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Chemistree Technology Inc. Implements Transformative Strategic Restructure to Boost Shareholder Gains


Michael Chen

May 4, 2024 - 02:51 am


Chemistree Technology Inc. Announces Landmark Restructuring to Enhance Shareholder Value

VANCOUVER, BC, May 3, 2024 – In a significant development today, Chemistree Technology Inc. (CSE: CHM) and (US OTC: CHMJF) (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or "Chemistree") disclosed that its board of directors ("the Board") sanctioned an imperative restructuring transaction ("the Restructuring Transaction"). This strategic move is set to resolve all outstanding principal of the 10% senior unsecured convertible debentures ("the Debentures"). The holders of the Debentures ("the Debentureholders") will have their claims extinguished and settled through the exchange for common shares in the capital of the Company ("Common Shares"). This decision followed a vote of confidence from the Debentureholders, who validated the Restructuring Transaction during an extraordinary meeting held on April 26, 2024.

As part of the Restructuring Transaction, Chemistree aims to issue an impressive total of 666,800,000 Common Shares priced at $0.01 each to the Debentureholders. Upon completion of this transaction, the holders are poised to possess roughly 90.3% of outstanding Common Shares. This translates to the provision of a staggering 100,000 Common Shares for every $1,000 of Debenture principal they hold. The expected effective date of this transformational deal is on or about May 9, 2024. The Board, reserving the right to exercise undue freedom without further consultation or approval from the Debentureholders, can at any moment before the finalization of the Restructuring Transaction revoke any element of the Restructuring Resolution.

This issuance symbolizes a pivotal moment for Chemistree. It will result in the release of an amount greater than 100% of the current number of issued and outstanding Common Shares. Displaying solidarity with the Company during its trying times, the Listings Committee of the Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE") threw its support behind the Company. They did so by approving its reliance on an exception from shareholder approval requirements outlined in Section 4.6(2) of CSE Policy 4 – Corporate Governance, Security Holder Approvals and Miscellaneous Provisions. This dramatic move is largely credited to the serious financial strain Chemistree currently faces. The independent directors of the Board, in a unanimous verdict, deemed the ambitious Restructuring Transaction as paramount for the company's future—a decision that resonates with reason and necessity amidst impractical conditions to seek formal shareholder approval. Moreover, the CSE's Listings Committee also saw fit to waive the insider participation restrictions usually mandated by Section 4.6(2)(b)(iii) of CSE Policy 4 in the context of the Restructuring Transaction—an act of faith in the potential resurgence of the Company, without the mandate of seeking prior approval from the majority shareholders.

A Glimpse Into Chemistree Technology Inc.

Chemistree Technology Inc. positions itself as a dynamic Canadian investment entity, strategically deploying its resources across a diverse spectrum of industries. The company showcases an enviable appetite for identifying and investing in enterprises during their nascent stages, where it can influence growth as a leading investor. Additionally, the firm extends its arm to provide coveted advisory services, mentoring, and managerial expertise. Chemistree reaffirms its stake in diverse ventures, including an innovative biotechnology startup catering to consumer needs, a burgeoning renewable energy developer named REVV, active in both wind and solar sectors, a holistic plant-based wellness initiative known as FUEL, and an Ontario limited partnership (ONLP)—each standing as a testament to the company’s commitment to driving returns through strategic investment decisions in fluctuating market conditions.

For more detailed information about Chemistree Technology Inc.’s strategy, financials, and public statements, interested parties can visit the Company’s primary website at Moreover, regulatory filings and mandatory disclosures are available for public perusal at the SEDAR+ website

Foreword From the President

In a personal address, Mr. Karl Kottmeier, the President of Chemistree, ratified the company’s news release. He reasserted the company’s mission and strategic endeavors, which continue to focus on generating growth and delivering stakeholder value in a challenging market landscape.

Vision for the Future: Forward-Looking Statements

Projected into Chemistree’s future is an array of forward-looking statements as outlined in the company’s latest news release. These statements serve as guiding indicators for potential business ventures and financial escapades yet to unfold. Investors are encouraged to note the company's high anticipations towards the execution and subsequent results of the Restructuring Transaction, the determined effective date, as well as expected substantial growth opportunities.

