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EverPeak Insurance Revolutionizes Worker Protection with New Compensation Solutions


Lauren Miller

May 15, 2024 - 20:57 pm


EverPeak Insurance Unveils New Workers' Compensation Solutions for the Nation's Backbone

DENVER, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The burgeoning field of workers' compensation insurance just received a significant boost with the introduction of EverPeak Insurance, positioned as a lighthouse for the country's most industrious employers. Today marks a pivotal advancement as EverPeak Insurance announces its innovative solutions, engineered to furnish businesses with affordable, stable, and all-encompassing workers' compensation coverage. This news comes as a beacon of hope, particularly for the small business sector and those within industries yearning for a wider risk coverage net, which, until now, have been battling uphill to secure accessible workers' compensation insurance.

The product array under the EverPeak brand is set to establish a presence in 10 states, charting a course for near-national availability. Partnership avenues are currently expanding as appointed agents gain the ability to connect with EverPeak through Attune's sophisticated digital platform for commercial insurance lines, with plans for integration on additional digital venues in the not-too-distant future.

Offering a diverse portfolio targeted at a myriad of industrial sectors, Attune's platform specifically caters to small businesses. Its high-caliber suite of custom-fit Property and Casualty offerings and cutting-edge, technology-driven experiences are destined to redefine the standards for today's digital-savvy commercial insurance agents. EverPeak shoulders the vital responsibilities of product development, pricing integrity, and underwriting rigor. Additionally, this new contender in the insurance arena allies with an A-rated national carrier to ensure solid financial support for its policies. This coalition is further bolstered by collaboration with Pinnacol Assurance, an entity celebrated for its excellence in the workers' comp carrier ranks on a national scale.

Vlad Stojanovic, the Chief Operating Officer of EverPeak, contextualizes the company's emergence as an integral solution to the glaring deficit of worker's compensation coverage accessibility for pivotal sectors of the economy. EverPeak pledges its allegiance to opening doors, streamlining client journey, and expanding the repertoire of reliable safeguarding for small businesses and uniquely challenging industry players. Stojanovic emphasizes that the company empathizes with the hurdles such businesses surmount and is committed to proffering cost-efficient solutions which bolster their thriving existence. Additionally, EverPeak is set on redefining the insurance acquisition process for diligent agents, furnishing them with rapid and effective coverage that allows for an undivided focus on client-instigated priorities.

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About EverPeak Insurance

Positioned as a vanguard of workers' compensation insurance solutions, EverPeak Insurance amalgamates comprehensive coverage with unmatched market service to support the commercial landscape of the United States. The company’s ethos of care and dedication is rooted in over a century of Pinnacol Assurance's pioneering contributions in underwriting, claims processing, and risk management. EverPeak Insurance not only insures the most diligent businesses— it echoes their ethos of hard work. It extends its protective expertise to businesses grappling with the heftiest of risks and aligns with insurance agents whose mission mirrors EverPeak's dedication to shielding the enterprises most in need.

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Contacting The Guardians of Your Workforce

To connect with the harbinger of modern workers' compensation solutions, reach out to Liz Johnson, the accomplished Director of Public Relations at EverPeak Insurance. Johnson is available at 720.939.7238 (mobile) for inquiries and discussions pertaining to EverPeak's impactful offerings.

Alternatively, for digital correspondences, Liz Johnson can be contacted via email at [email protected]

This momentous announcement is brought to you directly from the source, EverPeak Insurance, an organization destined to leave an indelible mark on the sphere of workers' compensation insurance by empowering businesses and their proponents to overcome modern-day challenges with resilience and foresight.

Reinventing Workers' Compensation for Modern Businesses

The launch of EverPeak Insurance comes at a transformative time in the market, recognizing a demographic of businesses often overshadowed by larger corporations when it comes to the allotment of adequate workers' compensation protection. EverPeak's revolutionary approach serves to uplift and back these businesses that are essential to the economic fabric, thereby shoring up an often neglected yet pivotal segment of the insurance landscape.

Unveiling a Beacon for Agents and Businesses Alike

The inaugural expansion across 10 states introduces a new wave of opportunity, where appointed agents gain a technological edge through the incorporation of EverPeak in Attune's digital platform. This strategic infancy is merely a precursor to EverPeak's projected presence across a multitude of legal jurisdictions, ushering in an era where scarcity of coverage will no longer stifle the growth and dynamism of small businesses and industries with broad risk profiles.

