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Elevate Your Business Acumen at the 25th Annual Global Economic Empowerment Summit


Lauren Miller

April 2, 2024 - 12:20 pm


Unleashing Economic Power: A Global Conference Transforms Business Leadership

The 2024 Business & Leadership Conference—the positively transformative arena for entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide—has successfully celebrated its 25th anniversary, inspiring attendees to generate economic empowerment within their respective fields. Hosted in Chicago on April 2, 2024, the event, presided over by Dr. Bill Winston, a globally recognized pastor and business magnate, served as a beacon of leadership and economic progress. The conference's primary focus was equipping participants with innovative business strategies to independently drive their economies and establish dominance across various industries.

A Gathering of Visionaries for Economic Empowerment

Thousands of budding and established entrepreneurs convened both physically and virtually for this monumental 25th anniversary event, engaging in a packed schedule designed to optimize their influence over business, government, religion, education, media, arts, and entertainment. By imparting professional insights and granting access to essential tools, the Business & Leadership Conference championed attendees in their mission to transition from aspirational to operational in the world of business.

Through this union of faith-based and entrepreneurial education, the Joseph Business School (JBS), an institution founded by Dr. Winston, took the opportunity to commemorate a quarter-century of excellence in transforming leaders. Established to bridge the divide between spirituality and marketplace acumen, JBS focused on erasing economic disparities, particularly within Black and brown communities, by fostering entrepreneurship and business ownership as vehicles for generational wealth.

Celebrating Success and Fostering Next-Level Growth

The hallmark of the two-day program, the BLC pitch competition, rendered an exhilarating platform for participants to exhibit their innovative services and products with the crucial requirement of scalability, commercial viability, and positive societal impact. Celebrated on March 22, three exceptional entrepreneurs were selected to receive more than $17,500 in total prize money, enabling the winning pitches to flourish and advance to the next pivotal stages of business development.

Triumphs Worth More Than Gold

Leading the victorious trio was Alexis Clash of Thespi LLC, who, on her fourth attempt, captured the grand prize of $10,000. Thespi LLC introduced a groundbreaking live streaming app designed for theatre companies, which harmonizes ticket sales and live performances seamlessly within one digital ecosystem. Alexis Clash's persistent refinement of her business model and pitch ultimately secured her this top accolade.

Katrina Anderson, the mastermind behind CommodiTeas Tea, LLC, was awarded $5,000 for her extraordinary brand that caters high-quality teas and unique tabletop items to the trendy urban market. CommodiTeas Tea stands apart by satiating the sophisticated tastes of modern tea enthusiasts while celebrating a coffee-dominant culture.

Arline Gause, through GAD Youth Center Inc, walked away with $2,500. GAD, a faith-based 501(c)(3) entity, extends pivotal academic and life skill enrichment programs to youth, carving a path for their success in academic, career, and personal spheres in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

Alongside the pitch triumphs, the conference also highlighted the influential role of Illinois SBDC-ITC at The Joseph Center in catalyzing economic growth within the local community through their unwavering dedication to advisory services. In a heartwarming recognition, Rebecca Wilson, founder of Riveting Wellness Cosmetic Solutions and first-place victor of the OTC Chicago business pitch competition, was celebrated for her entrepreneurial success, nurtured through the guidance and support of her business advisor Brittney Wallace.

Honors and Acknowledgements

Distinctive honors were also accorded during the event, such as the Global Entrepreneur of the Year award bestowed upon Charles Harrell II, CEO of The Information Technology Architect Corporation. Furthermore, Dr. Winston has candidly demonstrated his commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit, investing over $210,000 in burgeoning businesses via the pitch competition to date.

Nurturing Insights from Global Luminaries

The event showcased an array of revered business experts, leaving attendees captivated and emboldened. A notable highlight was the preeminent Alicia Lyttle, an AI maestro renowned as "The Queen of AI," whose entrepreneurial prowess and digital marketing intelligence resonate widely. Phillip Boutte Jr., the industry's artistic visionary, offered attendees a look into the innovation within the entertainment realm that infuses films like "Black Panther," "Star Trek," and "Inception" with their distinctive aesthetic.

Esteemed global speaker, Dr. Sam Adeyemi, delivered enlightening discourse on leadership and success, blending coaching expertise with pastoral wisdom. Other notable speakers included Horst Schulze, whose foundations in luxury hospitality with Capella Hotel Group and The Ritz Carlton highlight excellence in service, and Peter O. Estevez, who, with his vast experience in Mexico's energy and oil sectors, provided insights into building sustainable enterprises.

Additional voices at the event included the diverse experiences of Karla Trotman, Brigitte Daniel-Corbin, Jessica Johnson-Cope, Rick Girven, Skot Welch, and Barbara Welch. Each contributed their unique perspectives, accumulating a wealth of knowledge on business, innovation, and leadership.

Beyond the Conference: Continuing the Conversation

For individuals unable to attend or those wishing to relive the enriching experiences, a reservoir of resources, including speaking engagements, interviews, and special moments, are available online ( Business & Leadership Conference ). The Joseph Business School maintains a vibrant digital presence, with further information and inspiring content reachable via the JBS YouTube page or their website at Joseph Business School Online.

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SOURCE: Joseph Business School

The 2024 Business & Leadership Conference offered attendees a gateway to the global market, coupled with faith-based principles. By uniting spiritual guidance with pragmatic business training, the conference set the stage for aspiring moguls to enact significant change, not only in their businesses but within society as a whole. It was an event that not only commemorated the legacy of Joseph Business School over the past 25 years but also laid the groundwork for the continued growth of innovative and sustainable businesses, targeting the eradication of poverty and the creation of wealth for generations to come.

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