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embark on a deep dive into offshore ep future with talos energy ceo tim duncan 12


Embark on a Deep Dive into Offshore E&P Future with Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan


Benjamin Hughes

May 15, 2024 - 10:58 am


Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan to Address Future Growth in Virtual Fireside Chat

HOUSTON, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As the energy landscape continuously evolves, Talos Energy Inc. (NYSE: TALO), also referred to as "Talos" or the "Company", proudly announced its participation in the notable Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series. The highly anticipated virtual event will feature Talos Energy's President and Chief Executive Officer, Tim Duncan. The event is scheduled for Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 11:00 AM Eastern Time (10:00 AM Central Time), presenting a strategic platform for insightful discussion on the future of offshore exploration and production (E&P).

A Deep Dive into E&P Strategies with Expert Tim Duncan

Guided by the perceptive questioning of Jeff Robertson, Managing Director of Water Tower Research, the fireside chat promises to shed light on Talos's strategy for enhancing their E&P opportunity set. The aim is to foster both scale and growth within the increasingly competitive offshore E&P sector. Investors and industry observers are particularly keen to hear how the company is positioning itself to tackle the dynamic market demands.

The event will also delve into the company's proficiency in asset portfolio management. This is a critical functional area where Talos has cemented its reputation as a key counterparty. Investors are anticipating a discourse on the strategies employed by Talos to navigate the complexities of asset management in offshore operations, all the while ensuring the effectiveness of their engagement in the competitive market.

Another pivotal topic on the agenda is Talos's strategy toward a balanced capital allocation. This considers the risk and reward aspects, further reinforcing the company's commitment to constructing a sustainable offshore E&P business. Financial prudence intertwined with strategic investments, where Talos's approach is expected to become a case study for industry best practices.

Open Access Participation for Investors

Emphasizing the session's importance and openness, Talos Energy has ensured that the event is accessible to all interested parties. Investors, regardless of their portfolio size or affiliation with the company, have the opportunity to be part of this seminal discussion and gain firsthand insights from one of the industry's distinguished leaders. Registration for the event can be completed through Water Tower Research's website, allowing for a broad participation base and fostering an inclusive atmosphere for stakeholders in the energy sector: Water Tower Research Event Registration.

About Talos Energy: A Synonym for Innovation and Technological Expertise

Talos Energy (NYSE: TALO) stands as a paragon of innovation and a testament to the power of technological advancement within the energy industry. As a technically driven and independent company, their unwavering focus is on maximizing long-term value through their Upstream Exploration & Production business. The company's operational canvas stretches across the United States Gulf of Mexico and beyond into the waters of offshore Mexico.

Talos Energy is recognized for their proficiency in leveraging several decades' worth of technical knowledge and offshore operational expertise. Their strategic maneuvers involve acquiring, exploring, and ultimately producing assets located in key geological trends. Furthermore, Talos Energy is committed to maintaining the high standard it has set for safe and efficient operations. It is not only about the pursuit of energy; the company is equally dedicated to environmental responsibility and community impact—pillars of its corporate ethos.

For more information about Talos Energy and to understand the company's directional strategy, you can visit their website at

Key Investor Relations and Contact Information

Maintaining transparent and open communication with investors is a cornerstone of Talos Energy's philosophy. For this purpose, they have designated Clay Jeansonne as the primary point of contact for any investor relations inquiries. Engaging with the investor community and ensuring they are well-informed is a task that Talos takes seriously, providing tangible proof of their commitment to accountability and shareholder value. Jeansonne's role as the investor relations contact further facilitates a direct communication channel between the company and its stakeholders.

Investors who wish to learn more about Talos Energy's market strategies, operational updates, or have any queries, can reach out via email: [email protected]

SOURCE Talos Energy

With its focus on innovation, environmental stewardship, and community impact, Talos Energy continues to make significant strides in the energy sector. As the company prepares for the upcoming virtual fireside chat, all eyes will be on Tim Duncan and his vision for the future of offshore E&P. The discussion is poised to provide critical information on how Talos navigates the current market and its plans to harness opportunities for growth and expansion.

Stay tuned as the company engages in this crucial dialogue with the investment community, setting a precedent for transparency and thought leadership in the energy industry.


The upcoming Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series with Talos Energy's CEO, Tim Duncan, represents a unique opportunity for investors and industry professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the company's strategies and the future landscape of offshore E&P. The topics scheduled for discussion are pertinent to the current challenges and opportunities within the energy sector, and the insights from this forum will likely influence investor perceptions and actions.

Talos Energy's commitment to providing an open platform for investment discourse depicts the value it places on stakeholder involvement and represents a forward-thinking approach in an industry known for its complexity and volatility. As the platform for discussion is being set, the market awaits to hear the innovative ideas and strategic moves that will be shared. It's an event marked on calendars where the confluence of expertise, strategy, and comprehensive growth plans are sure to prompt informed conversations and debates within the world of energy.

By attending this event, not only will participants be able to hear the latest from Talos Energy's leadership, but they will also be able to participate in a question and answer session. This interactive element is crucial for allowing a flow of information between Talos Energy's executives and their stakeholders, ensuring that important questions are addressed and that the company's direction is clearly understood.

As the energy industry stands at the cusp of transformation, with continuous technological advancements and regulatory shifts, events like these are essential. They allow for a clear, collective understanding of the path that companies like Talos Energy are charting, highlighting innovations, potential risks, and future plans.

While reservations are filling up quickly for the upcoming Talos Energy virtual fireside chat, it is a testament to the company's robust market presence and investor confidence. The chat is more than an opportunity for engaging dialogue—it's a platform for collaboration and strategic foresight.

Participants are encouraged to prepare their questions and points of discussion to fully engage with the topics at hand. Whether it is about Talos Energy’s approach to sustainable business practices, their innovative asset portfolio management techniques, or their balanced capital allocation for risk management, the chat promises to address a wide array of subjects that resonate with the contemporary energy investor.

In times where transparency is as valuable as profitability, Talos Energy's decision to create open dialogue with investment communities comes as a refreshing approach in the corporate world. The fireside chat represents not just Talos Energy's commitment to growth, but also a grander vision of stewardship aligned with investor interest and global energy needs. With unparalleled experience and a finger on the pulse of offshore E&P, Talos Energy seems poised for continued success in a dynamic, demanding marketplace.

Stay connected with Talos Energy as they lead the conversation on growth strategies and sustainability in offshore E&P. Join the live discussion and be a part of shaping the energy sector's trajectory alongside one of its key players.

For further questions or detailed insights into the company’s operations and potential investment opportunities, do not hesitate to reach out directly to Talos Energy’s investor relations. As we count down to the fireside chat, anticipate a deep, detailed discourse into one of the most crucial industries of our time.

The stage is set, the players are ready, and the dialogue about to unfold could very well steer the course of the offshore E&P sector in the years to come. As the countdown to the virtual fireside chat ticks away, the energy community gears up for an event that is not to be missed.