Cultivating a Partnership for Supreme Reliability

EverPeak has meticulously curated its insurance products to encompass various industry needs while nurturing a partnership with Attune. This alliance is pivotal to carving out a new niche in the property and casualty insurance sphere, enabling EverPeak to take charge of driving product innovation, maintaining equitable pricing strategies, and upholding stringent underwriting standards.

The collaboration with an A-rated insurer not only ensures a stable financial foundation for the policies administered by EverPeak but also solidifies the company's aspiration to surpass industry expectations consistently. With the influential backing of Pinnacol Assurance, EverPeak Insurance’s undertakings are set upon a steadfast rock of industry acclaim and assurance.

A Visionary Leader at The Helm

Vlad Stojanovic brings to EverPeak Insurance a visionary perspective, combining an astute understanding of the competitive marketplace with an earnest commitment to addressing the nuanced needs of small businesses. By embracing a client-centric approach, EverPeak is poised to revolutionize the experience of obtaining workers' compensation insurance, crafting streamlined processes that cater to the high-paced demands of today's insurance agents and the businesses they represent.

The EverPeak Advantage: Affordable and Accessible Coverage

EverPeak Insurance stands as a testament to the company's innovative spirit and unyielding dedication to affordability and accessibility. Its solutions are formulated with an inherent flexibility to accommodate the unique challenges faced by small businesses, ensuring that reliable protection isn't just a privilege reserved for the few but a standard offering to bolster the relentless pursuit of success among America's core economic drivers.

The Company's Digital Frontier

EverPeak's emphasis on digital transformation doesn't end with its product offerings. By establishing an accessible online portal,, the company both simplifies and enhances the user experience. This digital domain serves as a bridge for existing and prospective clients to gain rich insights into EverPeak's mission, services, and the indomitable vision to advance the state of workers' compensation insurance for all.

Further Inquiry and Assistance

Liz Johnson, as the spokesperson for EverPeak Insurance, embodies the company's dedication to openness and comprehensive support. Available to address all forms of media inquiries, Johnson represents EverPeak's commitment to transparency and its unshakable confidence in the provided solutions.

This pivotal moment in the insurance industry is just the beginning for EverPeak Insurance. With its sights set high and its foundations firmly rooted in the vision of providing exemplary workers' compensation coverage, the company embarks on a journey to recalibrate industry standards and redefine the role of insurance in facilitating business continuity and success.

In the wake of this innovative surge, the narrative of workers' compensation is being rewritten by a company that not only understands the needs of modern businesses but also possesses the resolve and resources to meet them head-on. EverPeak Insurance now stands ready to carve its name into the annals of industry trailblazers, with every policyholder and partner contributing to what is sure to be an illustrious legacy.

EverPeak Insurance looks forward to nurturing long-standing relationships with its clients and partners, as it forges ahead in its mission to offer unmatched protection to the diligent workforce across the nation. With this launch, a new chapter begins; it's the dawn of a more secure and empowered business community, courtesy of EverPeak's unwavering commitment to excellence.

As we look to the horizon, the limitless potential of EverPeak Insurance crystalizes into a vision of steadfast support and fortified security for businesses of all scales. The company's innovative approach, combined with its powerful partnerships and seasoned leadership, heralds an era of workers' compensation solutions destined to transform the industry and the livelihood of workers nationwide.

EverPeak Insurance is more than just an insurance provider; it’s a committed partner in the ongoing quest for a safer, more secure workforce. In the days to come, as more businesses join the embrace of EverPeak's coverage, the impact of this launch will echo as a significant milestone in the chronicles of American entrepreneurship and enterprise resilience.

May today's announcement resonate as a clarion call to businesses and agents alike: EverPeak Insurance is here, ready to safeguard the industrious spirit of America with integrity, innovation, and an insightful understanding of the value of dependable workers’ compensation.

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This is more than just news; it's the beginning of a transformation in worker's compensation insurance—a commitment set forth by EverPeak Insurance to lift the standard and empower businesses nationwide.

SOURCE: EverPeak Insurance