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Fremont and CMTA's Historic Alliance Spurs Innovation in California's Manufacturing Hub


Lauren Miller

May 6, 2024 - 18:50 pm


California Manufacturers & Technology Association Forges Landmark Alliance With Fremont

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 6, 2024 – The California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) and the City of Fremont's Economic Development Department are making history by forging the first-ever city partnership in CMTA's long-standing history. This groundbreaking private-public collaboration is set to amplify the City of Fremont's statewide reputation and identity, bolstering its manufacturing sector and strengthening its economic landscape.

With a bustling sector home to 900 manufacturers creating nearly 60,000 jobs, Fremont is the lifeblood of manufacturing within the region and is fittingly known as "The Hardware Side of the Bay." It stands as a testament to the adage that every job matters, as more than one-third of the city's jobs are rooted in the manufacturing industry.

City of Fremont City of Fremont

Pioneering Economic Prosperity and Innovation

Lance Hastings, CEO & President of CMTA, celebrates this strategic alliance, stating, "This unique collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to driving economic prosperity and fostering innovation with our manufacturers. Fremont's dynamic manufacturing landscape is on full display for anyone passing through the city. Manufacturing is the bedrock upon which our economy is built. Together, we’re charting a course towards innovation, partnership, and sustainable growth."

Fremont's manufacturing base is exceedingly diverse, spanning critical sectors such as biomedical manufacturing, battery research and development, cleantech, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and semiconductor equipment manufacturing.

The Silicon Valley's Foundry in Fremont

Donovan Lazaro, Economic Development Director for the City of Fremont, elaborates on the significance of this industrial diversity. "Fremont serves as the foundry for Silicon Valley, where creators of tangible technologies come to expand their horizons. With a leading number of manufacturing jobs in the State, it's only logical for us to enhance our involvement with many of our companies and our Chamber who are CMTA members, becoming a member ourselves. This partnership with CMTA is a strategic step in enhancing visibility and resources for this critical sector and propelling California’s manufacturing to new heights."

Despite the pandemic's impact leading to a downturn in office workers throughout the Bay Area, Fremont saw a surge in venture capital investments within the life sciences niche. Many essential manufacturing roles within the city remained robustly active.

Fremont's Role in Reshaping National Manufacturing

Mayor Lily Mei of Fremont expresses immense pride, highlighting the city's pivotal role within the country's economic sphere. "Fremont is not only pioneering advanced manufacturing processes but also holds a distinguished position within Silicon Valley and the broader national economy. Our city is a vibrant hub, fueling innovation, job creation, and playing an integral role in bringing manufacturing companies back to American soil. Our impact at a national level is a clear indicator of our city's potential and commitment to transform and lead the manufacturing industry."

A Home for Industry Giants

Companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, with its only U.S. biopharmaceutical production facility situated in Fremont, have over 500 employees and remain dedicated to its Fremont GMP manufacturing campus. They handle developmental and commercial-scale manufacturing, emphasizing extensive investment in local facilities.

Tesla, another heavyweight and a member of CMTA, is California's most substantial manufacturing employer with a workforce of 25,000 at its Fremont site. The Tesla Model Y, hailing from Fremont, took home the crown in 2023 at CMTA's inaugural "Coolest Thing Made in California" competition.

Celebrating Manufacturing and Nurturing Future Talent

Fremont has consistently been a beacon for manufacturers, marking National Manufacturing Day for over a decade. It coordinates factory tours spanning a week and hosts the largest city-organized event in the country. The local government works relentlessly to establish a sustainable workforce by connecting graduating students with the industry. Collaborations with local educational institutions such as the Fremont Unified School District, Ohlone Community College’s Smart Manufacturing Technology Program, Tesla Manufacturing Development Program, and Biotechnology Department are pivotal in fostering the new wave of manufacturing professionals.

In unison, Fremont and CMTA are primed to bolster their support and uplift manufacturers across the region through shared insights and collective resources.

CMTA: Proponents of Industry Growth

Since 1918, The California Manufacturers & Technology Association has persistently defended manufacturing-friendly laws and advocated for business-conducive regulations before the California legislature and state agencies. With a manufacturing output worth $300 billion annually, accounting for nearly 10% of the entire economic activity of California, CMTA's efforts are unmistakable. It empowers manufacturers who furnish 1.3 million Californians with employment opportunities, offering wages that are $25,000 higher on average than other non-farm employment sectors within the state. Additional details on the association's mission and initiatives are available on the CMTA website.

The Progressive City of Fremont

Embracing innovation, Fremont is home to leading-edge industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, clean technology, and life sciences. As one of the Bay Area's largest and most diverse cities, it boasts a globally-connected and diverse economic framework. With a population exceeding 234,000 residents, businesses in Fremont find fertile ground for success. On a community scale, the quality of life, services, and programs stand out, earning nation-wide recognition for stellar educational institutions, immaculate parks, and extensive industrial space. The city's infrastructure offers many logistical benefits, making it a unique spot in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is served by major road and rail networks, including the BART system, ensuring easy access to international airports, the Port of Oakland, and several prestigious academic establishments. All these attributes make Fremont a nexus for exploring the myriad of opportunities the Bay Area presents. For comprehensive information on Fremont's initiatives, one can visit the City of Fremont website.

For inquiries related to this historic partnership and its unfolding developments, interested parties can reach out to [email protected].

This pivotal partnership between CMTA and the City of Fremont is poised to mark a new chapter in the advancement of manufacturing within the heart of California. With shared goals and mutual dedication, both entities exemplify the potential of strategic alliances to drive economic prosperity, innovation, and growth in pivotal industry sectors. As they propel forward, setting an example for similar collaborations nationwide, the future of manufacturing in California looks brighter than ever.

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