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americraft marine hails new era with industry titan peter fetten as chairman 12


Americraft Marine Hails New Era with Industry Titan Peter Fetten as Chairman


Benjamin Hughes

April 8, 2024 - 16:47 pm


Americraft Marine Welcomes Peter Fetten as New Chairman to Usher in Era of Advanced Shipbuilding

NEW YORK, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The maritime subsidiary of the Libra Group, Americraft Marine, renowned for operating a preeminent Jones Act shipbuilding facility in Palatka, Florida, has unveiled a tactical leadership recruitment by appointing the distinguished Peter Fetten as Chairman of the enterprise.

Americraft Marine, by bringing on board a seasoned heavyweight like Fetten, is laying down a strategic framework aimed at fulfilling the burgeoning requirement for Jones-Act vessels. This move is indicative of Americraft Marine's unflagging commitment to enhancing U.S. shipbuilding prowess and addressing demand for Jones Act vessels with unprecedented zeal.

Navigating Towards Uncharted Waters: Peter Fetten at the Helm

In the dynamic realm of marine engineering and shipbuilding, Peter Fetten stands out with his impressive track record that spans over forty years. Fetten has earned accolades for his valuable contributions in pivotal roles, encompassing the design, construction, and management of some of the world’s maritime leviathans.

His illustrious career has been marked by influential tenures at powerhouse entities like Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruise, where his vision and leadership were instrumental. Further, his commitment to innovation in shipbuilding was particularly evident during his enduring 15-year tenure at Blohm and Voss, a testament to his dedication to excellence in the field. Notably, Fetten is also recognized as the mastermind behind the inception and development of the Grand Bahamas (Freeport) Shipyard, redefining shipbuilding standards and fostering growth.

A testament to his diverse expertise, Fetten is not only revered in professional circles but also academically lauded with degrees in naval architecture and welding engineering from the University of Hamburg--credentials that solidify his esteemed position in the maritime sector.

Americraft Marine's Commitment to Shipbuilding Excellence

At the heart of Americraft Marine's ethos is a staunch commitment to shipbuilding par excellence. This commitment is further solidified by the acquisition of St. Johns Ship Building, the celebrated Palatka, Florida-based Jones Act shipyard. Synonymous with versatility, St. Johns Ship Building specializes in the construction and repair of a diverse fleet encompassing steel and aluminum vessels. The repertoire includes ferries, tugs, deck and tank barges, landing crafts, and cargo vessels, to name a few.

In an era where renewable energy and sustainability have taken center stage, St. Johns Ship Building has emerged as a forerunner in the shipbuilding industry. The shipyard has distinguished itself as one of the choice U.S. shipyards that construct pioneering vessels such as crew transfer vessels (CTVs), tailored to support the critical operations of offshore wind farms.

Strategic Vision Under Fetten's Captaincy

Omear Khalid, CEO of Americraft Marine, has unequivocally voiced the organization's pledge to innovation, skill, and the reinforcement of a robust Jones Act fleet. In a statement, Khalid reiterated, "With Peter's vast global expertise at our disposal, we envisage a future where our shipbuilding capabilities are not only enhanced to fulfill contemporary demands but are also robust enough to drive future growth and sustain a vibrant U.S. economy."

Fetten's strategic appointment is timely as the company accelerates its production capabilities, notably, in the manufacture of CTVs that are integral for the offshore wind sector. St. Johns Ship Building's recently delivered WINDEA Courageous CTV plays a significant role in supporting the ongoing construction of Vineyard Wind I, which stands as a benchmark project -- the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in New Bedford, Mass.

Peter Fetten, stepping into his role as Chairman, stated, "American shipbuilding is at a transformative juncture, critically linked to the nation's economic prowess. Mobilizing investment in this strategic sector is paramount for ensuring U.S. hegemony in the global economic arena." He further emphasized, "It is with great honor that I take on the responsibility of championing Americraft Marine's mission, collaborating with its dynamic leadership, and driving progress not just at St. Johns, but on a more extensive scale."

Beyond Shipbuilding: Americraft Marine's Wider Horizon

Americraft Marine's vision and operations are part of the broader picture painted by Libra Group, an international conglomerate managing a portfolio of 20 subsidiaries. With assets and operations spanning nearly 60 countries, Libra Group's maritime interests are also represented by its other subsidiaries like Lomar Shipping and Seapath. Seapath, in particular, has been instituted to address the demand for critical investment in America's maritime economy, which includes marine industrial technologies and Jones Act vessels, thereby ensuring continuous innovation and growth within the industry.

A Vessel for National Prosperity: Americraft Marine's Inception and Intent

Since its inception, Americraft Marine has been steadfast in its motive to prop up and invigorate the U.S. shipbuilding industry's fabric. The company stands at the vanguard of the U.S. shipbuilding industry's evolution, steadfast in its commitment to pioneering Jones Act shipbuilding and underpinning the nation's maritime infrastructure.

The company is driven by the combined forces of extensive maritime experience, an unwavering commitment to innovation, and a strategic approach towards sustainability. Americraft Marine is resolute in its ambition to redefine the contours of the shipbuilding industry, by creating stable jobs, pushing the envelope in clean energy technology deployment, and envisaging as well as actualizing the futuristic ships that will navigate tomorrow's waters.

For the full news release with further details on Peter Fetten’s appointment, please visit the following link: Americraft Marine Appoints Peter Fetten as Chairman. Additionally, a high-resolution headshot of Peter Fetten, delineating his role as Chairman, can be accessed and shared across various social platforms or downloaded for media use via this URL: Download Image of Peter Fetten.

In conclusion, Americraft Marine's forward-thinking attitude and strategic executive appointments such as that of Peter Fetten signal a bright future for American shipbuilding. Sporting a rich heritage and an unremitting ambition to grow, Americraft Marine is poised to play a pivotal role in propelling the nation towards maritime excellence and economic robustness.

(Note: Photo accompanying this news release is courtesy of Americraft Marine Group.)

SOURCE: Americraft Marine Group