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edward jones secures prestigious rank among fortune 100 best companies to work for 12


Edward Jones Secures Prestigious Rank Among Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For


Michael Chen

April 4, 2024 - 16:28 pm


Edward Jones Ascends to New Heights in the 2024 Fortune 100 Best Companies Ranking

ST. LOUIS, April 4, 2024 — Edward Jones, a reputable financial services firm, has recently been honored with a coveted spot among the prestigious Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list, a testament to its exemplary workplace culture and commitment to associate well-being. This accolade, conferred by Great Place To Work® and Fortune® magazine, signifies a significant leap for the firm to the 31st place in the rankings for the year 2024, marking an impressive elevation of 31 spots from the previous year.

A Benchmark of Trust and Loyalty

Being listed in Fortune's eminent roster is an achievement that comes with considerable competitiveness. The comprehensive Trust Index™ survey, developed by Great Place To Work®, is the tool through which the metrics of trust in leadership, camaraderie among peers, and devotion to the company are gauged. Over the span of the past twelve months, this particular survey amassed in excess of half a million responses from employees working within organizations considered elible for this exclusive list.

Suzan McDaniel, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Edward Jones, articulated the company's overarching mission: to cultivate an environment where every employee feels recognized, esteemed, acknowledged, and listened to. Passionately reaffirming the company's aim to partner for a significant positive impact to enrich the lives of both clients and colleagues, and by extension, the broader community and societal landscape, McDaniel expressed deep pride in receiving such recognition from Fortune. She also emphasized the continuous efforts to nurture a workplace culture where everyone, irrespective of their career stage, can find fulfillment and make a meaningful difference.

Investing in Associates

The past year saw the company making substantial investments in its workforce. This includes unveiling a novel self-service wellness platform within its Employee Assistance Program, furnishing financial education resources beneficial to both associates and their respective families, and implementing innovative flexible office models. These facilities empower Edward Jones associates with autonomy to jointly decide with their leaders on the most efficacious work arrangements that serve them.

Edward Jones is committed to the continuous professional development of its team members and has provided upgraded learning opportunities that bolster this. Moreover, the firm prides itself on its commendable profit-sharing initiatives, a remarkably generous parental leave policy, and a catalogue of courses and training that are mandatory as well as optional, fuelling a culture of ongoing learning and growth.

Growing Our Impact

Recently, Edward Jones heralded the release of its sixth-annual Purpose, Inclusion, and Citizenship Report, entitled "Growing Our Impact". This report dwells upon the commendable strides made by its squadron of approximately 54,000 North American associates through the cessation of the year 2023. It encapsulates Edward Jones' dedication to its core purpose through three significant Purpose Impact Areas, designed to address current pervasive challenges. These areas—fortifying lasting financial strength, fostering healthier futures, and catalyzing inclusive growth—are where the firm firmly believes it can leave a profound mark, aligning the associates' skills and passions with substantive societal contributions.

Recognizing Commitment to Associates

Edward Jones' various awards and recognition in 2023 and 2024 reflect the firm's unwavering dedication to its workforce. These accolades include being named in Fortune's World's Most Admired Companies in 2024, ranking at the 14th position in Training magazine's APEX Awards, and procuring a spot among the Best Workplaces for Millennials, for Women, and within the Financial Services and Insurance sector in the year 2023. Furthermore, the company achieved a perfect score in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ+ workplace equality, proving the firm's commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment.

The Criteria for Excellence

The process of selecting the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For involves a rigorous analysis of survey responses from over 500,000 employees across various Great Place to Work Certified companies, each employing a minimum of one thousand individuals. These surveys assort 60 questions pertaining to numerous facets of the employee experience. The participating companies also present detailed expositions of their workplace benefits and various ways in which they provide support to their employees.

Great Place To Work®: The Gold Standard in Workplace Culture

Great Place To Work® stands at the apex as a universal arbiter of workplace culture excellence. On a mission to assist organizations in crafting overwhelmingly favorable experiences for their employees, it offers validation and tools which enable leaders to enhance their employer brands and delve into the depth of employee experiences. This, in turn, assists in building tenacious cultures that not only attract but also retain top talent, while unlocking the latent potential within every individual member of an organization.

Fortune: Chronicling Success in Business

Fortune, a global media titan, dedicates its mission to facilitating the success of its readers, viewers, and subscribers, enabling them to triumph in the world of business by providing peerless accessibility and storytelling excellence. With a focus on delivering insightful content, Fortune has embedded itself as an influential entity in the domain of business journalism. This extends to lists such as the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, which are relied upon by professionals across the globe.

The Ethos and Commitment of Edward Jones

As a leader in the financial services industry both in the U.S. and Canada, Edward Jones steers over 19,000 financial advisors who dutifully serve upwards of 8 million clients. Boasting $1.9 trillion in client assets under care as of December 2023, the firm ardently follows its purpose to forge a positive impact enhancing the lives of clients and colleagues, whilst collectively improving society and the communities they serve. With a presence in 68% of U.S. counties and most Canadian provinces and territories, Edward Jones is dedicated to facilitating financial success for a growing clientele. For further details about their mission and opportunities, visit their official website at and their careers-focused portal at

Accomplishments and Methodologies Worth Recognizing

Edward Jones' inclusion in the 2024 rankings is buttressed by various esteemed accolades reflective of the company's ethos. Noteworthy mentions are the 2024 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For - research conducted by Great Places to Work®, and the Fortune World's Most Admired Companies list, in synergy with Korn Ferry, both of which command substantial prestige in the corporate sphere. Additionally, the Training Magazine Training Apex Award underlines the firm’s excellence in employee developmental programs.

Moreover, the recognition received as one of the Best Workplaces for Millennials, Women, and in the Financial Services & Insurance sector underscores Edward Jones' commitment to diversity and inclusion. This is further reinforced by the Equality 100 Award for LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion, which highlights the firm's progressive stance on workplace equality. These honors serve to validate the company’s dedication to creating a workplace culture where every associate feels valued and supported.

Edward Jones’ commitment to transparency and ethical business practices is highlighted by the disclosures in their reports. It should be noted that compensation is provided for using the ratings, not for obtaining them, which signifies the company's integrity and the authenticity of these honors. These acknowledgments are evidence of Edward Jones’ continued pursuit of excellence and commitment to creating a workspace that truly stands out in the corporate world.

Licensing and Endorsement Usage

Their accolades are not just tokens of excellence, but symbols of trust placed in Edward Jones by esteemed organizations like Fortune Media IP Limited and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. It's crucial to understand that the usage of these awards and ratings comes with respect for the intellectual property rights and licensing agreements in place. Edward Jones respects these terms and signifies that Fortune and its associated entities do not endorse Edward Jones's products or services, despite the firm's prestigious presence in their listings.

Looking Ahead

With its dedication to nurturing a workplace that treasures every employee and its relentless stride toward making a lasting societal impact, Edward Jones serves as an exemplar within the business community. The firm's ascent on the 2024 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list reflects just how much Edward Jones values its associates and their professional journeys. The commendations and accolades are not just a celebration of the present but a firm commitment to an even brighter future, for the company and its cherished employees.

About Edward Jones
As we close, it is indisputable that Edward Jones relics at the forefront of creating an environment where trust, integrity, and the well-being of its employees are paramount. This focus and dedication to cultivating a nurturing and inclusive environment have led to substantial growth and continued success. As a pioneer in the financial services industry, Edward Jones continues to inspire excellence and set a benchmark for others to aspire to.