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Databarracks Bolsters Business Continuity Acumen with PlanB Consulting Takeover


Benjamin Hughes

May 16, 2024 - 10:59 am


Databarracks Enriches Business Continuity Landscape with PlanB Consulting Acquisition

LONDON, May 16, 2024 – The business and technology resilience spheres are poised for a significant transformation following the strategic acquisition of the Glasgow-based Business Continuity consultancy known as PlanB Consulting by a prominent player in the industry, Databarracks. This bold move is destined to fortify Databarracks' stature in Operational Resilience and Cyber Continuity consulting, creating waves across the sector.

PlanB Consulting Merges with Databarracks: A Commitment to Excellence

Chris Butler, Databarracks’ Resilience Director, expressed profound excitement over the merger with PlanB. For nearly two decades, PlanB has stamped its authority as an influential entity in the realms of Business Continuity and Resilience. "PlanB's reputation precedes them – they are a celebrated, award-winning Business Continuity Consultancy and pillars of the resilience community, steered by the esteemed Charlie and Kim Maclean-Bristol," Butler noted.

Kim Maclean-Bristol, Co-Founder and Director of PlanB, articulated her enthusiasm regarding the union, expressing contentment in joining forces with a company that not only extends their market presence but also shares a common ethos and vision for revolutionizing organizational resilience. "This synergy is redefining the standards of Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Cyber Resilience services," she stated.

A New Era of Comprehensive Resilience Strategies

Clients of the newly consolidated enterprise stand to gain immensely from an enriched suite of end-to-end Operational Resilience offerings. The spectrum of services has been meticulously crafted to encompass Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, and Business Continuity, culminating in Cyber Incident Exercising from a National Cyber Security Centre Assured Service Provider.

Unrivaled Industry Expertise and Leadership

Mike Osborne, Chairman of Databarracks, hailed the acquisition, proclaiming PlanB to be unparalleled in the independent Business Continuity Consulting landscape. Osborne, with over three decades of industry experience, recognized the crucial shifts in the marketplace. He reminisced about the traditional heavyweights in the sector, like Sungard Availability Services, and how transformations over recent years have left a void filled too often by generic IT service providers or overly costly alternatives.

"The trajectory of the Operational Resilience market has led to a fragmentation across Cyber Security, Data Protection, IT Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning. The landscape is now devoid of genuine end-to-end resilience specialists," Osborne explained, emphasizing the potential of the recent merger to establish a comprehensive market leader in Business Continuity and Cyber Resilience.

Addressing a Volatile and Uncertain World

Chris Butler went on to reflect on the increasingly unpredictable and volatile global climate. The intensifying strain on supply chains and the constant threat of business disruptions demand a more robust preparedness. With cyber threats ever-evolving, businesses must anticipate being targeted and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

"Business success in the approaching decades will hinge on the ability to adapt to these challenges. The integration of PlanB's capabilities embodies an all-encompassing approach that promotes visionary leadership, agile operations, resilient technology, and strong supply chains – essential factors that enable businesses to not only withstand but also thrive amidst adversity," Butler stressed.

An Insight into Databarracks' Legacy

Founded upon a commitment to provide unrivaled data resilience, Databarracks has been a beacon in the IT services industry since 2003, pioneering one of the globe's inaugural managed Backup services and championing the cause of imperishable data resilience.

Transitioning through the ages, Databarracks has emerged as an award-winning provider of IT resilience and continuity services, helping organizations harness the power of the cloud and ensuring the protection of their data regardless of where it resides. With a relentless focus on customer support, the company's philosophy underscores a 'no limits' approach to dedicated engineering excellence – all in the pursuit of flawless systems operations.

As a testament to their commitment to democratizing continuity, security, and resilience, Databarracks offers enterprise-level solutions accessible to a broad range of clients, ensuring that businesses of all sizes have the means to safeguard against the unforeseen.

For further information on the acquisition and the services provided by the united expertise of Databarracks and PlanB Consulting, interested parties can visit Databarracks, where comprehensive details regarding their full spectrum of services are available.

In conclusion, Databarracks' acquisition of PlanB Consulting marks a profound chapter in the evolution of business and technology resilience. It brings forth an opportunity for customers to benefit from a synergy of expertise and a fortified suite of resilience services. As businesses navigate through a landscape fraught with uncertainties and challenges, the newly merged entity stands as a beacon of robust, adaptable, and comprehensive operational resilience.

About Databarracks

Databarracks is the quintessential technology and business resilience specialist dedicated to delivering exceptional IT resilience and continuity services. Its origins rooted in the pioneering of managed Backup services in 2003, today, Databarracks is lauded for offering award-winning resilience solutions, aiding enterprises to maximize their investments in cloud technologies and ensuring the protection of their data assets.

Moreover, Databarracks prides itself on delivering unrivaled customer support, rejecting the notion of 'exceeding expectations' because their engineers are ingrained with a single standard – optimal system functionality at all times. Their mission is to make enterprise-class continuity, security, and resilience accessible to every business.


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