foster growth and drive innovation.

Our Mission at Good Life

Our mission at Good Life is to facilitate the pursuit of the 'Good Life' for a more significant number of Americans and business proprietors. We achieve this by catering to the needs of independent advisors, empowering them to keep their focus on the primary goals and aspirations that matter most to them and their clientele. Good Life furnishes a robust platform replete with services and solutions that assist independent financial advisors throughout their career span.

For those embarking on their business journey, Good Life presents a fully-equipped platform to kickstart their launch. A suite of services targeted at managing their practice is available to advisors looking to streamline their business operations. Additionally, tools for investment management, financial planning, and insurance services are on offer to enhance client relationships and business growth. For advisors seeking to improve their overall quality of life, Good Life pledges its support and addresses pertinent strategies for sustainable growth and ultimate monetization. As it currently stands, the Good Life network proudly comprises over 200 financial advisors who collectively administer approximately $8 billion of assets under management (AUM).

Media Contact Information

For further press inquiries and communications, the executive in charge is Lauren Hoyt-Williams, who serves as the EVP of Marketing & Communication at Good Life. Lauren can be reached at (813) 351-9203 or through the protected email link [email protected] She remains available to address any questions regarding the company's latest developments, including the appointment of Chief Revenue Officer Rob Engle.

Good Life's Progressive Strides in the Financial Advisory Sector

The incorporation of Rob Engle into the Good Life landscape marks a pivotal chapter as the company strides into its second decade of service. The firm is poised to elevate its value proposition and scale new heights in empowering independent financial advisors. Engle's visionary ethos in business development, alongside his people-centric leadership approach, dovetails with Good Life's intrinsic values of nurturing sustainable growth through effective strategy and genuine client-centric service.

Good Life's comprehensive service offerings, emphasized by the efficient turnkey platform for budding advisors, manifest the firm’s investment in driving autonomy and success in the financial advisory domain. Engle's arrival aligns with this motif; his renowned reputation precedes him as someone who cultivates environments where advisors can thrive unfettered by the complexities of the industry.

Furthermore, Good Life's devotion to sustaining the well-being and aspirations of their advisors reflects in the deployment of resources aimed at simplifying operational aspects. This enables advisors to maintain an unwavering focus on nurturing client relations and aligning financial strategies with client goals. Engle's historic track record in refining business development teams exemplifies the kind of strategic innovation he is slated to inject into Good Life's framework.

  • Word Like this prologue to a larger narrative of transformative growth for both Good Life and the network of advisors it champions, Engle's role as the Chief Revenue Officer will undeniably be a linchpin in the firm's upward trajectory. His expertise is set to coalesce with the company's established blueprint, propelling Good Life toward its ultimate vision of broadening the horizons for advisors and their clients alike.

Leveraging Experience for Future Prosperity

Good Life Companies are making a resonant statement in the financial advisory sector by incorporating Engle's breadth of experience. His in-depth understanding of the independent financial marketplace, coupled with the advisor experience, positions him as an invaluable asset for responsive and adaptive strategy development. Engle's appointment comes at a crucial juncture as Good Life aims to solidify the company’s status as a beacon for independent advisors nationwide.

As the financial industry confronts a continuously evolving economic landscape, the demand for visionary leadership and strategic agility becomes paramount. Engle's history of nurturing advisor success and his tenure in diverse financial environments serve as the bedrock to Good Life's steadfast commitment to excellence. Engle's ability to resonate with the independent advisors’ plight and mission will likely translate into fortified strategies that transcend traditional growth paradigms.

Good Life's multi-faceted services platform, which provides end-to-end solutions for independent advisors, is a testament to the company's holistic vision for growth and advisor empowerment. Engle's proficiency in spearheading dynamic teams, his business development acumen, and his results-driven approach are set to magnify Good Life's offerings, ultimately nurturing an ecosystem where advisors can flourish independently.

Conclusion: Embracing a New Era of Growth

As Good Life advances into its pivotal second decade of operations, Rob Engle's role as Chief Revenue Officer is cemented as a cornerstone of the firm's ambitious growth plans. With his comprehensive background and profound dedication to the success of advisors and investors, Engle is positioned to lead Good Life's nation-spanning advisor network towards an era of unprecedented achievement.

Good Life's expansion under Engle's stewardship is more than a mere shift in leadership; it's a symbol of the company's evolution, a beacon of innovation, and a clear message that Good Life is not just about sustaining growth—it's about creating the infrastructure where growth is inherently bound to the ethos of advisor autonomy and client success. With Engle at the forefront, Good Life is set to redefine the landscape for independent financial advisors, ushering in a revitalized future for both advisors and clients in pursuit of the 'Good Life.'