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Cannabis Sector's Revolutionary Surge: Nabis Workforce Embraces Union Power with Teamsters


Lauren Miller

May 11, 2024 - 19:02 pm


Unionization Wave: Nabis Employees Join Teamsters in Surge of Cannabis Industry Organizing Efforts

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2024 — Empowerment and worker solidarity have reached a new height in the Golden State as employees at a Nabis distribution center voted by a substantial majority to affiliate themselves with Teamsters Local 630. A group of 84 workers, consisting of drivers and warehouse associates, has joined the ranks, marking a significant stride in the unionization movement within California's burgeoning cannabis sector.

Cultivating Stability in a Growing Market

Recognized for their dedication to advocating for labor and stability within the blossoming cannabis industry, Teamsters Local 630 is at the forefront of this wave of unionization. "Our commitment lies in securing a sustainable future for workers in this rapidly growing field," asserts Lou Villalvazo, the Secretary-Treasurer of Local 630. "The path to elevating these hardworking men and women into a robust middle class is rooted in organizing and unifying these employees. It's our profound conviction that solidarity and dedication are fundamental to transforming these jobs into rewarding middle-class careers."

The recent drive among Nabis workers to organize demonstrates a larger trend within the industry. Falling on April 20, a date famously celebrated in cannabis culture, the push for unionization highlights the third successful organization of cannabis workers under the Teamsters in the past three weeks. It also signifies the third group of Nabis company workers to join the union in a display of escalating labor consciousness.

The Drive for Strong Contracts and Worker Advocacy

Peter Finn, the Teamsters Western Region International Vice President and Food Processing Division Director, emphasizes the union's proactive stance, "Cannabis workers are flocking to become Teamsters at an unprecedented rate, driven by our unyielding commitment to secure robust and fair contracts. We are eager to extend this same level of representation and support to the Nabis team."

Empowerment through organization was a significant motivator for Jonathan Misquez, a Nabis warehouse associate. He shares his personal journey towards labor unity: "My decision to organize was motivated by the desire to have a voice within Nabis – to advocate not just for myself, but also for my colleagues. Throughout my time here, my co-workers have been an incredible source of support, imparting valuable skills that extend beyond our professional roles. I felt it was crucial to ensure that our collective contributions are recognized through a contract that mirrors our daily diligence. We continually hone each other's strength, demonstrating that unity is our collective force."

Teamsters Local 630, with its rich history dating back to 1937, represents workers from a diverse array of sectors including clerical roles, warehouse operations, professional driving, food services, the liquor industry, food processing, dairy, and more. For additional information about their mission and the breadth of industries they serve, interested parties can visit

Strengthening Middle-Class Jobs Through Unionization

The increasing pace of unionization in the cannabis industry underscores an essential shift in labor relations. As more workers join forces with established unions like the Teamsters, the climate of employment is positively influenced through enhanced benefits, job security, and workplace safety. The efforts of organizations such as Teamsters Local 630 play a pivotal role in securing and enhancing the livelihoods of their members. Through collective bargaining and strong representation, these employees are now better positioned to navigate the intricacies and uncertainties of an evolving market.

In the face of the dynamic and sometimes unsteady nature of emerging industries, it's crucial that workers secure a level of stability that allows for both personal and professional growth. The actions of workers at the Nabis warehouse signal to employers and the industry as a whole that there is a strong demand for structured and well-negotiated working conditions. As these individuals band together, they're setting a precedent for the future of labor within the cannabis industry and beyond.

A Historic Movement Within the Cannabis Sector

As the Teamsters expand their representation to include these new members from the cannabis industry, there is an awareness that this industry requires a unique approach to labor and organizing. With its varied workforce and distinctive culture, the sector presents opportunities for unions to adapt their strategies to effectively meet the needs of a diverse membership.

The recent success at Nabis serves as an inspiration for workers in other regions and sectors to consider the value of union representation. The Teamsters have demonstrated their commitment to pursuing economic justice and empowerment for individuals who might otherwise lack the necessary platforms to voice their concerns and achieve equitable working conditions.

A Voice for Every Worker

Jonathan Misquez's experience illustrates the profound impact that a united workforce can have, not only in terms of securing better benefits but also fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. This sense of camaraderie and shared purpose is integral to the unionization drive, as it is the collective effort that ultimately empowers individual voices.

Workers across various positions and backgrounds are finding common ground in the pursuit of fair compensation, comprehensive benefits, and respectful treatment in the workplace. Each victory in the unionization movement reverberates through the workforce, encouraging others to take the initiative and advocate for their rights and well-being.

Further Information and Inquiries

To ensure transparency and accessibility, Teamsters Local 630 has made it easy for interested parties to acquire more information or reach out with any inquiries. Those seeking to learn more about the union's efforts or wishing to express their support can contact Matt McQuaid through the provided email address -- [email protected] -- or by calling (202) 624-6877. The union's openness to communication not only helps facilitate a better understanding of their objectives but also enables a broader dialogue with the community and like-minded organizations.

Conclusion: The Future of Unionization in Cannabis

The recent events at the Nabis distribution center mark a noteworthy chapter in the story of labor within the cannabis sector. As momentum builds, it is evident that the workers' pursuit of fair representation and a stronger collective voice is resonating with employees across the industry. Establishing a new norm for labor relations within the rapidly growing cannabis market, the Teamsters are paving the way for other workers to find empowerment through union membership.

As more companies and their workers observe the benefits realized through collective bargaining, the trend towards unionization may continue to gain traction. This movement towards organized labor could be transformative, potentially leading to significant improvements not only for workers within the cannabis industry but also setting an example for workers in other emerging markets.

The call for equitable labor practices is clear, and through the diligent efforts of unions like Teamsters Local 630, workers are becoming increasingly empowered. Unions are proving once again that organizing can lead to enhanced job stability, better pay, improved safety conditions, and overall prosperity for employees. The unionization of Nabis workers is a testament to the enduring power of solidarity, and it stands as a beacon of hope for the potential of organization within all sectors of the economy.

For more information about Teamsters Local 630, you can visit their website at

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