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Archipelago International Expands in Latin America: New Dominican Office Inaugurated


Benjamin Hughes

May 17, 2024 - 11:19 am


Archipelago International Inaugurates New Dominican Office and Expands Latin American Presence

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic, May 17, 2024 – Archipelago International, a leading name in the hotel management sector, announced the opening of its latest corporate office in Punta Cana today. The grand unveiling ceremony drew the participation of significant figures, including the Vice Minister for Tourism and the Indonesian Ambassador, marking a remarkable milestone for the privately-owned Southeast Asian group. This pivotal development comes alongside the signing of several management agreements within the Dominican Republic and Mexico, poised to bolster the company's international reach and influence.

Opening New Office at Punta Cana and New Signings

Archipelago's Ambitious Growth and Mission

At the heart of today's festivities, Gerard Byrne, the Managing Director representing the Board of Archipelago International, reflected on the 27-year evolutionary journey of the company. With modest roots in Jakarta, Indonesia, Archipelago has risen to oversee more than 270 operational hotels, encompassing a staggering 45,000 rooms, and has a substantial projected growth with an additional 80 hotels and 16,000 rooms in development. Spanning across 15 countries and five continents, the company's expansive reach is a testament to its deeply rooted philosophy of constant enhancement and dedication to high-standard customer services.

Byrne shed light on the company's ability to provide competitive branding and operational solutions to asset owners at cost-effective rates. He underscored Archipelago's investment in hotel-specific technological solutions and its Asian service standards, which have set it apart from the competition. The company's distinctive approach to partnerships with proprietors has also redefined traditional operational models, creating a more equitable balance of interests between owners and the management group.

Expansion Paves Through Americas

Expanding on Archipelago's strategic growth, Jose Luis Leonardo, Vice President – The Americas, detailed the company's current operations in the Western Hemisphere. Since the opening of their first resort in 2019, Archipelago prides itself on its hotels reaching top positions within their respective locales. The next phase of expansion includes the launch of multiple hotels in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The forthcoming establishments - Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas Beach Resort & Spa in Cuba, Aston Panorama Hotel in Havana, Reserva Real by Harper in Punta Cana, to name a few - will further cement the company's strong positioning within the region.

Furthermore, Leonardo announced major new signings for the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Among them, Grand Aston Tulum and Aston Naomi Boutique Hotel & Residences will open doors in Mexico, broadening the company's footprint in the hospitality industry and bringing trusted Asian hospitality standards to new locales.

A Fertile Ground for Investment in the Dominican Republic

Leonardo highlighted the Dominican government's commitment to cultivating a business environment conducive to tourism growth, a key factor in Archipelago's decision to expand their presence further in the region. Upcoming corporate offices in Santo Domingo and Playa Del Carmen will facilitate the company's operational activities, showcasing their long-term investment in the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

About Archipelago International

Archipelago International stands as the largest Southeast Asian privately-owned hotel management group. Their extensive operations envelop over 200 locations across diverse geographies from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean, with a growing architecture of 5,000+ operating rooms and an impressive pipeline in the Americas. The group flourishes by offering a portfolio of varied brands including Aston, Aston Collection, Huxley, and Alana, all tailored to meet the needs of various market segments. Their success is attributed to the consistent focus on technology, agility as an independent company, and a diverse range of hotel brands.

Continually innovating, Archipelago's commitment to excellence not only fortifies their position in the hospitality industry but also serves as a paradigm for the future of hotel management. Their advanced technology solutions bridge the gap for hotels, resorts, and branded residences seeking cutting-edge approaches to hospitality.

To learn more about Archipelago International and its expansion plans, please visit their website or follow the links to view images of the new office and the company's logo.

Archipelago International Logo

Archipelago International Office Inauguration

The Archipelago Difference

Archipelago International is not just expanding its global footprint but also revolutionizing the hotel management paradigm. The company is looking beyond just opening new hotels; it is introducing innovative business models and technology solutions across all segments of the hospitality industry.

By providing a suite of unique brand options and an arsenal of technology solutions, Archipelago is ensuring that hoteliers have the tools they need to excel in a rapidly evolving industry. These solutions are strategically crafted by seasoned hoteliers, attesting to Archipelago’s experience and thorough understanding of the hospitality market’s nuances.

The ever-growing list of properties and the expansion into new markets reflect Archipelago's responsiveness to global travel dynamics and changing consumer preferences. As they cultivate relationships with owners and investors in Latin America, Archipelago International's vision for hospitality takes a customer-centric and partnership-driven approach, which promises to redefine industry standards.

Visionary Leadership and Service Excellence

The visionary leadership team, helmed by Gerard Byrne and executives like Jose Luis Leonardo, has meticulously guided Archipelago through decades of change, allowing the company to craft a renowned reputation for service excellence. This leadership is the driving force behind the substantial growth of their hotel portfolio and the company's ability to scale across the international market.

Gerard Byrne, in his address, emphasized how integral the philosophy of Kaizen or continuous improvement is to the company’s ethos. This principle has been woven into Archipelago’s operational fabric, encouraging perpetual refinement in all aspects of service delivery. This relentless pursuit of improvement sets Archipelago International apart as an industry leader for standards and customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Travel Experiences Through Innovation

The essence of Archipelago International's expansion is not merely in numerical growth but in enhancing the travel experience. Their advancements in hospitality technology through Sentinel Tech exemplify a deep-rooted commitment to elevating guest experiences at every touchpoint, from booking through to post-stay reviews.

Acknowledging travelers' crave for seamless experiences, Archipelago tailors each hotel to meet the high expectations of today's sophisticated guests. The company's Asian service heritage infuses warmth and meticulous care into their international properties, ensuring a tailored guest experience that harmonizes local culture with global service standards.

A Strategic Path Forward

Archipelago International's strategic embarkment in Punta Cana signifies more than the inauguration of a new office—it represents a crucial step in their mission of growth through innovation and prudence. Their proactive engagement with the domain of hospitality management has prepared the ground for a future where excellence in service and hotel management are synonymous with the Archipelago name.

The establishment of the Punta Cana corporate office heralds new opportunities for local employment, fostering economic growth and enhancing the touristic appeal of the Dominican Republic. Archipelago’s discerning selection of destinations reflects their strategic intent to tap into burgeoning markets, where tourism can flourish under their capable wings.

Final Remarks

Today, as the ribbons are cut in Punta Cana, marking the start of new journeys, it is evident that Archipelago International has laid the foundation for a transformative phase in the global hospitality industry. Through forging lasting partnerships, pioneering service standards, and relentless technological innovation, they are not only bringing the esteemed Asian approach to hospitality to new corners of the world but also demonstrating that thoughtful expansion can indeed become the blueprint for success in the modern travel marketplace.

In closing, Archipelago International’s recent developments remind us that through commitment to quality, innovation, and strategic thinking, a company can transcend geographical boundaries to redefine hospitality. The journey that began in Jakarta continues to unfold, promising a fusion of local charm and world-class standards in destinations across the globe.

For inquiries and more information about Archipelago International or to explore their diverse range of hotel offerings, visit their official website.

SOURCE: Archipelago International