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Archdiocese of Baltimore's Crisis: Over 100 New Abuse Claims Amidst Legal Battle


Michael Chen

May 20, 2024 - 15:53 pm


Archdiocese of Baltimore Faces Over 100 New Sexual Abuse Claims

BALTIMORE, May 20, 2024—The Yost Legal Group has declared its intention to file over one hundred child sexual abuse claims against the Archdiocese of Baltimore in the forthcoming fortnight. This revelation follows protracted allegations that a vast number of children—possibly in the thousands—were victimized by vigorous acts of sexual abuse by clergy members, seminarians, deacons, and staff working under the aegis of the same Archdiocese.

Thousands of children were subjected to sexual abuse by clergy, seminarians, deacons, and employees of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

The footage discussing the prolific cases of child abuse in the establishment speaks to the grim ordeal that the victims went through.

The Window of Justice

The enactment of the Child Victims Act in Maryland in October 2023 opened a gateway for justice to those who had suffered from childhood abuse, nullifying the statute of limitations. Survivors were empowered to come forward and bring their truth to light, regardless of the time that had elapsed since the offense took place—even if that time span exceeded fifty years. This piece of legislation represented a significant stride toward rectification and justice.

However, this beacon of hope was shortly dimmed when the Archdiocese of Baltimore opted to file for bankruptcy shortly after the law's passing. By doing so, they initiated a countdown, a ticking clock that made it critical for survivors of church sexual abuse in Maryland to act expeditiously. Those affected are mandated to advance and declare their claim by a rapidly approaching deadline: Friday, May 31, 2024.

Now, survivors of child molestation and sexual abuse by the Catholic church in Maryland have until Friday, May 31, to come forward to seek justice.

View the image of a family affected by the misdeeds within the church.

A Call to Action

The post-deadline reality is stark; individuals who miss the May 31st cutoff will forfeit their privilege to seek legal remedy. Tom Yost of The Yost Legal Group has noticed a surge in inquiries from individuals who have hitherto hesitated to come forward and confront their past traumas. Many victims seek to hold the Archdiocese accountable and to instigate comprehensive reform within the institution to safeguard future generations.

Seeking Confidential Support

Yost emphasizes the supportive avenue his firm provides—a confidential consultation that respects the privacy and delicate nature of each person's case. There is a profound commitment at The Yost Legal Group to guide survivors through the claim process with tact and respect, without requiring them to expose their trauma to the public eye.

For those pondering whether they fall within the realm of eligibility to lodge a claim for child sexual abuse transpired within Maryland's ecclesiastical settings, such as Catholic schools and church programs, The Yost Legal Group provides an open channel for inquiries. Vital to notably, every claim filed against the Archdiocese of Baltimore is handled with utmost discretion, safeguarding complainant anonymity and avoiding the limelight entirely.

The Impending Deadline

As the ticking clock nears its end, The Yost Legal Group issues an urgent reminder: the opportunity for survivors to reclaim their power and initiate the healing journey is fleeting. "Time is running out," warned a spokesperson for the firm, urging survivors to step forward before May 31, 2024. They advocate that the act of filing a claim is a pivotal step toward reclaiming control and a testament that every voice matters.

Advocates for the Injured and Vulnerable

The Yost Legal Group stands as a bastion of justice in Baltimore, with over three and a half decades of relentless advocacy for the injured and vulnerable. Their prowess and success in handling formidable legal challenges have been proven time and again, positioning them as a formidable ally for those seeking to confront the Archdiocese.

How to Reach The Yost Legal Group

Survivors looking to harness the expertise of The Yost Legal Group and initiate a dialogue may reach out in several ways. For comprehensive information regarding the pursuit of church sexual abuse claims, visit their detailed practice area page.

The Yost Legal Group Contact Information:

  • Call: 1-800-Yost-Law (1-800-967-8529)
  • Email: [email protected]

The collective efforts of the community and The Yost Legal Group are pivotal in ensuring justice and support for survivors, forming a bulwark against the silence that has shrouded these egregious acts for too long.

Source: The Yost Legal Group

In essence, the plight of survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the domain of the Archdiocese of Baltimore is not just a local story of anguish but a critical human rights concern that demands action, transparency, and resolve. As the community looks on and survivors gather the courage to step forward, the pursuit of justice continues, with May 31st, 2024, serving as a critical juncture in this collective journey. While the acts themselves cannot be undone, the commitment to validating the experiences of the victims and holding the responsible entities accountable is a dedication that The Yost Legal Group and the community at large endeavor to uphold.