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DSH Hotel Advisors Triumphs with Strategic Florida Hotel Sale


Michael Chen

May 14, 2024 - 12:51 pm


DSH Hotel Advisors Broker Key Hotel Sale in Florida, Enhancing Investor Portfolios

TAMPA, Fla., May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In an industry announcement that underscores the robustness of the hotel investment sector, DSH Hotel Advisors, a preeminent national brokerage and advisory firm, revealed the successful sale of the Red Roof Plus Palm Coast. Operating out of its Tampa, Florida headquarters and exemplifying a specialization in hotel investment sales, the DSH brokerage team, led by the acumen of Dennis S. Hopper, CCIM, Managing Principal, with the collaboration of Randy B. Taylor, Senior Vice President Investments, Dylan N. Amin, Vice President Investments, and Sam Patel, Investment Associate, finalized the sale of the 78-room property, which transitioned to new ownership on May 1st, 2024, for an undisclosed sum.

The swift conclusion of this transaction, achieved in a mere 34 days, is a testament to the efficiency and expertise brought to bear by DSH Hotel Advisors. Representing the seller, SVM Palm Coast, LLC, and orchestrating the process for the buyer, RRPC, LLC, the brokerage team's deep-seated knowledge of the hotel sales landscape facilitated a seamless exchange between parties.

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DSH Hotel Advisors reign as a dominant force in this niche sector, ranking as the second leading firm in the United States for hotels sold in Florida for years 2022 and 2023 in the under $25 million category. The firm's rigorous focus on hotel investment sales across the nation allows for the provision of unique hotel acquisition opportunities tailored for buyers while simultaneously amplifying value for sellers during the disposition phase.

A Market Leading Transaction

Randy B. Taylor articulated the significance of the sale, highlighting the property's exceptional historical performance and its status as one of the highest performing Red Roof Plus properties in the state of Florida. He remarked on the prime location of the hotel adjacent to the interstate and the untapped potential afforded by additional land, which piqued interest and spurred competitive offers from numerous national and international buyers. The diligence and expertise of the DSH team culminated in attracting an out-of-state investor, ensuring satisfaction for all stakeholders involved in the deal.

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Strategic Approach Amidst Market Challenges

With a perceptive eye on market trends, Dennis S. Hopper shared insights into the firm's strategic positioning, noting that the exclusive listing with the seller generated a profound interest, evidenced by over 105 signed Confidentiality Agreements from qualified buyers and an impressive number of offers from hopeful investors across the country. Hopper's commentary on the market's recent uptick provides an optimistic outlook for the upcoming quarters, anticipating a surge in activity heading into the second half of the year.

Dylan N. Amin spoke to the challenges faced in the preceding year, citing a decreased transaction volume blanketing the hospitality market. The rising interest rates interwoven with the vestiges of inflation bred a tumultuous landscape for hotel owners, investors, and lending institutions alike. Amin underscored the sale of the Red Roof Plus Palm Coast as a paradigm of the firm's prowess in navigating such complexities, attracting well-suited buyers from a diverse geographical pool. The agency's comprehensive approach, extending from listing to the finality of the closing day's changeover, was marked by hands-on assistance, distinguishing DSH Hotel Advisors from its contemporaries.

A Pioneering Purchase for the Buyer

Sam Patel brought to light the pivotal nature of the Palm Coast transaction, marking the buyer's first foray into the dynamic Floridian market. His emphasis on the orchestrated assistance extended through DSH Hotel Advisors, which exceeded mere brokerage functions to include facilitation in securing financing from a reputable local bank, underlined the high-caliber, end-to-end service commitment entrenched within the firm's culture.

The Red Roof Plus Palm Coast itself, perched off of Interstate 95 and sprawling over 5.06 acres, holds an attractive development potential with 2.6 acres marked for possible expansion. This expansion could serve as a hospitality magnet, with the feasibility of erecting a new 70+ key hotel augmenting the current infrastructure and elevating the investment's appeal. The hotel's strategic location places it at the nexus of major tourist draws, like the Daytona International Speedway and the historical allure of St. Augustine.

Insight into DSH Hotel Advisors

DSH Hotel Advisors stands as a pillar within the hotel brokerage and advisory domain, with a steadfast focus on servicing hotel investors in pursuit of either acquisition or disposition of hotel properties, predominantly across the southeast region of the United States.

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For media inquiries or further information regarding this remarkable transaction and DSH Hotel Advisors' suite of services, Dennis Hopper can be reached at the contact provided.

DSH Hotel Advisors demonstrates a resolute commitment to excellence in a market segment where precision and insight are paramount. The successful sale of the Red Roof Plus Palm Coast is not merely a transaction; it is a powerful testament to their unrivaled position within the hotel investment landscape and the value they bring to clients aiming to strengthen or diversify their investment portfolios.

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This news article has been presented to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the recent activities of DSH Hotel Advisors in the hotel investment market, particularly highlighting the sale of the Red Roof Plus Palm Coast. The transaction details reflect the firm's capability in achieving successful outcomes for its clients, which solidifies its status as a trusted and efficient brokerage firm in the national, and specifically Floridian, hotel investment sales sector.

Ultimately, such achievements echo the steadfast reputation of DSH Hotel Advisors as a beacon for hotel investors, offering them an array of high-quality investment opportunities and providing a full spectrum of services designed to maximize monetary returns and portfolio growth.

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