Forward-looking statements are inherently steeped in both possibilities and risks. Notably, such projections revolve around future expectations rather than past achievements. They often include optimistic language with words like "anticipate", "believe", and "plan", and suggestive phrases giving a sense of potential actions yet to transpire with "might", "could", or "will". The forward-looking statements included within the release revolve tightly around the ideals of advancement and refine the path Chemistree has set for itself in regards to the successful fulfillment of the Restructuring Transaction.

However, it is critical to approach these forward-looking statements with a calibrated lens, recognizing the inherent risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could diverge the eventual outcomes from what is currently anticipated. Factors that could sway results encompass a broad range, including but not limited to risks recognized in the Company's regulatory reports and filings. Specifically, these risk factors underscore the potential barriers in achieving Debentureholder approval and address the looming concern of the Company's capability to fulfill principal payments of Debentures at their maturity.

Effectuating a balanced view of the Company's prospects, Chemistree underlines that such forward-looking statements are based on management's current beliefs, estimates, and opinions. These are formed and firmly stated on the date of their issuance. Nonetheless, should circumstances shift or evolve, the Company commits to updating forward-looking statements in alignment with the new trajectory, contingent on the necessity as instructed by relevant securities laws. Investors are thus advised to exercise caution against placing undue certainty on these forward-looking prognostications. Chemistree dutifully pledges to rectify or revise such statements to mirror evolving events or conditions as mandated by law.

Commitment to Accountability and Transparency

Chemistree Technology Inc. concludes the announcement by reestablishing its commitment to regulatory compliance, operational transparency, and shareholder accountability. While being a progressive and ambitious company, Chemistree reaffirms its dedication to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and conduct.

Disclaimer from the Canadian Securities Exchange

The announcement also comprises a disclaimer from the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). It asserts that neither the CSE nor its Market Regulator (defined according to the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange) endorses or verifies the adequacy or accuracy of the news release. The release of this information is a statutory obligation and should be received by the public as such.

In summary, the distinctive forward-thinking approach of Chemistree Technology Inc. is encapsulated in this monumental announcement. Through a carefully evaluated and subsequently approved Restructuring Transaction, the Company opens a new chapter in its evolution. This endeavor holds the promise of a new corporate structure poised to drive shareholder value and reinforce confidence in the strategic trajectory Chemistree is embarking upon.

With the unveiling of these ambitious corporate actions, Chemistree Technology Inc. stands ready to face the future head-on, armed with a strengthened capital structure and directed by clear strategic imperatives. As the company embarks on this revitalized pathway, stakeholders watch with bated breath, anticipating the potential unfoldment of a success story in the making.

Investors and interested parties remain engrossed by the unfolding developments, eager to witness the long-term implications of these decisions on Chemistree's financial health and market position. The Restructuring Transaction may well be a turning point, reflecting a pivotal moment where calculated risk meets strategic foresight.

In what promises to be a transformative era for Chemistree Technology Inc., the narrative of a company determined to rise to its potential, harness its resources, and capitalize upon opportunities in the global market continues to be written. Today’s groundbreaking announcement marks not just a financial restructuring but a renewal of the corporate spirit that guides Chemistree towards a promising horizon.

For additional information and updates, all interested parties are encouraged to consult the links provided, ensuring an informed perspective on the evolving narrative of Chemistree Technology Inc. Through these insights, the stakeholders can continue to gauge the vitality and vision of a company unswervingly dedicated to growth, innovation, and shareholder value.

This news article has been brought to you by Chemistree Technology Inc., with collective insights into the company’s strategic developments and forward-looking aspirations for growth and success in its diverse investment portfolios.

Chemistree Technology Inc. forges ahead with clear eyes and a revitalized strategy, aiming to stand tall as a beacon of innovation and sound fiscal management in today’s dynamic economic climate.

As the world watches, Chemistree readies to turn over a new leaf, underlining yet again that in the world of business, vision, and action, if aligned correctly, can lead to the reshaping of futures.

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