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BRF SA's Q1 Profits Skyrocket, Tripling Expectations


Michael Chen

May 8, 2024 - 00:46 am


Stellar Performance by BRF SA as Q1 Profits Soar Beyond Expectations

In a remarkable financial announcement, BRF SA, renowned as one of the top-tier chicken suppliers on the global front, divulged their first-quarter profits which have considerably exceeded market forecasts. The Brazilian corporation has witnessed a springboard in profitability anchored by reductions in expenditure and an uptick in selling prices both domestically and in international markets.

Profound Surge in Profits

BRF SA’s financial disclosure on Tuesday revealed that for the quarter ending in March, earnings before deducting factors such as interest and taxes experienced a meteoric rise. The figures surged more than threefold relative to the same period in the previous year, amassing at 2.1 billion Brazilian reais, equivalent to approximately $414 million USD. When pitted against the expected median of analyst projections—established at 1.7 billion reais by research compiled by Bloomberg—the results indicate a remarkable overachievement by BRF SA.

The profit increase is a testament to BRF SA’s robust turnaround strategy after wading through two consecutive years marred by financial deficits, fueled by escalating costs and a saturation in supply. The favorable tide rising for chicken producers worldwide is a story of rebounding consumer demand coalescing with a slump in the cost of essential grains used for feeding poultry.

Comprehensive Strategy: From Cutbacks to Record Sales

BRF SA’s comprehensive array of products includes a diverse selection ranging from sausages and hams to frozen pizzas. The company has been proactive in its approach to radically reduce operational costs and enhance overall efficacy within its multifaceted business.

The landmark achievement in seasonal sales signals a foundational shift within the organization's structure, reflecting in their financial prosperity. In an in-depth discussion with Miguel Gularte, the Chief Executive Officer of BRF, it was highlighted that the current results mirror an upturn in pricing in virtually all operational sectors where BRF has a footprint.

BRF’s Backbone: Stable Ownership and Investor Confidence

Having the robust backing of Marfrig Global Foods SA, a colossal entity in the meat production industry, BRF SA stands with a strong support system. Additionally, the corporation is bolstered by investments from Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co., an investment firm owned by the Saudi Arabian government, adding to the venerable roster of shareholders enriching BRF’s marketplace stability.

Financial Prudence: Navagating Towards Growth

This year has seen a significant shift in BRF’s financial position, with its net debt plunging below 1.5 times its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (Ebitda)—a milestone it hadn’t achieved for eight straight years. Fabio Mariano, Chief Financial Officer at BRF, elaborated in the same interview that the alleviated debt stress confers the company substantial capacity to inspect potential avenues for expansion and acquisitions.

Fitch Ratings, in aligning with BRF's upward trend, bestowed an upgrade on the company's credit score earlier in April. The elevation in assessment stems from anticipations of bolstered demand for chicken in forthcoming times.

Ensuring Readers Stay Informed

For those seeking additional details and context behind this uplifting financial narrative, the source of this information is Bloomberg L.P., a reputable institution in the sphere of financial news and data. Further insights and specifics on the company's performance, strategies, and future projections can be found in the official press release issued by BRF SA.


In conclusion, BRF SA's impressive results in the first quarter lead a strong year with strategic cost reductions and increased efficiency measures dictating promising forecasts. As consumer demand resurges, and the costs for raising poultry decline, BRF stands poised to make the most of the current market scenario. With a lighter debt load and favorable ratings, BRF is in an admirable position to explore growth strategies and strengthen its market presence. The first quarter has indeed set a solid foundation for BRF SA's aspirations in 2024.

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