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calvin mew spearheads futuristic growth as new hbscny president 12


Calvin Mew Spearheads Futuristic Growth as New HBSCNY President


Michael Chen

April 5, 2024 - 16:56 pm


Calvin Mew Appointed as New President of the Harvard Business School Club of New York

NEW YORK, April 5, 2024 – In a significant leadership step for one of the most prestigious alumni clubs in the region, the Harvard Business School Club of New York has officially announced that Calvin Mew will be taking over as President starting July 1, 2024. This decision marks a new chapter in the club's history as it continues its commitment to fostering professional growth and community service.

Calvin Mew and Clare Peeters

Calvin Mew, an alumnus from the Program for Management Development (PMD 1984), is poised to succeed Clare Peeters, whose tenure as President was marked by three years of exceptional leadership. Upon completing her term, Peeters will further contribute to the club as a continuing board member.

Decades of Dedication

Mew's association with the organization spans more than twenty years, starting in 2002 when he first engaged with Community Partners. Throughout the years, his dedication to promoting societal improvement has been evident in his escalating roles within the club. By 2005, he was part of the Social Enterprise Board, advancing to Co-Chair of the Social Services Committee, and contributing to the Board Governance Committee’s initiatives. His proven leadership and commitment led to his election as Executive Vice President of HBSCNY in the previous year.

Calvin Mew’s contributions extend to various Community Partners clients, such as the Center Against Domestic Violence, National Council of Jewish Women, the Osborne Association, Columbia Teachers College’s Klingenstein Center, and the Southampton Fresh Air Home. Consistent with his drive to support enterprise growth, Mew has been a dedicated volunteer with the club’s Small Business Partnership Initiative.

In discussing his upcoming presidency, Mew reflects on the established groundwork and shares his forward-looking perspective. "I am determined to build upon Clare Peeters's vision, passion, and steadfast dedication to the Club and its philanthropic mission. Her tenure stands as a model of exemplary governance," Mew expressed with an eye toward honoring the legacy he will inherit and expand upon.

A Leader Beyond The Club

Mew's professional expertise as an independent management consultant is complemented by his previous tenure as an Executive Vice President at Bozell Worldwide (Advertising), Inc., where he managed key accounts such as the Chrysler Corporation. This business acumen parallels his passion for community service, as seen by his role as Treasurer of the Carnegie East House and director of the James Lenox House Association. His broad civic engagement includes being a Council member of the Yale Club of New York and serving on various nonprofit boards.

Deborah Farrington (MBA 1976), the Board Chair of HBSCNY, shared her enthusiasm about the new leadership transition: "We are excited by Calvin Mew's election as the HBS Club's new president. We are grateful to Clare Peeters for her impeccable leadership over the past three years. Calvin is known for his passion for our alumni's work and the numerous programs serving the New York community at large."

Aside from his business education at Harvard Business School, Mew is known for his diverse academic background, with credentials from esteemed institutions such as Yale University, Union Theological Seminary, and Columbia University. His personal commitment to community engagement is further highlighted by his occasional services as a guest preacher at Norfield Congregational Church in Weston, CT, and the Rowayton United Methodist Church in Norwalk, CT.

The HBS Club of New York's Mission

The HBS Club of New York takes pride in its role in nurturing both the professional development and personal fulfillment of its members. It operates with a focus on delivering high-caliber educational experiences, creating opportunities for networking among Harvard Business School alumni, and applying their collective expertise to serve both the school and the broader community.


Media Inquiry Contact:

For further information and press inquiries, the media can reach out to:

Maureen Friar Phone: 929-596-4077 Email: [email protected]

Maureen Friar is the point of contact, ready to provide additional details on this transition and answer any questions related to the club's current and upcoming initiatives.

The Harvard Business School Club of New York is emblematic of the spirit of continuous education, networking, and community service epitomized by Harvard Business School graduates. With leadership transitions such as these, the club exemplifies its commitment to progressive growth and impactful service.

This announcement heralds a pivotal moment for HBSCNY as it embraces new leadership while celebrating the significant contributions of the outgoing President. The engagement and professional pedigree of Calvin Mew present an optimistic future for the club's activities and community initiatives. The Harvard Business School Club of New York, under Calvin Mew’s presidency, looks forward to furthering its mission of connecting alumni, contributing to Harvard Business School's prestige, and actively participating in community development.

As a revered figure within the club and an accomplished professional with a heart for community service, Mew's tenure is anticipated with great expectations. The transition symbolizes not just a change in leadership but also a reaffirmation of the club’s enduring values and its dedication to making a meaningful impact in society.

The Harvard Business School Club of New York has always been more than a network of alumni; it is a vibrant community of leaders dedicated to the improvement of society through their collective efforts. As Mew steps into his role, he carries the mantle of immense responsibility, ready to guide the club towards new heights and foster the ethos of stewardship that has always been central to its mission.

Supporting Images and Sharing

The transition can also be visualized through images capturing the handover process between Clare Peeters and Calvin Mew, indicative of the amicable and supportive nature of the leadership at HBSCNY. The available media material and shareable content can be found through various PR Newswire mediums, enhancing the narrative around this change and providing insights into the interpersonal connections that define the organization.

As a long-standing beacon for advancement and community engagement in New York, the organization continues to reinforce the values taught at Harvard Business School, emphasizing leadership, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. The introduction of a new president is a testimonial to the club's dynamic and progressive culture, ensuring that its legacy is both preserved and invigorated.

Scholarly and Spiritual Leadership

Calvin Mew's eclectic academic background and spiritual service underscore a leadership approach that integrates sharp business acumen with a profound sense of community and ethical responsibility. This balance is reflective of the modern business leader, who recognizes the necessity to harmonize professional success with societal contributions and personal growth.

In conclusion, the Harvard Business School Club of New York's announcement marks the continuation of a tradition of excellence in leadership. As Calvin Mew prepares to take on the role of President, the club stands on the cusp of new opportunities to enhance its influence and impact within the business world and beyond. With a collaborative spirit, Mew and the club's members step forward to cultivate a future that honors their shared heritage while embracing the challenges of a dynamic global landscape.

The community eagerly anticipates the insights and initiatives that will emerge from Mew's presidency. Through stronger ties within the club and broader alliances across the business and nonprofit sectors, the Harvard Business School Club of New York aims to shape a more interconnected and empowered community of leaders, ready to tackle the pressing issues of our time with innovation, wisdom, and a determined will to make a difference.

Mew's appointment as President is not only a testament to his vast experience and contributions but also to the Club's commitment to recognizing and elevating leaders who embody the spirit of service and the pursuit of knowledge. The Harvard Business School ethos is once again manifested through this appointment, assuring that the Club's tradition of excellence will continue to be nurtured and expanded in visionary ways.

Continuity and Change

As the Harvard Business School Club of New York transitions into this new era under Mew's leadership, the club's profound impact on its members and the broader New York community is poised to deepen. With an invigorated focus on leadership development, community service, and philanthropic endeavors, the club will strive to create lasting change, enhancing the lives of many and solidifying the legacy of Harvard Business School.

The Harvard Business School Club of New York is dedicated to forging a path that enriches the lives of its members, supports professional growth, and advocates for an engaged, informed, and compassionate community. As Calvin Mew leads the club into a new chapter, the HBSCNY stands ready to embrace innovative initiatives while honoring the steadfast values that have defined its storied past.