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baozun inc leads e commerce innovation with 2023 annual report and embraces esg goals 12


Baozun Inc. Leads E-Commerce Innovation with 2023 Annual Report and Embraces ESG Goals


Michael Chen

April 19, 2024 - 10:26 am


Baozun Inc. Announces Submission of Annual Report Emphasizing Digital Transformation and ESG Initiatives

SHANGHAI, April 19, 2024 - Baozun Inc. (Nasdaq: BZUN and HKEX: 9991), a prominent provider of e-commerce solutions for brands and an established digital commerce enabler in China, declared that it has officially submitted its annual report on Form 20-F for the fiscal year that concluded on December 31, 2023, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The report is publicly available on the investor relations page of Baozun's website at, also accessible via the SEC's website at

Adhering to regulations set by The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (HKEX), Baozun has simultaneously circulated its annual report in Hong Kong. Interested parties can retrieve this report through Baozun's investor relations site at, and also on the HKEX's website at

In tandem with corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, Baozun has transitioned to primarily electronic distribution of its annual reports to shareholders as well as American Depositary Share (ADS) holders. For stakeholders who prefer to obtain a physical copy of the annual report, they may send their request to Baozun's Investor Relations Department via the email [email protected].

Comprehensive Insights About Baozun Inc.

Founded back in the year 2007, Baozun Inc. has emerged as an authority in the realm of brand e-commerce services and digital commerce, enhancing brand management across the board. With a client list expanding beyond 450 distinct global brands, Baozun caters to an extensive array of sectors, including but not limited to industries in East and Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

Baozun Inc. is structured around three fundamental business segments: Baozun e-Commerce (BEC), Baozun Brand Management (BBM), and Baozun International (BZI). Each division vehemently pursues fostering high-quality growth while maintaining sustainability at its core. Anchored by the belief "Technology Empowers the Future Success," all of Baozun's business units remain steadfast in their commitment to amplify their clients' businesses and guide them through new phases of expansion.

For a comprehensive understanding and further details regarding Baozun Inc. and its operations, one is encouraged to visit the company's website at

Investor and Media Relations Contact Information

Baozun Inc. has made contact information available for investors and media representatives seeking to engage in queries or obtain additional information. The designated point of contact is Ms. Wendy Sun, reachable via email at [email protected].

This news release is officially issued by Baozun Inc. and serves as a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to transparency and engagement with its stakeholders. As Baozun continues to pioneer the e-commerce landscape, its ethic of innovation and responsibility towards ESG goals remain fundamental to its business philosophy.

Empowering Clients Through Technology

Baozun's historical journey from its inception to its current stature is a narrative of relentless pursuit of excellence in deploying technology for brand empowerment. By consistently innovating and crafting cutting-edge solutions, Baozun has stood by its mission to enable brands to navigate the complex e-commerce terrain with enviable dexterity.

The company has demonstrated a profound understanding of how technology can be leveraged to disrupt traditional business models and pave the way for modernization in commerce. Baozun's proactive approach in aligning with technological advancements has yielded a portfolio of services that resonate deeply with the current and future needs of its client brands.

A Global Footprint in Brand Management

Through its expansive international presence, Baozun has forged partnerships that span continents and market sectors. This global footprint is not a mere testament to the company's ability to adapt and scale, but also an indication of the universal relevance and application of e-commerce solutions pioneered by Baozun.

Bringing an insightful strategy to the table, Baozun has tapped into the pulse of markets across East and Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America, witnessing substantial growth and recognition in each of these geographies. By nurturing brands and tailoring digital strategies accordingly, Baozun has magnified its role as a key player in the e-commerce ecosystem, transcending borders and cultural barriers.

A Beacon of Sustainable Growth

Baozun's commitment to sustainable growth is a defining characteristic of its operational ethos. The decision to provide annual reports predominantly in electronic form aligns with global sustainability efforts and showcases the company's endeavor to minimize its environmental footprint.

The strategic emphasis on sustainability does not end with such corporate gestures. Instead, it extends into the very fabric of Baozun's service offerings. From supply chain management to consumer engagement, Baozun has entrenched the principles of environmental consciousness and social responsibility, ensuring that growth is attained not just in financial metrics but also in contributions to a more sustainable world.

Looking to the Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, Baozun has laid strong foundations to maintain its pace with upcoming trends and demands. The company's focus on innovation positions it well to harness upcoming technological shifts, including the proliferation of AI, Big Data, and machine learning in retail environments.

Baozun's approach to integrating such technologies is not only aimed at streamlining operations for their clients but also creating more personalized and engaging shopping experiences for the end consumer. This dual focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction ensures that Baozun's partners are well-equipped to succeed in a highly competitive digital marketplace.

Continuing Professional Excellence

Steering the helm of Baozun Inc., the company's management and its cadre of professionals remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service delivery and client satisfaction. It is through their expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence that Baozun has established its reputation as a beacon of brand e-commerce services.

With the integrity of their work and the successes of their clients as primary indicators of achievement, the professionals at Baozun continue to refine and evolve their strategies, ensuring that each partnership is approached with a bespoke and results-oriented mindset.

Understanding the ever-changing dynamics of the global e-commerce domain remains a constant challenge, but one that Baozun has proven time and again to meet with visionary foresight and adaptive expertise. This ensures the company's ongoing relevance and efficacy in an industry characterized by swift change and opportunity.

The Investor and Stakeholder Experience

Baozun's transparency with stakeholders, as demonstrated by the accessible distribution of its annual report, is critical to fostering trust and partnership. By facilitating openness in corporate reporting and being receptive to inquiries from investors and media, the company underscores the value it places on engaged and informed stakeholder relationships.

Stakeholders can expect Baozun Inc. to continue to be forthcoming about corporate developments, with the company prioritizing clarity and accessibility of information. Through strategic communication channels, Baozun ensures that its stakeholders remain apprised of and confident in the company's trajectory.

In conclusion, Baozun Inc.'s strategic submission of its annual report to both the SEC and HKEX, coupled with its forward-thinking approach to digital transformation and ESG commitments, exemplify the company's role as a pioneer in the e-commerce solutions sector. With an eye towards a sustainable future and a dedication to technological enablement, Baozun continues to fortify its position as a partner of choice for brands seeking success in the digital age.

The announcement of the annual report serves as a cornerstone event, showcasing Baozun's achievements over the past fiscal year while also charting a course for future innovation and market leadership. For those interested in further information or media inquiries, Baozun Inc. welcomes contact through the above-mentioned channels, an invitation that underscores the company's commitment to openness and active dialogue.

As the e-commerce landscape shifts and the needs of brands evolve, Baozun Inc. stands at the ready, equipped with the expertise, technological proficiency, and strategic vision necessary to not just meet but exceed the expectations of its clients and the market at large. Through foresight, adaptability, and an unwavering focus on sustainable, high-quality growth, Baozun Inc. is not just part of the e-commerce story; it is pivotal in shaping its future chapters.

Sourced directly from Baozun Inc., this press release represents an essential component of the company's engagement strategy, illustrating a steadfast dedication to excellence in all facets of its business. The comprehensive annual report reflects the culmination of a year's progress and paves the way for the continued success of Baozun Inc. as a leading light in the field of brand e-commerce solutions.