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Adient Announces Q2 Successes, Eyeing Market Trend Adaptability


Lauren Miller

May 3, 2024 - 10:50 am


Adient Reports Robust Second Quarter Financial Outcomes Amidst Global Automotive Shifts

PLYMOUTH, Mich., May 3, 2024 – Adient (NYSE: ADNT), the globally recognized leader in automotive seating, has proudly announced the financial results for its second quarter of the year 2024. The figures highlight several areas of business performance, including net income, earnings per share, debt levels, and share repurchases, along with a refreshed outlook for the rest of the financial year.

Financial Highpoints of Q2 2024

Adient reported a GAAP net loss of $(70)M and a diluted loss per share (EPS) of $(0.77). Despite this loss, the company's adjusted diluted EPS painted a more positive picture at $0.54. The Adjusted-EBITDA for the quarter reached $227M, marking an improvement of $12M from the previous year's figures, with the margin clocking in at 6.1%. This represents a 60 basis point elevation in comparison to the prior year.

The report also detailed the company's gross and net debt standings, with gross debt hovering at approximately $2.5 billion and net debt around $1.6 billion, assessed at the close of the quarter on March 31, 2024. The company's liquidity position remained healthy with cash and cash equivalents totaling $905M as of the same date.

In terms of shareholder returns, Adient executed a notable $50 million in share repurchases, thereby retiring about 1.5 million shares within the quarter. Cumulatively, year-to-date share repurchases tallied up to $150M, equating to approximately 4.5 million shares.

The company also communicated a revised forecast for the fiscal year 2024, acknowledging a slower than expected ramp-up of product launches, an adverse customer mix, and a downward trend in electric vehicle production across the Americas and EMEA regions.

Access Complete Earnings Details

Adient urges interested parties to visit the investor relations portion of their website, specifically the events section at for full access to the detailed press release and comprehensive earnings presentation. This avenue provides a thorough reconciliation of the non-GAAP financial measures to their nearest GAAP metrics, upholding transparency and clarity for investors and analysts alike.

Adient Leadership Engages with Investors

Jerome Dorlack, Adient's president and chief executive officer, along with executive vice president and chief financial officer Mark Oswald, extended open communications by hosting a conference call to delve into the quarter's outcomes. Held today at 8:30 a.m. Eastern, the call welcomed participants to join and discuss the disclosed results. Interested individuals were encouraged to dial in using two provided numbers for U.S. and international participants, with the reference of the Adient conference call and the following passcode: ADIENT.

An Overview of Adient's Global Footprint

With its NYSE ticker symbol ADNT, Adient stands tall as a global powerhouse in the creation and distribution of automotive seating solutions. The company's worldwide influence extends over 29 countries, incorporating a workforce upwards of 70,000 individuals. Its influence encompasses over 200 manufacturing and assembly plants that cater to the seating demands of all significant original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Adient's reach into the automotive seating process is comprehensive, with capabilities ranging from initial research and design, through to full-scale engineering and complex manufacturing activities. More context and facts regarding Adient's operations can be discovered at

Forward-Looking Statements: A Cautionary Note

In their declaration, Adient recognized forward-looking statements which, by nature, are prone to risks and uncertainties. They clarified that all comments, apart from those based on historical facts, could be regarded as forward-looking within the scope of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

The use of words such as "may," "expect," "estimate," and similar expressions in the document has been intended to indicate forward-looking statements. Adient highlighted that several critical factors, beyond the control of the company, could cause actual outcomes to diverge significantly from those expressed or implied in these statements. These comprise an array of risks related chiefly to economic conditions, labor market fluctuations, energy markets, operational challenges, geopolitical tensions like the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and more factors impacting the global economy and the automotive industry at large.

The company referred readers to a detailed risk factor discussion as outlined in their Annual Report on Form 10-K, filed on November 17, 2023, with the SEC and subsequently available on the SEC's official website.

Projections and the Process of Evaluating Business Prospects

The company provided projections concerning the potential future performance of Adient's businesses. These projections have been developed based on assumptions, which may hold uncertainties and might not reflect accurately on future business operations. The real-world results could distinctly vary from these estimations – differences that might be substantial.

Adient underlined their commitment to updating the projections but constrained by the timeline of the document's publication and the occurrence of subsequent events. No explicit or implicit warranties have been made regarding the projections or the assumptions they are built on.

The Importance of Non-GAAP Financial Information

The released document contains non-GAAP financial information. Adient has included this information because it confers additional insight into the company's operations that might prove beneficial for investors. This supplemental data is seen as valuable in understanding business trends related to the ongoing financial performance and condition. However, investors are advised to view these non-GAAP measures as companions to the relevant GAAP measures and not as standalone representations.

The non-GAAP measures in question consist of Adjusted EBIT, Adjusted EBITDA, and others elaborated in the appendix to the earnings presentation. For FY2024 projections, Adient highlighted that reconciliations to GAAP measures have not been provided, citing the impractical effort it would entail.

Closing Statements

The report concluded with an abbreviated tag "ADNT-FN" indicating Adient's financial news and citing Adient itself as the official source. These closing remarks seal the company’s commitment to detailed transparent reporting as Adient navigates the automotive industry's evolving landscape. The full financial performance disclosure serves to enhance investor confidence in Adient's strategic positioning and operational acumen.

In sum, Adient's reports detail the successes and challenges in its quest to remain at the forefront of automotive seating across the globe. Although the company navigates a complex web of economic factors and industry-specific uncertainties, its leadership continues to demonstrate an unwavering focus on innovation, operational excellence, and shareholder value. As the industry evolves, especially with rising trends in electric and autonomous vehicles, Adient appears positioned to maintain its industry leadership through resilience and adaptability.

While this report outlines Adient's recent financial journey, it also reiterates the company's vigilance in forecasting and responding to market trends, highlighting their agility in a dynamic sector. Adient's approach extends beyond merely weathering market storms; it signifies a deeper understanding of the automotive industry's trajectory and a preparedness to steer towards profitability and growth amidst the tides of change.

With a well-established global presence and an expertly strategized approach to financial management, technological advances, and market fluctuations, Adient's latest financial disclosures reflect the integrity and dedication with which it addresses the present and future demands of the automotive seating industry.

As Adient advances, stakeholders can anticipate continued transparency, innovation, and leadership from a company that not only delivers industry-leading automotive seating solutions but also navigates corporate finance with an eye towards sustained global success.